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Ending A Business Emotionally – Who Misses NU107?

Immense sadness engulfed the Pinoy rock crowd along Garnet and Emerald Streets in Ortigas when NU107 played the Eraserheads’ “Ang Huling El Bimbo” as its final song on air and signed off for the last time a little past midnight on November 8, 2010.  Rock musicians and enthusiasts were orphaned and left without any alternative rock station to listen to and to fill in the void.

Close to 3 years since the station’s demise, the same old rockers and fans still long for the pleasurable noise and rhythm of NU107. Some Facebook group members even speculate a big comeback in November this year. (Rumor-mongering/publicity is sometimes good for a business’ health. :P)

All of us 90’s buffs will never forget the institutional programs of In The Raw, Crossroads, Against The Flow, The Midnight Countdown, Not Radio, Jake/Zach & Joey in the Morning, and the rest of the other successful shows including Rock Ed Radio, University Rock, unTV‘s Strangebrew that ran almost all throughout the whole new millennium.

NU107 also introduced to us the likes of Jessica Zafra, Tado Jimenez, Angel “Erning” Rivero, Lyle Sacris, RA Rivera, Ramon Bautista, Jun Sabayton, among other alternative art, literary, and rock icons of the decade.

But many are wondering why NU107, at the peak of its success, chose to close shop and move on to forever become just an eternal memory?

The Importance of Vision and Mission To Leave A Legacy

Let’s listen to the wisdom-filled interview of ANC with the “brothers” Atom and Quark Henares where Atom mentioned that the most important thing in a business is having a solid, etched-on-the-rock vision and mission statements, a PURPOSE and the PASSION, to live on until its final breath.

Building A Reputation for Long-Term Success

NU107 was not only successful in bringing the best and intelligent rock radio shows in town. They also left that distinct mark of bringing rock music to the mainstream crowd. What used to sound “evil” and underground back in the 80’s and 90’s are now just normal because of NU.

The Home of NU Rock was also able to touch a particular niche in the music scene. It focused on selling it’s dedicated service to a specific group of “customers”.  The rockers. It never gave in (fully) to the temptations of commercializing its music genre. It was loyal to its fans from the start up to the last minute of broadcast.


While other stations and businesses just close down with last minute notice, NU107 forewarned its followers ahead of time. Thanks to ex-NU107 DJ Jaedee (kumareng Joyce Burton-Titular) for disclosing on her blog that NU107 will close down in 2011 due to financial constraints. And then NU confirming it during its last NU Rock Awards in 2010.

I have to mention most of all the hardwork and the ideas that Mike Pedero has given to the station to keep it going until the end. As in most organizations, the credits have been given only to the few and those who did most of the cross-bearing are left behind the curtains. So hats-off to Mr. Mike Pedero for bringing Pinoy rock music closer to us more than ever.

That shows how management cares for its customers/listeners. You give your whole. You always inform them.

Do you now know how your customers will remember you forever?

It’s simple. Touch their ears and their hearts.

Watch the last 10 nostalgic and tear-jerking minutes of NU107. The station’s “Huling El Bimbo” with the crowd that rocked together from 1987 to the midnight of November 8, 2010.

Tears fell down when Chris “Cruise” Hermosisima uttered the final sign off words,

“This has been NU 107, the Philippines one and only Home of NU Rock. This is NU 107, we are signing off.”

Love your customers. Treat them as your family and they will still be there for you and support you even when you come back from a very long hiatus.

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3 thoughts on “Ending A Business Emotionally – Who Misses NU107?”

  1. I’ve been listening to them since I was 10 years old.. To this day, I still grieve the loss of my beloved NU107, like losing a good friend to a terrible form of cancer. I must confess there are even times that I find myself praying for its return.

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