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How to Create Profitable eBooks Using the “Retail Shelf Test”

Everyone can create an ebook.

All the barriers to entry were broken down.

Right now, all you need is an idea, Google Docs, and a few images.

And then…TA-DA!!…you have an ebook.



Having an ebook doesn’t mean you’ll make money.

You’ll see tons of ebooks out there that don’t make a single sale.

If they’re lucky, someone will buy it one time.

This happens more often than you think.

And this happens because these ebooks weren’t vetted properly.

The creators didn’t perform market research. Well, maybe they did, but they did it incorrectly.

Don’t be one of them.

Finding a profitable idea for your ebook should be your FIRST PRIORITY.

You SHOULD NOT create an ebook based on your likes or passions. I know that sounds harsh, but it’s true.

You create an ebook based on what the market wants and craves. If you do, it’ll be easier to sell and market.

This is where many ebook creators fail.

And this is where you’ll succeed.

Jon Orana, the owner of Negosyo University, created a simple and easy way to vet your ebook ideas.

It won’t take you days or weeks.

You’ll know within hours if you’re sitting on a profitable idea or not.

This market research method is called the “Retail Shelf Test.”
Jon shows you EXACTLY how to do it in this video >> FREE Video Training (Video 1)

Using the Retail Shelf Test, you can…

– see ahead of time if your ebook will be profitable EVEN BEFORE you create it
– find ebook ideas (within minutes) if you don’t have one yet
– what ebook topics to avoid
– how to get content ideas from Best-Selling Books without buying them
– and so much more.

The research step is where most ebook creators stumble and fail.

By learning the Retail Shelf Test, you’ll leapfrog your competition and outshine them in the marketplace.

Again, here’s the link >> Free Video Training (Video 1)


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