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How To Convince Your Valentine Date To Invest

So you are still single. And you are a part of the less than 2% of the investing Filipino population, and a staunch advocate at that.

But you are aware that your Valentine date tomorrow is a spender and knows nothing about investing. You are hoping that the ash marked as cross on your forehead this morning will give you discernment and wisdom to finally convince the apple of your eye to learn and decide to invest. (For Christians who attended the Mass or worship services today, Ash Wednesday: Did you just go to the church to be marked with the ash on your forehead?)

You believe it’s your mission to spread the good news of investing. Hallelujah! But how are you going to do that to tomorrow?

Here are few crazy, boring tips that you can (un)follow for your Valentine date:

1.) Instead of going to IMAX or SM Megamall to watch “A Moment in Time”, take him or her to Philstocks, COL Financial, or FirstMetroSec so both of you can attend their free seminars on stock market investing in a dimlit room with a romantic projector, and a sweet-speaking speaker.

2) Instead of going straight to a fancy restaurant after attending the seminar, insist on going to your date’s home to meet his/her parent and have your dinner there. While dining with the parents, tell them how the seminar went and that the two of you have learned a lot from it. Build rapport with the parents. Convince them to lend your date at least Php5,000 to open his stock investment account. Don’t be too eager as they may think you’re a scammer.

3) After your Valentine dinner, with your Valentine date and your Valentine date’s parents, excuse yourself that you need to go to the washroom. Write on the mirror inside the washroom the summary points of what you’ve learned in the seminar earlier using your lipstick if you’re a female or anything like soap or candy if you’re a male. Get out of the washroom immediately.


4) Tell your date that you enjoyed the Valentine’s day with him/her so much. But that you need to go home right away. Look at his/her eyes like a sweet cuddly puppy while saying goodbye. Kiss your date good night (on the cheek only please). Do some cutesy teasing acts while leaving.

5) When you reach home, text your date immediately. Tell him/her that you want to meet him/her again next week and that she/he should bring a copy of his latest billing statement and an ID. Tell him/her you want to meet again…either in Philstocks, COL Financial, or FirstMetroSec. Make sure you have filled out completely the application forms for him/her before she/he arrives. You know what to do next.

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