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The Day Aureus Died (Part 1 of a 2-Part Series)

Not one. Not two. Not three. Not even ten OFW’s have become victims of a “promising” managed forex trading opportunity offered by the culprit American Michael Atkins and some Filipino friends based in Singapore to mostly OFW’s around the world. About a hundred or even more people have fed a monster with their hard-earned cash.

In the past several months, our team has been warning OFW’s about the potential trouble that managed forex trading companies may bring them. But still a lot of them didn’t listen and fell prey to one of the predators.

The name of the scamming forex trading monster in Singapore was Aureus Capital. Notoriously known as well as Amasis Capital back in Indonesia.

The next series of letters that you are going to read were forwarded to us by a couple of victims of this forex trading scam.

Michael Atkins is the Director of Aureus of Singapore and Amasis Capital of Indonesia


And then one fine day……

Date: 27 June, 2014 10:31:46 am GMT+8
To: y**_***
Subject: To Our Family and Friends

Dear friends and family of Aureus Capital,

We would like to take this opportunity to announce that we are in the final stages of the migration to our new company platform.  As part of this migration effort, we will be rebranding ourselves as Asia Pacific Financial Limited, headquartered in Wellington, New Zealand with an administrative and HR services office in Singapore.

We believe the rebranding of our company to be an essential part of our long term strategy and presence in Asia and our desire to provide a wider array of financial and banking services.

Additionally, we are pleased to announce that we will resume trading this Monday, June 30. By Friday of next week, you will be able to access a web-based login feature to view your account online.

In order to be able to continue to trade on your behalf, everyone will be required to fill out and submit a new application form.  We will be sending out the new forms to you via email over the weekend.  We kindly ask everyone to please get the forms back to us as soon as possible.  Our new contact information for submitting the application forms will be made available directly on the form itself.  There will be no need for you to resubmit your identification or other verification documents, as we already have those on file.  However, everyone must fill out and sign the new forms in order for us to be able to continue trading on your behalf.

We thank you for your understanding and patience during this process and look forward to serving you again next week!

And then something really disappointing happened.

Aureus Capital’s website becomes unavailable and under construction

And then this:

From: “support” <>
Date: 25 July, 2014 3:01:30 am GMT+8
To: “support” <>
Subject: To All Our Members

Dear Aureus Members,

This is a notice to inform everybody that the Commercial Affairs Department (CAD) of Singapore is conducting an investigation on Aureus Capital.

As part of the investigative process CAD has frozen the Aureus bank account pending the conclusion of their investigation.

During this process, we are not allowed to conduct any business activities/trading, process withdrawals and/or receive funds from our clients via our company accounts.

We have no information at this time as to what will happen next or how long the investigation process will take.

We will return back client funds as soon as we are able to do so.

Our apologies for the inconvenience.

-Aureus Capital Pte. Ltd.

Amidst the barrage of complaints, cries, and demands from clients to withdraw their funds from Aureus and after several attempts of trying to reach Michael Atkins, one of its directors responded.

On Sun, Jul 27, 2014 at 11:34 PM, april samson <> wrote:

Dear Client-Investor:

I am writing to you to clarify some issues about your investment in Aureus Capital.

The information I am sharing with you are all based on my personal knowledge and experience at Aureus Capital and with Mr. Michael Atkins, whose ownership is 70% of the shares of the company.

I came to know Mr. Atkins when he hired me as a freelance developer in Indonesia for only 3 months. I did not encounter any problems with him back then.

When I worked in Singapore as an IT Consultant, I was searching for ways to have some passive income.  I have tried many businesses such as stocks, networking and even tried selling branded bags.  I maintained a clean record and no history of fooling or cheating people.  I have worked for more than 4 years in Singapore and my friends and other colleagues in the Philippines and Singapore can prove that I am a person of good moral character and a law-abiding citizen.

As I am also a business-minded person, I equipped myself with a handful of knowledge about stocks and foreign exchange (FOREX) trading.  I was reminded of Mr. Atkins as a trader, so I reconnected with him.  I asked him to trade for me on his personal account.  I trusted him enough to handle my funds.  I was aware of the high risk involved in FOREX that is why I have only invested the money that I can afford to lose.

He was sending me weekly reports for me to be able to track the profits and losses of my investment.  Few weeks later, I introduced FOREX to my family, relatives and close friends.  I made it clear that it is a high risk investment and there is a possibility of losing their money anytime.  The profits have been continuously promising as they have shared it with their friends.

After months of trading, Mr. Atkins decided to start a new company in Singapore.  Since I knew some friends with permanent residence status, I asked Mr. Raymond Sumbeling who’s currently residing at 2** Yishun Street 2* #03-** Yishun Gardens Singapore(760225) to become the local director of the company, and he agreed on it. With the increasing number of members, I was offered to join Aureus as a full time Director. My main function was on the settling of utility bills and other administrative matters. I was only given access on the bank account of Aureus and I could see that the funds are being distributed properly to all members.

Unfortunately, Mr. Sumbeling and I had no access on the trading account.  We were only receiving OANDA monthly statements from Mr. Atkins. These are the same statements I show to the members whenever they need proof of Aureus Account in OANDA.  There was no fraud reported and I was happy to see that Aureus was able to help members increase their financial income.

Just like any member, I was also an investor. I invested my hard earned salary and profits to Aureus, hoping to gain more profit.  Same thing with Mr. Raymond, he earned from his director’s fee, capital, plus profits.

We were in the midst of applying for Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) License until Commercial Affairs Department (CAD) went to our office to conduct an investigation about the license to operate the business. I immediately told Mr. Atkins to return all the funds to investors and stop trading operation until the company has complied with the required license.  He agreed on but he was finding ways on how to continue trading for his own clients.

We had arguments since June 2014 because he was not able to return the funds to members.  I was about to file a police report but he told me he will settle it on or before July 28.  But the situation got worse. I was receiving death threats from different sources. I panicked and went out of Singapore without clearing my name. My act of leaving Singapore was my way of resigning from the company to avoid any complication on the obligation of Mr. Atkins to the members.

Mr. Atkins told me that he promised some people that he will settle the accounts by July 18, but the situation became worst because someone reported to CAD between July 16-18.

As far as I know, Mr. Atkins is under investigation and CAD worked to freeze the bank account of Aureus.  The last information I gathered is that he will settle all accounts in August, but no official date given yet.

Please take note that I have already forwarded the documents such as: OANDA monthly statements, bank statements to CAD for investigation.  I have proof to show that only Mr. Atkins has full access on the trading account.  Further, the last OANDA report that was shown to me by Mr. Atkins contains a considerable amount of funds in the trading account. OANDA agent also told me that it is impossible to transfer the funds from a corporate to an individual account.

I fully understand that the present situation creates a lot of suspicion, anxiety and panic to all members. But, I am telling you that the only person who can comply with the obligation to return the funds is Mr. Atkins because he is the only one who has direct access to the trading account. He is the only authorized person to release the funds to Aureus bank account.

For now, I am hoping that Mr. Atkins will be able to settle all of financial obligation by August so it can end all of our nightmares. If he fails to do so, we can all take the necessary legal action to make him comply with his obligation.

If I may say it clearly, I have no intentions of hurting anyone of you.  My family and relatives have also invested their lifetime savings with Aureus. I am also deeply affected with the situation. I am doing my best to get update from Mr. Atkins for the official date.

I will send a notice through email once I get an update from Mr. Atkins.

I hope this clarifies all your queries.

Thank you for your understanding and consideration.

April Samson, Mr. Atkins’ partner at Aureus Capital. Allegedly flew back to the Philippines and have been hiding from the victims of Aureus.


Of course, the other director will not just let April do her thing. Here is his response.

On Wed, Jul 30, 2014 at 3:02 PM, Raymond Sumbeling <r*********> wrote:


Now the clients are getting back to me after you sent that e-mail. A guy named E*** ******e called me up telling me that he got my number from you and he told me that he knows many investors who are angry and needed to see me to explain my side and have me a chance not to implicate me on this matter.

Why are you doing this to me just to cover yourself? Are you getting back at me after I provided your Philippine Address to CAD officer after I was asked to (I had to state the facts)? No one was asking who I am/was and a vast majority of clients do not know me at all. They do not have an idea who I am lest had my name removed from Aureus’ ACRA Biz Profile last February (not March, as you told on your conversation with him) and I was a just Nominee Director of Aureus back then for the purpose of ACRA incorporation that the company needs a PR/Citizen to which I did not know what you and Michael were planning for the company, nor did I have any decision making role and not even know what you were doing back then (I even suddenly knew that you had developers developing the website or there were sudden change on the application form). If you remember, we even had a heated argument last year on WhatsApp and you suddenly told me that I was just a Nominee Director and you and Michael were the decision makers then I expressed my desire to be replaced but you just pacified me only that I was too kind and gullible that I shut up then. I was only insisting to Michael that we need a license and comply with Singapore’s regulation. FYI, I have provided these e-mails to the CAD two weeks ago: of insisting to Michael that we need a MAS license dated August, 2013, the first time you sent me the application form of Aureus dated April 2013 and my notice to my Michael that I wanted to remove my name from ACRA, OANDA, DBS and Singtel early February 2014 (I did not mention in the e-mail back then that I was resigning, but wanting to remove my name as I was not really working for Aureus) stating my reason for wanting to do so. I have given your e-mail to CAD yesterday.

If you believe that you are innocent, why don’t you come here and accuse Michael of wrong doings? Instead of hiding and dragging someone else to this case?

You, being the Managing Director, 30% share holder (you never mentioned it in your e-mail) and proud approver of the bank account of the company should come forward and take your responsilibily and have your chance to clear your name.

I hope there is still a little conscience and compassion left in your heart for Christ’s sake.

I would like to take this opportunity if you can provide me all e-mail address that you sent your e-mail so that I can reply and clarify what you stated. That is if you still have Christianity left in your heart.

PS: When you stated that you were in the midst of applying for licence in your e-mail, someone posted a screenshot in our full-packed WhatsApp chatroom of a reply from MAS telling that they did not even receive an application for Aureus’ licence.

Guys on CC: Please forward to other investors who are not on this e-mail. Thank you

Best Regards,
On Mon, Jul 28, 2014 at 9:24 AM, Raymond Sumbeling <> wrote:

Dear April,

I honestly do not know why you need to drag my name and my address on this. It seems to me that you’re trying to divert people’s anger at me, when I had my name removed from ACRA on February 2014 and I was just a nominee director as required for ACRA incorporation without any decision making nor not knowing your plans with the company. All I wanted was compliance to Singapore’s regulations.

The only reason I agreed to be a local director in ACRA was because I wanted to help the trader that time move his business here in Singapore so that our investments are all safe and I gave all my trust to him and you, which could be my fatal mistake.

“Same thing with Mr. Raymond, he earned from his director’s fee, capital, plus profits.” – This statement is misleading. The only thing I earned from was my Director’s fee was S$10K per year. I never even had commissions or other fees as I was purely relying on my regular investment just like any other Aureus client.

There were only five occasions that my I received money from Aureus bank account and I believe that the CAD will check each of those transaction:

1. S1.4K director’s fee during incorporation (Withdrawal aureus acct)
2. S3.6k director’s fee (from your acct, which was sent from Aur account)
3. Regular client withdrawal of 2.3K USD (from Aureus acct)
4. Director’s fee of 5K SGD, which I received when I was no longer in ACRA (from Aureus acct)
5. Regular withdrawal of 10K USD after I left Aureus by ACRA listing (from Aureus acct).

*  *  *

Please, have pity and mercy on my kids and their future who are just starting their lives. My only fault was my stupidity and my gullibility to agree that my name was to be used for ACRA requirement believing that this business was serious.

Since I’m also being investigated by CAD, I had to update them with this e-mail as soon as possible and I have to tell the truth.

Best Regards,

The scam has become a free-for-all party.

And that was the day when Aureus died.

(More about Aureus and the people involved behind this “scam” in the next part of this article.)

263 thoughts on “The Day Aureus Died (Part 1 of a 2-Part Series)”

    1. April Karen Samson was also part of Amasis Capital that scammed Indonesia before they went to Singapore to establish Aureus. By that fact, obviously she’s directly involved in this scamming activity ever since.

      1. Maybe they run-away because of the dead threats?
        and they feel more secured in Philippines while the case is ongoing?

        Honestly speaking, she seems a victim as well, because if shes really involved in scamming, they wont continue renovating their main house in san pedro laguna. Since she is still under investigation, she won’t flaunt that she still has a lot of money.

        1. She’s more secured in the Philippines of course, kahit walang dead o death threat sisibat pa din talaga yan. TAKOT sa Sg authorities, kasi guilty.

          1. Sorry, my point is. If guilty talaga siya, mahihiya siyang ituloy yung pag paparenovate ng bahay nila in san pedro laguna. Kasi yung style ng bahay daw nila it looks so expensive. Sympre kung guilty siya, ihihinto niya yun dahil baka mapagusapan pa siya lalo na baka galing sa nakaw yun. and baka isama pa sa investigation yun na kung saan galing yung pera sa pagpapagawa.

            Kasi kung ako yung april, and kung involved talaga ako sa ganyang kaso. ofcourse magtatago ako, and hindi magiging stupid na ipakita pa rin sa mga tao na may pera pa rin ako. hehe.

            Sorry opinion ko lang po ito. Pero hindi ko naman sinsabi na naniniwa talaga ako sa kanya. Confusing lang talaga.

            1. Nag pa renovate siguro ng bahay kasi akala niya mapapaikot pa ng Aureus Capital Pte Ltd ang mga tao.
              Mula nung lumabas na si Michael Atkins pala ang trader nila, wala ni isang investor ang naniniwala na totoo itong trading investment scheme na ginagawa nila. Kalukuhan lang lahat.
              May lumalabas din na nag ooperate si Michael Atkins ng parehas din sa business. FTX Investment Thailand yata yun, and take note mga model ni Atkins at mga promoters ay mga Pinoys.

            2. Tuloy pa din po siguro operation nila, di lang natin alam. Malaki po pera tinakbo nila, interest lang nung buhay na buhay na sila.

        1. Nag try po Aureus Capital na magopen jan sa Philippines pero wala maniwala sa kanila. May marketing din na nangyari
          Check niyo po PinoyMoneyTalk – juspril27 po nick ni April Karen Samson- pero dahil wala o di siguro patok, lugi sila sa magarang office rental eh tuluyan na silang tumakbo.
          Palagay ko lang po, alam ni April Karen Samson na nang iiscam sila, pero di niya alam na mabubuko na sila.
          Nag try din silang paikutin pa ang mga tao sa pamamagitan ng pagbukas ng company sa New Zealand to avoid SG authorities, pero wala,Time has come for them.
          Nabulag lang talaga ang ma SG Pinoys sa pangako nila. Lalo na pag may promoter din sila gaya ni. Glenn William Guerrero

          1. Ganoon? Nakakatakot pala kung totoo talaga na involved sya. Kasi based on Aprils email, mostly na recruit niya are her relatives and close friends. :( If she really knew from the start na scamming yung operation na gagawin nila. Nakakalungkot isipin na willing siya na gawing victim ang mga tao sa paligid niya?

            Sana maresolved na yung issue na ito and maibalik na sa mga investors yung mga pera. Kasi may mga iba pa akong nakita na blog about the Aurues. And sadly, based doon, HIndi biro yung pera na na ibigay nila sa company, pinaghirapan nila yun at may nakalaan na pag gagamitan. :( Maraming taong affected esp sa mga pamilyadong tao. Na nagtake ng risk to invest their money for the better future of their family and esp their ‘kids’. And yung perang yung, pinaghirapan nila. Willing lumayo sa pamilya nila para magtrabaho sa ibang bansa at makaipon and maibigay sa mga pamilya nila.

            Nakakalungkot isipin kung totoo talaga na may scamming na nangyayari, kaya pala ng mga kunsesnsya nila na okay lang maghirap ang mga nasa paligid nila basta maging masarap at maginhawa ang buhay nila?

            At para kay April naman, hayaan na natin sa SG authorities for the investigation. H’wag na kayo munang mag bash habang hindi pa talaga sigurado. Kasi mahirap naman kung victim talaga siya. Name niya ang masisira at lalo na sa internet pa.

            Pero hindi ko rin naman kayo masisisi talaga. Kasi kahit naman sino kapag naging victim sa ganyan, masakit talaga and ipost sa internet para wala na silang mabictima talaga.

            Nakakalungkot isipin na,marami talagang affected lalo na ang mga kapwa ofws. Hindi biro ang magtrabaho sa ibang bansa. Malayo sa pamilya. Pero ang nag papa tatag para tumagal ay yung kinabukasan ng pamilya nila.

          2. [IMG][/IMG]

            Heto po ba yong thread sa pinoy money talk na ppromote si juspril27 aka April Karen Samson sa pinoymoneytalk?

            1. April Karen Samson , the scammer Quote: ” hope you can find your own way to financial freedom”
              Yes indeed, she found her own smart way to financial freedom through scamming hard earned cash from OFWs.
              Shameless girl!!!

    2. New information! I had hired private investigator for the last few months to do a thorough investigation. I am sorry for what I said about April. She is completely innocent of this. Please do not harm to her for she had done nothing wrong.

  1. worst nightmare tlga yang si april. yan description nya sa google+ account nya na sya mismo ang naglagay na worst nightmare sya lol. masama tlga ugali. tsk tsk kawawang naman mga pinoy, niloko ng kapwa pinoy

    1. Tomo, nagpapakasarap buhay na sila. Financially free wika nga, habang mga investors ni April Karen Samson at Jof Gonzales eh nagpapakahirap magtrabaho para sa lugi nilang investment.
      May mukha pa siyang magsabi na “invest only money you can afford to lose” eh base po sa report na pinapadala nila eh palagi panalo o WIN.
      Saan yong pera? Di pa sabihin “invest money you are willing to donate to me” pweeee! Letse yang babae na yan. SALOT sa Lipunan, ipa riding in tandem nga yan.

      Taga Cuyab, San Pedro, Laguna

  2. Hindi po victim si April Karen Samson. Alam nya ang nangyayari sa loob ng Aureus pero patuloy syang nangeenganyo ng kapwa Pinoy despite alam nyang nagkakaproblema na.

    Baket? Malaki ang nakukuha nya sa Aureus. Kada pera nakukuha nya sa iba, nag iisnow ball pera nya. Meron po syang pera sa Aureus nasa USD1.6m. Hindi pa kasama ang winiwidraw nya kada buwan ng nasa USD30-100k monthly derecho remit sa PNB Singapore papunta sa account nya sa Pinas. Saan kaya nanggaling pera nyang yun?

    In my opinion, mas malaki kasalanan ni April sa mga kapwa nya pinoy kesa sa kapartner nyang si Michael Atkins, dahil binilog nya ulo ng mga Pinoy. Kung talagang gusto nya tumulong sa mga Pinoy, pinigilan na nya ang pagdami pa ng mga binibiktima. Kaso hindi! Mas pinili nya maging gahaman!!!

    1. In my opinion, gumagawa ka lang ng kwento ng ikasisira ng kapwa mo. Kung meron kang proof na nagpapatunay ng mga sinasabi mo, pwedeng pakipost dito? Kung alam nyang manloloko si atkins sana umpisa pa lang hindi sya nag invite ng tao. Kahit yung ex director ng Aureus naginvite din ng tao na makakasali. Bakit? Kasi kumita din sya at nakita niya ang potential ng Aureus.

      Yung gumawa ng blog. Ingat ka nalang, pwede ka mademanda ng libel sa ginagawa mo lalo na wala kang matibay na ebidensya.

      Antayin natin ang resulta ng imbestigasyon. May mga taong may masabi lang kahit alam nilang ikasisira ng kapwa nila. Kapag naibalik ang pera mo palagay mo ba maibabalik ang paninira mo sa tao? FYI. Hindi namilit si april ng mga taong sasali. Kusa silang sumali sa Aureus dahil na rin sa mga taong naginvite sa kanila. Kaya wag mo lang isisi sa isang tao ang decision mo sa pagsali ng Aureus.

      Dasal dasal ka pag may time. :)

      1. Kailan nga po ibabalik at bakit mayroon pa imbestigasyon na kailangan?
        Pag puti ng uwak po ba ibabalik ang investment? Hindi kami pinilit maginvest, tama po. Pero hindi nman po ito dapat ang reason para hindi ibalik ang investment namin.
        Dapat nga ipa media itong issue na to para malaman lahat ng madlang people na Ingat Sila sa ganitong klase na Investment Scum,,,

      2. Prinsesa a.k.a Princess April Karen Samson galit ka ba? Victim ka rin ba or tagapag tangol ni April Karen Samson or mismong si April Karen Samson??? Iisa kase ang style nyo! Kung sino sino ang itinuturo just to save some ass here! Ang totoong victim kahit na medyo trying to “understand the situation” ang peg, but yet there is still galit sa end. Ikaw from opening til end ng speech mo, depensa to the highest level and peg mo sa sarili mo este kay April Karen Samson.

        Proof ba? Wala ka ba kopya? Check mo statement of bank account mo! Wag ka na umi-style hindi effective yan sa paningin ng mga totoong biktima. Meron na rin kumaklat na screenshot ng some sort of evidence, hindi ko alam kung pang ilan tao na ako nakakita nun. Pero kung like mo pasahan kita. Ano ba real name mo dali? Ano facebook account mo?

        OO walang pilitang naganap, pero meron syang responsibilad at obligasyon bilang DIRECTOR na AUREUS CAPITAL kasama ni Michael Atkins. Hindi mo alam yun?

        Dasal? Sa tingin mo hindi gagawin yun ng mga totoong biktima? Dugo’t pawis pinuhunan namin don para pandagdag sa sweldong nakukuha namin sa pagtatrabaho sa abroad! Kaya wag mo kaming turuang magdasal dahil hindi mo alam ang pakiramdam ng biktima. Ikaw baka puro Maldives ang past time mo. Ilan nga apartment mo? Ilang ang sasakyan mo? Anu na yung i-Flex Gym nyo ni Joeffrey Gonzales? Lahat yan nakapost sa FB mo na naka close na now!!! Oops di pa pala ako sure kung ikaw si April! Malakas lang kutob ko kase. No one will ever defend someone unless she is so close to that person or maybe the person herself!

        Ganito gawin mo…ikaw ang magdasal or i-relay mo kay April Karen Samson na magdasal! Yung tipong lalagpas na sa kalawakan ang dasal nya. Dahil huwag nyang maliitin ang justice system dito sa Singapore. Wait and relax muna sya. Maybe not so soon but in due time.

        Darating din ang time na matatanggap ko na unti unti na naloko ako. Ang pera mababawi ko lang sa pagtatrabaho ko sa Singapore. Pero ang ultimate wish ko e makulong ang dapat makulong! What can you say PRINCESS???

        1. Parang Madoff lang ang peg na si April Karen Samson – deny to death na wala siyang responsibilidad sa nangyari sa Aureus…
          Wala konsensiya! Takbo takbo lang habang may time!!

          One of the best known clients that lost because of Madoff was Elie Wiesel—the holocaust survivor, writer, and Nobel Laureate. Wiesel confessed that he had lost his entire life savings to the scheme, and the Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity stated that nearly all of its assets ($15.2 million) were also lost. Wiesel first met Madoff when a wealthy friend introduced them and recommended the fund. “We thought he was God; we trusted everything in his hands,” Wiesel confessed. “Could I forgive Him? No. To forgive, first of all, would mean that he would come on his knees and ask for forgiveness. He wouldn’t do that.”

        2. they even use to bought some land here on san pedro laguna. before ng renovation ng bahay na kasabay ng pagpapatayo ng apartment. milyones bawat lupa. isipin nyo yun, sandamakmak ang pera nila. Marami na nga ang nagtatanong dito kung san kumukuha ng pera ang Mother nya, since wala naman job ang father nya at walang April Karen Samson na nagpapakita. Pero ang palaging sinasabe ng nanay nya, “Sa anak ko ang mga lupang to. nagbilin lang sya saken. sya ang bumibili, ako lang ang nag aasikaso”.

    2. Lets wait for the result of the investigation bago muna mag sabi ng anything negative about them. Hindi natin alam ang totoong nangyari. Ang alam lang natin ay na nakahold yung mga pera. Isipin nyo lang na kung sa huli sabihin sa investigation na victim din yung mga ibang directors, hindi niyo na mababawi yung mga negative comments nyo about them. Instead of bashing them in internet, knowing there is still no result in investigation, lets keep praying na lang na maayos na ang lahat.

      God is always with us.

      1. Sarap naman maging Victim pag nagkataon. Namera at yumaman na, victim pa… Tsk tsk tsk. Iba na talaga ang mundo. Sobrang UNFAIR na po.

      2. Haler, still thinking a DIRECTOR with approving authority sa POSB bank account ay isang VICTIM??? Come on!

  3. grabe, andami talaga nilang sinirang buhay. nakakatulog pa rin ng maayos?

    ibalik na lang nya yung pera ng mga tao para matapos na!

    1. Sana po ibalik na investment natin kahit principal na lang.
      Hirap po kumita at mag trabaho dito sa ibang bansa, kaya nga nag invest para mapadali sana uwi at mag retire na dyan sa atin.
      Pero kabaliktaran ang nangyari, si April Karen Samson, director ng Aureus Capital, lang pala nakinabang.
      Sabihin ko sana abuloy na lang niya pag sibak siya ang investment ko pero di maari. Malaking abuloy ito para sa kanya.

        1. Account deleted agad yong link sa plurk, wala pang 24 hrs. parang website lang Aureus Capital Pte Ltd. Ibig sabihin nandito lang sa paligid at pasilip silip ang mandarambong na director (April Karen Samson, daughter of Romeo Samson from San Pedro Laguna, Philippines)

          1. kaya malamang si April Karen Samson talaga yung yung sumagot sa taas! sige pa manakot ka pa ng libelo mo! kapal ng fez mo, nananakot ka pa ng libelo, e hindi ka nga natakot itakbo pera namin!

            sa dami mo ng pera now, paglaanan mo bumili na utak April Karen Samson! taga De La Salle ka pa naman utak mo nasa talampakan!

      1. New information! I had hired private investigator for the last few months to do a thorough investigation. I am sorry for what I said about April. She is completely innocent of this. Please do not harm to her for she had done nothing wrong.

  4. yucks. bakit may mga taong pinanganak at nabuhay lang s kasamaan :(

    ilang taon na pinag-ipunan na pera sa abroad. then biglang masasayang lang lahat ng pagod :( ang sama tlga! walang takot sa Diyos!

    1. ang lalim ng iniiisip ni Madam April Karen Samson! nag iisip siguro kung anong new business ventures gagawin nila ni Joeffrey Gonzales sa perang makukulimbat nila! hay kawawang mga Bagong Bayani, ninakawan ng magjowang kawatan!

      1. Hindi iniisip niya baka mahuli siya ni Jof kasi nung nakaraang gabi daw kinana ni Arkins ang witpu niya :) :)

  5. We hate you April Karen Samson for fooling us.

    Di mo na mabayaran tong blog na ito para i delete ang mga comment no? Di gaya ng pinoysg? Magkano nmn binabayad mo pag pinapabura mo ang thread?
    Takutin mo na lang sa pamamagitan ng pagdemanda ng libel? Sige demanda mo para lumabas ka sa lungga na pinagtataguan mo!!!

    Pag di mo binalik investment namin, well, lifetime na pambabastos ang matatanggap mo sa akin!

    Binili na kita April Karen Samson!!!

    1. ako rin lagot sa akin ang babae yan! NABILI ko na rin yan! over-priced pa nga ang defotah!!! pweeehhhh!!!!!

    2. New information! I had hired private investigator for the last few months to do a thorough investigation. I am sorry for what I said about April. She is completely innocent of this. Please do not harm to her for she had done nothing wrong.

    1. Hindi ako masyado interesado kay Myra, ginamit lang sya ni April Karen Samson para makapag register ng business sa SG. Kailangan kase ng atleast isang PR or citizen bago iapprove yung registration nila. Sa kaso ni April Karen Samson at Michael Atkins pareho silang “foreigner” status or under employment pass lang sila, at hindi pwede yun. In short, manggagamit lang si April Karen Samson!

  6. Tsaka ayoko mawala sa SPOTLIGHT si April Karen Samson… sya lang dapat!!! Baka ikatuwa nya pa pag nadawit si Myra para may kadamay sya! Kung merong mang idadawit kay April, ayun yung jowa nyang mukhang jologs na bading!

    1. May kapatid si Jof, pangalan Topet Malupet – malupit mang SCAM din siguro ito.

      Heto yong mukha ni Jof, siyota ni April Karen Samson.

      Pag nakita niyo sa daan ang USY 945 dyan sa Pinas – mga investors dyan.
      Harangin niyo at tanungin kung saan tinago nila April at Jof pera natin.

    2. New information! I had hired private investigator for the last few months to do a thorough investigation. I am sorry for what I said about April. She is completely innocent of this. Please do no harm to her for she had done nothing wrong.

  7. Thank you Sir Burn Gutierrez sa blog na to… sana po mabigyan nyo rin kami ng advice kung ano na ba ang next plan namin para mabawi man lang yung ininvest namin sa Aureus???

      1. hanggang kelan tayo mag hinhinaty ?? ni wala man lang maganda balita? nakakawala ng pag-asa,, bkit until now wala pa ata kaso mag yan hu hu hu

        1. Hindi na uso ang kaso-kaso sa mga taong ito. Hanapin sila, sa pamamagitan ng blog na to baka matukoy kung saan nagtatago ang mga Mandarambong na nga ito.

          Dito lang ang mga yan, sa may IP tracker si Burn Gutierrez.

          Nag disable si Topet Malupet Mang Scam kaya nag vvisit sila sa site na to.

          Sir Burn, wala pa ba offer kay April Karen Samson i delete blog na ito? Hahaha

  8. guys, this is really taking so long. we need help and expose this to media. ipost kaya natin sa TVPatrol Kulang sa Pansin feature sa facebook. haiz.

  9. guys, im not from Phillipines, but am in Singapore. If we could gather forces and make a deal out of this, maybe we can get back our money.

    Please contact me at my email address so we can form a group to gain some traction on this issue. Otherwise we are never getting our money back!

    1. Eddie, most of the victims were Filipinos residing in SG. How did you get to know Aureus? For me I was introduced by a friend to April. Do you personally know Atkins ? Understand that his passport was confiscated, hence, I am assuming that he cannot get away from SG authority. For the other director, April Karen, she was able to flew back to Philippines before the authority can summon her. Clever!

      1. Hi,

        I was also introduced by a former colleague named Glenn, who was a friend of Joffrey (someone working in Aureus). He assured me that it was safe, hence i took the plunge.

        Right now, even Glenn is not replying my messages. Im not sure what to make of it.

        i reckon most of you have already made a police report? I’m not sure at this point what we can do, but im hoping to gather as many people as possible to make a stronger case, as well as provide some users that are overseas with updates and assistance.

      2. I am not too sure if that Glenn is related to April by blood, what is his full name? But for Joeffrey, he is the fiancé of April. YES, Joeffrey had worked for Aureus illegally. YES, it was illegal because he had no approved work permit to work in Aureus and Singapore. By right, he should also be penalized and imprisoned for breaching the law in Singapore. Aureus Management were fully aware of that! That’s why Joeffrey Gonzales and the gang, if you are all just peeking here around, don’t be too complacent. You may have all the material possession now, but you may not have the peace of mind forever.

        Complaint against Michael and April had been lodged already sometime in July. Have you filed a complaint case too? But until now, we never heard any update yet. Very slow. Not too sure if filing a civil case would facilitate faster resolution of this case? I know the evil people are rejoicing because they are still at large and we cannot do anything about it.

        I am hoping that through this blog, we can gather more people here. If ever I don’t get the money back, I would certainly want to see these evil people put behind bars!

      3. New information! I had hired private investigator for the last few months to do a thorough investigation. I am sorry for what I said about April. She is completely innocent of this. Please do no harm to her for she had done nothing wrong.

  10. December 2013 pa lang hindi na sila makawithdraw sa oanda. Bakit kaya? I heard na Nagtry pa magloan si April sa SG Banks to cover the investor withdrawals. In the end, yung nagfufund ng additional sa mga accts ang pinaikot para ipambayad sa mga withdrawals. All the while alam nya na they can’t withdraw from broker pero continuous yung operation until nasilip yung permit and license to operate sa SG. From there alam nila na kailangan ibalik pera ng investors. Pero eto ang malupit, alam nya na iniinvestigate na sila at kumukuha pa sila ng pera sa investors.

  11. Isa pa, if April is Director at the same time ay investor meron conflict of interest. Pwede nyang imanipulate ang withdrawals. Kung magbigay si Atkins ng pera sa Aureus acct to pay the investors withdrawals, sino ang uunahin nya?Pwede nya kunin yung pera since meron sya investment sa aureus and update the magic report.

        1. Bakit niyo dinadamay ang pamilya nila? Marami na nga kayong sinasabi na masasakita na salita sa mga taong involve puro below the belt na pati magulang nila dinadamay nyo pa..

          1. wow!!! ha, me tagapagtanggol . okey paliwanag ko sau ha,, bakit pamilya ba ng mga niloko nya hindi nadamay sa ginawa nya panloloko? ngayon marami pamilya nagtitipid, para magkasya ang badyet nila kc nawala saving nila . karamihan sa mga pamilya eh ninakawan ng pangarap, pag nagkakasakit eh need pa mangutang kc, nawala saving na pinag katiwala sa kumpanyang bulok pala..kaya wag ka maka emote dyan na wag damay pamilya nila, kc ang totoo mas marami pamilya ang nagdudusa dahil sa nawala pera nila, kung may konsyensya amo mo, lalabas sya at mangunguna sa paggawa g paraan para maisoli pera namin… kung hindi naman sa lalabas eh , habang buhay nya dadalhin ang kalbaryo ng mga taong naghahabol sa kanya , makakaligtas lang sila dito kung magpapalit sila ng mukha at apilyedo. now kung wala kau kasalanan ng amo mo, lumabas kau at harapin nyo reklamo nyo?? yan lang paraan para makapamuhay kau ng tahimik,…..

    1. @leon so what is the real truth on this issue.?. so many lives have been affected..please share whatever information you have. thank you

      1. New information! I had hired private investigator for the last few months to do a thorough investigation. I am sorry for what I said about April. She is completely innocent of this. Please do no harm to her for she had done nothing wrong.

      1. Guys, you better find out where April is and get her back to Singapore. Think about this, if you have a family in Singapore and you really want settle in Singapore, would you do something like this? If Michael’s intention is to scam people, he would have being gone a long time ago just like April. I saw April once back in March of 2014, I did not like her because she was avoiding eye contact with me. What was she trying to hide?

        1. New information! I had hired private investigator for the last few months to do a thorough investigation. I am sorry for what I said about April. She is completely innocent of this. Please do no harm to her for she had done nothing wrong.

      2. Leon,

        Let’s put it straight. Are you implying that Michael could not be the real culprit because of the reasons that he has the intentions to settle in Singapore with his family? And April could be the main culprit because you felt during your meeting previously that she has some hidden agenda? Adding to the circumstances that she was able to sneak out of Singapore just before the bad news broke out? In my opinion they are equally liable! But considering that this April is a fellow Filipino made her more accountable to us Filipinos. That April bitch only think to prosper herself without considering the plight of others.

        As much as we wanted to bring this April back to Singapore, we simply don’t have authority to do so as of yet. We see how as the case filed in CAD progress. Btw, heard that this April and family were no longer in their hometown in Laguna, Philippines. There were some speculations that she and family were hiding in some other places in the Philippines. But one thing is certain, she could not hide for long.

        For the info of everyone here, this April is putting all the blame to Michael Atkins and putting herself as one of the victims. This April mentioned that although she was one of the directors, she has no access to Oanda account. All matters relating to Oanda account were controlled by Michael. How true this information is, only the people behind Aureus can tell. But also note that April had access to their POSB bank account as one of the account signatories, hence, she had means to manipulate the fund too. Think about it!

        Anyway, since you know Michael for 5 years right? Can you assist to provide some light on below:

        Where is he now?
        Is he still in Singapore?
        Is his family still in Singapore too?
        Do you still have contact with him?
        Does he has a plan to settle all his unsettled obligations to Aureus victims?
        Does he has means to settle all his obligations?
        Is the 1.7m amount in Oanda account still frozen in the Oanda account or maybe already gone for good?
        What about the Amasis scam? Were he able to settle all his obligations there?
        Is Aureus a repeat of Amasis?
        Can you please provide the contact and whereabouts of this Michael Atkins?

        Your advise please. Thank you.

        1. All that I can tell you is, Michael is innocent. Good trader, but just not so savvy in running a business. Right now, I just pray that someone would be able to get April back to Singapore.

          1. New information! I had hired private investigator for the last few months to do a thorough investigation. I am sorry for what I said about April. She is completely innocent of this. Please do no harm to her for she had done nothing wrong.

  12. taga Olivarez san pedro lang din ako and I always check on her house and her gym everyday, (napalitan na pala ng name ung gym).. no April in sight.. nakakainis pag tuwing napapadaan ako. di tlga mawala mawala sa utak ko. I’m in no high hopes of getting my money back but I am confident justice and truth will come out.. :(

  13. Quote Originally Posted by rpt1401xtinio View Post

    Any latest update?

    Hello, I was a former client of amasis capital mgt in indonesia
    I’m really astonished, here I am, been waiting for more than 3 years for my money to be returned

    And here I am, finding out that michael atkins is not just FREE, but he’s already stealing peoples’s money AGAIN

    This is just astonishing, and to think that for these years I was stabding on his side because I though indonesian law enforcement treated him wrongly

    Guys, it sounds like a de ja vu, but I don’t think they’re going to return the money, we’ve been waiting for 4 years in indonesia, nothing, zilch, zero, nada

    This is just crazy, from amasis to aureus

    Tama po asa po Tayo sa WALA !!!

    Better do things on our own!!!


  14. ANOTHER COMMENT—> Michael Atkins will never return our money. May choose Jail instead!!!

    Hi All,

    I believe that Michael and April already withdrew all the money from “OANDA” broker and registered the new company “Asia Pacific Financial Ltd (5320541)” in New Zealand before they announced to all client about their ahenced business.
    So, no mater how CAD freeze their account in Singapore, we do not have any chance to get back our money if their account have no single cent.

    In addition, CAD counter part in New Zeland is not listening to Singapore CAD concerned to this issue.

    Appreciate to all of you guys to find out the way, without waiting for Singapore CAD to conclude their investigation.

    New Zeland company address is below,
    C/- Minter Ellison Rudd Watts,
    125 The Terrace, Wellington Central,
    6011, New Zeland

    Two of Directors for the above newly set up one.
    1) Michael Philip Atkins
    # 09-01 Orchard Rd Scotts, 3 Anthony Rd,
    Singapore 229953
    2) April Karen Delos Santos Samson
    87 Pasir Ris Grove, # 03-14,
    Singapore 518213

    Another question for me is ” Where is Michael now?” Once CAD can conclude their investigation, he might choose the jail only.

  15. Ang galing ng partner ko. (April Samson) Nabiktima kyo ng scam namin. Akala nyo nakakawithdraw sa trading. Nabuko lang kami nung may nagsumbong sa CAD na investor kasi hindi namin maibigay yung withdrawal nya last May. Wala kasi gaano nagfufund at top up. Sana supportahan natin ang new company.

  16. Investors, you need to understand some facts, Michael is not the one who freezes the bank account so that you can’t make withdraws, CAD is. And every time someone filed a complaint, it actually delays the investigation process. As much as Michael wants to return all the funds back to you, CAD is having control over the bank account, not him. I think we all have the same goal, which is to have our money return to us as soon as it can be, but each complaint actually increases our wait time. If you want to make sure your money comes back to you, you don’t have to file a complaint, a lodge or claim will do.

  17. Leon, definitely April will not go back to Singapore for manipulating the withdrawals of investors funds. For every withdrawals there should be a withdrawal transaction from Oanda as stated in the signed application form. April choose to go to jail in Manila instead of Singapore. In Singapore sentence can go to 5-8 years. Not sure why she choose in Manila where a longer sentence is waiting for her. She has no brain. Whether she like it or not she will be caught anytime. She can never hide along with labidabs.

    For the case of Atkins, have you ask him since when they cannot withdraw as per comment from Ponzi? Why did he require to give false hopes to investors giving inconsistent withdrawal dates and why are they taking money from investors despite the situation of the company? I agree that Atkins is innocent from the Amassis that is why he has no records and able to work in SG but he gives a false hope to people by promising to return the money.

    Also ask him since when they started running the ponzi scheme and when CAD started to freeze the oanda and aureus acct. Is it true that the money is already transferred from oanda to Aureus acct as per Frank of ftx?

    It is normal to file a police report if something suspicious is happening.

    1. When you file a police report, it causes CAD to freeze the account. What you can do is to retrieve your complaint and change to a claim. Believe me, this is the fastest way to have your fund being released. I am surely among the top 5 with the most money in Aureus and I do want to see fund being released ASAP but most of what you are doing is actually delaying the process.

        1. I think Atkins can pay all the investors using his savings or trading accts. if he will return the money of investors using his own money, we will withdraw all the complaints. Case is already with CAD and we cannot do anything about it even if we pull back thecomplaints. Is there sufficient amt to pay all investors? Can you check with Atkins? If yes, we’ll contiNue the civil case to continue the claim. If no, there is no need to withdraw the complaints.

      1. Leon, what crap are you talking? Goodness! The complaints were filed because Michael continuously broke his promises! The question is why he keeps on delaying??? The delay happened long before investors started to file a CAD report.

        Can you tell me how certain you are that if there were no case filed, Michael will return the money will be released fast enough. Holy crap there is also no assurance!

        And what crap “claims” are you referring? Are you referring to the claims under Small Claims Tribunal Act??? Most of us are not talking about small claims here! If you are one of the 5 with most money in Aureus, you should know! Do you really are???

        1. The delay was done by April not by Michael. April’s job duty is administration and processing withdraw request. Michael’s only job duty is to trade, which is what he is good at. There are times that I made withdraw request with no success until I contact him directly. File the claim with the same department you file your complaint. Next time, talk with respect. Otherwise, I would not even bother to respond to any of your questions. Remember, we have the same goal, which is to get our money back fast or faster.

  18. I read part of the forum regarding amasis scandal before., and atkins shared and talked on his side about the issue,,why he is not also also explaining his side this time,he needs to break his silence so that it may clear up all speculations , the problem is , they never talk to their clients. and it may mean to all of us – ADMISSION OF GUILT –

      1. by the way, your thought of Atkins releasing the money are all assumptions too! if he is willing to release the money, then where in the world he is now?! Do you know where?

  19. before the client will encourage to retrieve all their complaints against them , atkins must show a legal documents /proof or promissory notes notarized by the concerned authorities in SG , that will show his honest intentions to return the funds , we have to learn from the past experience of BROKEN promises , remember it was the main reason why the complaint is made “because aureus broke its promises several times .

    1. unless michael atkins appear to the public and make a legit action to return the money to all aureus victims then complaint will be cancelled. please stop fooling us with illogical promises.

      1. Regarding the past BROKEN promises, you need to understand something about trading. All trading company must work with a broker. It was the broker who went bankrupt, not Amasis. Although Amasis did try to recover the fund for investors but no or little success. That’s why there was no bad record because it wasn’t his fault. Call SG authorities can ask if Michael visits CAD on a almost daily basis to help speed up the investigation so that funds can be released back to the investors. The answer is yes, but it is a standard procedure for the authorities to take months to years of investigation before they can release the funds. I have almost 1 million dollar in the account and believe me, I do want to access those money. However, after all the analysis, the best option that is left now is to retrieve complaints and file only a claim or lodge. You still will get your money back at the end and it should speed up the process. Remove your emotion, be analytical about this and you will know what’s the best to do.

        1. Leon,

          I have responded to you on your previous comment. The compliant has been filed – i dont think you can retract that back. With what authorities do you file the claim with? Small claims tribunal?

          If you maybe, please click on my ID and email me on Since we are both in Singapore, i believe we can work together to try and get our money back, as well as advise the rest that are in the dark.

            1. I will try asking my officer in charge.

              Would you be able to meet up with me so we can discuss this over a short coffee? Sorry about the lack of confidence, but with money being scammed, you can guess why.

        2. Im aureus investor, not amasis… we were talking the broken promises dated midst of July… until 28 , 2014 to return our funds ,,,so many promises given , plus MAS status of the business,,plus website is down,, plus new company in newzealand,, all of these aroused the emotion of the client to file the complaints , if atkins and company were just explained their side that time, for sure his clients may think to keep on waiting… that is the real score of the story… we are aware of forex, that is why we invested on it,we knew that it may give us a big loss of capital, easy to accept if things gone like this .. but here, where is the fund?? I challenge you to convince atkins to talk in this forum
          discuss everything., explain his side ,, tell his plan…

          1. Just tell Atkins, is there a money in oanda acct? If you confirm that, i will ask my other friends to withdraw the complaint then follow your suggestions. We need proof. How can we file a claim if we do not know if there is money to claim. They are not able to withdraw money since last December 2013.

            1. April’s job is administration and processing withdraw request. There are times that I made withdraw request and being ignored by April quite a few times. I never wanted to bother Michael unless I had to because I know his job duty is only trading and I only want him to focus on that as that’s his specialty. I bet your withdraw request was ignored by April and never made it to Michael. However, withdraw requests from her relatives in Philippine were never delayed. You guys really need to find April and bring her back to Singapore. The money is either in Oanda or a bank account and authority freeze it. No one and access the account unless authority releases it.

        3. the contractual obligations of Amasis to its investors is different from that of Amasis to its broker…

          same logic applies to Aureus to its investors! i don’t buy this idea! Atkins and April are liable to their investors PERIOD! they can sue Oanda for all they want!

          besides, Oanda is oanda, have anyone heard that it is bankrupt.

      2. Michael do not have the authority over the money now, it’s all in the hands of authority. If people want to harm you, will you be silly enough to appear in the public? I already told you what’s the best to do to speed up the process of getting your money back, but if you choose not to listen, I can’t do anything. Good luck.

        1. I agree that April should be caught along with her boyfriend. Charges have been filed and she is now being search by authorities. She cannot be a state witness as she is not the least guilty. Me and my friends will testify against her for manipulating the funds withdrawal. Her obligation is bigger than Michael since she is the one who keep on getting the money from investors despite the situation.

  20. Pls answer me leon. Why is there a delay on releasing of funds last June? Is it because they are already being investigated before June? Why can’t he use his own money?

  21. If you decide to retrieve your complaint.. It is the other way of saying,, goodbye to our money.
    I will convince myself if atkins will show a proof and speak for his honest action of returning the fund , of course mediated by SG authorities

      1. we trust SG legal system, we better to keep on waiting rather to gamble again against uncertain promise of releasing the fund , there was deliberate mistake here, so after SG authorities made the decision we expect also corresponding punishment for them, they will not escape from this scandal, they fooled people, and these people will always run against them… yes . we assure them… until the rest of their lives ………..

  22. Supposing points 1 & 2 are facts:

    1) Certain Leon Chang has $1 million in Aureus and he is one of the top 5 with most money in Aureus. How much for the rest of the 4 others?

    2) Aureus balance in Oanda trading account is $1.7 million only (as per April Karen Samson’s screenshot provided in July 2014 and prior to freeze order)

    3) Me and my other friends are claiming about $400k.

    4) Most of the trading weeks are always up since I join, averaging to 15-20% per month.

    We don’t need to be so clever to compute right? Where did they put our money???

    1. According to this website ( ), aureus still has 17M:

      (Copy and paste from the website)
      As per April (base on a conversation with her by a fellow investor, screenshots of the conversation is provided to other investor as well)
      1.) There is USD$17 million in Oanda account base on the report provided by Michael to her. She cannot and/or did not verify the authenticity of the pdf report.
      2.) Aureus Capital DBS Bank Account only have SGD$4,000 when it was freezed by Commercial Affairs of Singapore.

      . . .
      Does anyone have the screenshot for the oanda account balance? So what is the real oanda balance? 17M or 1.7M?

      Hoping we can get our money back.

      1. I am more interested where she is hiding now than collecting my money back. Need to teach this dumbass April Karen Samson a lesson on my own.

        I will bring 5 of my dogs to rape her… :) :)

        1. Are you happy saying that? Wala kabang utak at sinisi mo sa kanya ang mga nangyari eh aware ka naman na may tao pa bago siya na may mas authority sa investments natin

          1. Kuyagabs, how come you defend April so much. April run the company and she even open a branch in Philippines without proper license in Singapore and Ph. She cannot hide the ponzi scheme. She and Michael Atkins knows they don’t withdraw money from Oanda.Where did they get the money to pay up the investor’s withdrawal? Investors are paying sg40 transaction fee for funding individual accts. If there is a sg40 transaction fee, there should also a reference transaction on funding oanda acct. Since they are running ponzi scheme, i doubt there is a transaction reference from oanda for individual investor funding. She even celebrated 1st year anniversary, i admire her courage to scam thousandths of people. She is really good in lying. I want to see her in jail. I hope she can sleep well.

          2. Parang ikaw si Greg Gonzales (ama ni Geof) kung magsalita o siguro isa ka sa kamag-anak nila April at Geof na nakikinabang na ngayon sa perang pinaghirapan namin.
            O malamang si Michael Atkins kamag-anak mo? Close kayo sa Aureus Capital scammers ano, kuya? Masarap ba magpakabusog sa perang galing sa nakaw ha kuya?

            1. You narrowminded! What about april’s mother?

              And what about her being a bank employee before and now a business woman? Boooooo shame on u! Childish

  23. Thank you for this information on Aureus. Being an investor with the now defunct company,like many others,is it possible for you to know, 1/ is Michael Atkins still being held in s,pore( passport taken),2/ is there any idea when this investigation will be finished, 3/ Are the invester funds secure ( frozen by CAD),and if so, how do we as investors go about having our funds returned. It seems to me ,we as clients, have done nothing illegal in this scam, and should not be penalised or punished. Perhaps,if you are able,send me an email regarding these still unanswered questions and anything else you think is relevant, once again, thank you for the information so far, KindRegards,Steve.

    1. 1. Michael is never been held but he stayed to help speed up the investigation with CAD. 2. CAD is being telling different answers to different people. We heard anywhere from 6 months to 2 years.
      3. It is frozen by CAD and you need to ask the Singapore government in this regard.
      My opinion-This is not a complicated case, CAD should not take long for this investigation.

      1. Leon, looks like you know a lot about Atkins and you know his whereabouts. Can you ask him if there is enough money for the claimants? What was the cause of the delay of withdrawals last June and July? Are you keeping Michael Atkins? Did you guarantor the bail of Michael? Atkins was held by police last July and he is on bail. If a suspected person is hold by police during investigation, there is already a merit that he committed fraud.

        Sherlene Tan is keep on telling case is under investigation and do not expect that investors will get the money. So why are you telling to lodge a claim?

        You are a fake if you will not answer this questions.

        1. April took some but there is still plenty. The delay is more than likely caused by April. Some of you were not able to withdraw since December of last year. Many times, when I send April the withdraw request, it was not processed until I go to Michael then it turns out okay. I guess April was trying to keep the fund rolling and plan a big withdraw later on. I did not try to make withdraw during June and July so I can’t answer this question. No, I am not keeping Michael.

          I know what Sherlene Tan said to many, but at the same time she will not tell you for sure if there is money or not in the account. In my opinion, she is a very young officer, does she really know all the details? I don’t know.

          Do you have to throw that last sentence? I am just someone trying to help the best I can and hopefully my fund gets back to me sooner than later.

          1. Leon, just a quick question, You are telling that he is working with CAD to speed up process, where is he now? If you have contact to Atkins you should have asked about what happen on the money last July. I doubt that you did not ask to get your money last July. You are not telling us the truth on what happened.

            Either there is no more money that is why he cannot give it back to investors. He should have communicated what actually going on instead of hiding. He is able to pay up hostile investors on the fear of lodging complaint to CAD. If he wants to pay up and return the money to investors, he can always withdraw money from oanda and work with April for the distribution. That did not happen, why? No more money.

            So why was he held up and investigated, definitely there is fraud going on.

            And for the case of April and Joef, they are more liable and they are feeling that they are victims of the scam they created. Anyway, they cannot hide forever. Sooner or later they will be captured.

            If you are concern to the investors, explain his side if you know about what happening.

            Think about Amasis case, he gave promises to investors to return money, and he did not inform them that broker went bankrupt. So why is he giving wrong update to investors? Why is he not telling the truth? Don’t tell about poor communication thing, he is a grown up, he should know how to tell truth. She and April are the same, LIARS and scammers.

  24. Hi,

    We are a group of investors who wish to proceed legal action against Aureus Capital PL and its Directors Michael Philip Atkins (American – G5492829M) and April Karen Samson (Filipino – G5066023R).

    We have already engaged a lawyer in Singapore. We were informed by the lawyer that there is no limit to the number of claimants to the court action, hence, we encourage all investors who wish to recover their hard earned monies to join us.

    Please note that legal fees and other incidental fees/costs will be in proportion to the individual’s investment with Aureus Capital PL. Consequently, any monies recovered will be in proportion to the individual’s investment as well.

    If you wish to join us, please leave your email address here and we will contact you. Alternatively, you may send the following details to

    – Full Name
    – Email Address
    – NRIC/Passport
    – Full Amount of Investment

    If you may have clarifications, please feel free to send an email to We will attend to your queries the soonest.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Fellow Investors

  25. Can someone explain the benefit of joining the legal action against Aureus Capital PL and its Directors Michael Philip Atkins (American – G5492829M) and April Karen Samson (Filipino – G5066023R)?

    Since Aureus accounts have been frozen by CAD, I went to CAD website to see how they deal with similar cases like this. Here is the excerpt:

    Q Will CAD assist to recover monies/gold placed with Genneva Pte Ltd?

    A The purpose of the investigation is to determine whether any criminal offence has been committed. If there is criminal wrongdoing, the CAD will do its best to ensure that monies that have been illegally obtained are recovered and properly dealt with according to the law.


  26. my opinion, is that we have to wait for a result of CAD investigation.. I still believe the SG legal system, after that , then follow up action can be done

  27. sherlyn tan of CAD replied to our email last week that investigation is on progress and we will be notified on the results in due course.. do you guys have any update ?

  28. New information! I had hired private investigator for the last few months to do a thorough investigation. I am sorry for what I said about April. She is completely innocent of this. Please do not harm to her for she had done nothing wrong.

    1. leon, if april is innocent and earlier you said michael is also not to blame.. then what really happened here? do you have any other information you can share to us.. thank you

    2. Wow April is innocent.

      Let us have a recap of what happened. I hope you can add more.

      1. Running company without MAS license for more than a year
      2. Taking money from investors despite of situation when MAS visited (according to her email) to stop operations last June.
      3. Running ponzi scheme by not remitting money to oanda. Paying withdrawal through investors additional funding. What happened to sg40 fee?
      4. Sending lies to investors for applying of banking license and about new platform thing
      5. Neglect responsibilities as director by not having a control on oanda acct
      6. Manipulated funds withdrawal by prioritizing relatives
      7. Conflict of interest for being investor and at the same time director
      8. She have a full control of DBS acct and she will only process the withdrawals whoever she like. She is claiming that decisicion of withdrawals goes to Atkins which a big lie.

  29. What happen to Leon Chang? Why suddenly apologizing to April.

    Anyway, we should not worry. If an offense is made by Atkins and April upon conclusion of the case, Authorities has their own means of tracking them and bringing all victims to justice.

    Read related scam cases in SG, most of the offenders were jailed even they are hiding on other countries.

  30. Sherlene Tan’s phone number is +6563249841
    She is the lead Investigator at CAD Singapore for the case against Aureus Capital.

    1. Hello, let me know you that i’m one of hundred amasis investor. I’m very surprised to know that Atkins was released from jail in indonesia and do the same thing in other country. I doubt He will return your money, forget it. I recommend you, just hire someone to kill this guy before he make other people suffering. For me it’s legal to kill him for what he did to many people.

  31. Guys from what I have heard that Atkins is no longer in Singapore and his wife flew to Bandung, Indonesia. If this is true, What will be our leverage for our funds to be recovered since Atkins is out of Sg? I am hoping CAD has an update regarding this matter.

    1. I live in Bandung, Indonesia. This is a very small city. Where did you hear his wife moved here from? An address or phone number would be nice. Or even the name of the school his children attend..

  32. Hire someone to kill this guy. Forget your money and do not write anything on this blog because Atkins will read it and plan something before you do something. Hey Atkins , I know you’re reading this blog, if I found you in Bandung or Jakarta, believe me, I will make a surprise for you

  33. I sent an email to a well-known financial speaker in the Philippines to seek an advice and assistance on how to expose and apprehend the director of Aureus (April Karen Delos Santos Samson) since a lot of investment scams are all of over the news lately in the Philippines. He said, ” WE HAVE DONE OUR PART TO EDUCATE PEOPLE HOW TO SPOT A SCAM, SAD TO SAY AS LONG AS THERE WILL BE IGNORANCE AND GREED people are still going get burned. We all make choices we just need to live with it. I’ve read all his books but still invested in a too good to be true INVESTMENT scheme. But now, I’m confused one side of me wants to move on from this nightmare but the other half is telling me “PUSH MO YAN”.

    We haven’t received any statements from Philippine Embassy in Singapore last year on what will be the course of action after several meetings between our PE Singapore Officials and the CAD officers.

    (Please let me know if PE Singapore issued any statement last year as far as I know there was none)

    What’s on my mind when EMGOLDEX and other MLM company got busted? I was imagining April watching the news talking to his honey pie Jof Gonzales

    April: HoneyPie, buti na lang I follow your advice na i stop na natin ung operation ditto sa pinas maliit lang nman nilalagay nung mga investors ditto eh hindi tulad sa Singapore malakihan ang lagayan.

    Honeypie Jof: Sabi ko sayo diba ok na yung mga na kulimbat natin sa Singapore si Michael nakatakas na at nasa Indonesia na wala ng habol ung mga investors natin.

    April: Buti nga nakatakas na sya at nabalik natin ung mga pera ng mga FRIENDS natin kung hindi ikakanta tayo ng mga yun. …. gawa tayo music video dedicated sa investors..

    So c’mon and get me, get me, get me
    Baby I’m yours c’mon and get me
    You’ll never be lonely, lonely, lonely
    So baby… C’mon and get me

    1. well guys naloko ako ni jof kupal n yan!well ng naghire din ako ng investigator at sbi skin nkatira daw c topet malufet na pagala s pacita complex malapit sa casa del nino san pedro laguna madalas ko din mabalitaan na lagi syang nsa bangko bdo pacita branch nkikita daw nya c jof kupal na kasakasama p rin ung kapatid nya kya guys sugurin na natin papatay ko na silang magkapatid kakapal ng muka pasarap lang gala ng gala s perang pinaghirapan natin hahanapin ko s pacita yan uunahin ko loob malamang dun magtatago yan mga scammer na yan at balita ko pa nagbyahe pa s manila c jof pinapasundan ko dahil di ko lam kung sino kamaganak nya dun!HUMANDA KA JOF AT TOPET PAPATAY KO NA KAU PACITA PLA AH!

      1. At kung makikita natin tong tofet malupet na scammer na to makukuha natin sagot kung nasaan si jof!dahil ang sabi sa akin magkasama pa rin sila! tinatago ni assistant topet ung kapatid nyang scammer! GUYS PACITA COMPLEX ANG SINABI SKIN NITONG MARCH LANG IT MEANS ANJAN CLANG MAGKAPATID!

        1. Pinasundan ko rin yang jof na yan, may kamag anak sila sa may Cainta sa metroville subdivision. According sa private investigator, sa main road lang nung subd yung bahay dun at nagda drive ng bmw yung gagong scammer na yun. Baka meron ditong malapit sa area… Paki patay na yung gagong yun.

  34. at nkita ng kakilala namin ung mgkptid na topet at jof s elvnda bgong kotse n2man ang dala napictran namin mlapit s cmbhn ng elvnda ng file n kmi ng case ab0ut s knla mgtulong tulong tau dhl ung april ay nsa ibng bnsa n dw at ung mgkaptid n jof at topet e paals ndn ng ptwg ndn aq ng media antayn q lng ung intrview skn at ung j0f nkikita dn ng imbstgad0r ko n inupahn na naglulustay ng pera s isang bar ksma ng mg babae d0n at spa s manila galante pdw mgbgay ang mgkaptid na manl0l0ko bkit hwalay nb kau ng j0wa m0ng scmmer dn humnda kau dhl pnpasndan ko pdn kau inaanty lng po namin ibaba ang warant s knla pasarap k april at maglustay pa kau j0f at t0pet sa mga spa at beer h0use lpt n mga araw ny0 kht mgsumbrer0 kau kilala pdn namin kau

  35. nki pag c0oprte ndn aq s sngap0re p0lice mgfile dw tau ng ks0 pra mdmp0t n t0ng mga to sna d kau ng papasarap dyn hbng kmi ngppakahrap mkapg ip0n at mgbyad ng mga inutngn namin mka pg invest lng tp0z ngaun papalit palt lng ng sasakyan ung mgkptid at ung isa umeskapo na cgro naman sapat ndn mgng kbyaran ang buhay nit0ng tatlo dhl s pnl0l0ko

  36. sa PSP Ave sa Metroville yung mga kamag anak nya. May nakakita sa kanya na nandun. Sa whiteplains Street sa San Pedro laguna yung bahay nila.

  37. dun nga cla nag t2gil at aun pa s imp0rmante namin naibnta na dw ung gym kya pla laks mg lustay ng pera nung mgkaptid sa mga spa at bar n pnupntahn nla at vip pa ha ks0 cnu kya ang pnupuntahn nung magkptid s tbi ng cmbhn ng elvnda at pnu dn pla nkalipad ng ibng bnsa c aprl karen .. at aung s pag kaka imbstga c t0pet n kptid n j0f ang taga wdraw ng pera nla aus tlg

  38. So out of the country na talaga tong si April? E di ba ikakasal dapa sila nun jof na yun? Hahaha baka nagpa plastic surgery na yun para di na sya makilala. Sang bansa daw nagpunta? Hindi pa pwedeng dakipin ng local authorities yung si Jof?

    1. Oo pero dpa tukoy kung an0ng bnsa..cgro magfile tau ng case, laban s kanila,
      may abogado nko at nahnge nalang ako ng advse wat gagawin.
      kht mag palit pa cla nang muka!
      malalaman at malalman pdin namin yan.!!!

  39. Tama, dapat kumilos na tayo. Ang laking pera nakurakot nila. Yung Jof baka naman pumunta na rin yun sa ibang bansa. Based sa sources ko, nasa Ireland yung mga magulang nun.

    1. mag sampa na kau ng kaso ,, pangunahan nyo na ,, kc pag may nauna magsamapa ng kaso tyak madami na susunod na makrereklamo.,, pag may kaso hindi na makakalakwatsa mga yan… sa korte laging mga biktima ang binibigyna pansin kaya malakas ang laban ng mga biktima .. pangunahan nyo na mga taga dyans sa pinas …

  40. I’m not a victim and not related to April, Mikael, and Jof… Just browsing and reading some articles lang sa net about scam, etc.. ganoon lang talga kapag senior citizen.

    Payo lang. Ang tagal na ng issue toh, but mostly sa mga nababasa ko comments sa iba aside ofcourse reklamo, kundi puro kung sino sino ang mga kamag anak ng mga directors, kung saan sila makikita, etc..

    Again, kung gusto niyo malaman talaga na niloko kayo ng mga direktors na sila april and jof, and paano makuha yung investments nyo. Why not instead spending time commenting here in site, kumuha kayo ng magaling na lawyer. Para kahit paano makatulong sa inyo? Since nasabi nyo naman na marami kayong victims, edi sama sama kayo against them?? Atleast maprioritze kayo kasi maraming nagrereklamo aside s phils kundi rin sa singapore. Habang tumatagal na wala kayong gingawa, for sure maraming mangyayari, worst case baka lalong lumiit yung chance mabawi yung pera nyo db?

    Aside dun instead magbanggit kayo ng mga kmag anak nila, again, kumuha kyo ng lawyers, patunayan nyo na hindi sila sangkot. Kasi kung sila april and jof, “kunwari” victim din, tapos kasuhan kayo, so ano na???

    Yun lang po.

  41. Based sa private detective:

    Exact address nung Joef: Block 1, Lot 2, PSP Avenue, Metroville Subdivision, Cainta, Rizal

    1. Don’t worry guys, marami na naglodge sa police sa SG. They are running Ponzi scheme. Yung mga perang dinedeposit or finufund ng mga investors, ginagamit pangbayad sa withdrawal sa ibang investors.Oo may trading acct pero wala naman pinapakitang withdrawal receipt from Oanda si April sa mga investors. Every withdrawal at deposit transaction dapat may reciept or transaction na galing sa oanda. Pag matapos ang CAD case, kahit saan sila magtago, kayang kaya sila ipadampot ng SG authority. Di pwedeng maging witness si April.Primary suspect yun. Kunwari wala sya alam at walang visibility sa trade, kalokohan yun. May mga investor na pinapakita pa nya yung trading acct.

      By the way, check the forms, it is mentioned na MAS regulated kuno, yun pala hindi. Para lang makaattract ng investors, nilagyan nya ng MAS regulated. Napakasinungaling kasama na yung Joff.

      1. Their are basic questions which are still unanswered since 12 months now. How come Michael Atkins was allowed to work in SG as director, when he was jailed in Indonesia for 4 years. Who in SG was Singaporean or PR who helped him form a company? Why April and Michael were not arrested when CAD sealed their accounts and came to their office? How much is the amount in Trading account of OANDA ? What is expected time by CAD on this case ? Does anyone has taken garnishing order on Trading account? Where is Michael and April? Why their was no extra caution on DBS bank account where so much of money got in and out? Who can influence CAD to get this case resolved, as it has already passed 12 months?

  42. is down….please read the story that was published on the this as below

    Aureus Capital
    What Is Aureus Capital (Singapore)?
    It was a Forex trading managed account company based in Singapore promising investors high returns on investments. Founded in 2013 by Michael Phillip Atkins (an American) and April Karen Samson (a Filipino), the company went defunct in mid 2014 after the CAD (Commercial Affairs Department) of Singapore stepped in to investigate their operations after some investors complained about withdrawal delays.
    As of today, the CAD has not updated the stranded investors – who has pumped in an estimated US$20 million – on the status. It is also unclear where Michael Atkins and April Samson are.
    URL –
    Forex trading managed accounts – a model where traders manage your funds and trade on your behalf within their own account. Many scam companies use this model so that investors can only see what the scammers want them to see and very often, scammers fake trading results so that you feel secured seeing something. Granted, there are a few genuine trading firms that use this model too, but they are rare.
    A safer and more common model employed by bonafide trading firms is where you get to open your own trading account with a broker with no affiliated relations to the trading company, so that there is full transparency and control of what goes on within your account. You can read more about this model here.
    As High As 30% Returns Per Month
    One of our readers – Joseph – saw a Facebook ad one day. It led to the Facebook page of a investment company that showed very impressive trading results. He got curious and sent a query to the email provided. He got a response within an hour and soon met up with one of the founders of Aureus Capital – April Karen Samson.
    Joseph was a careful and suspicious man who guarded his money zealously, so it was natural that he wanted to put a face to this very impressive trading firm.
    Interestingly, Aureus Capital did not have an office yet. His first meeting with April was at a Mos Burger in a neighborhood shopping center. (1st red flag – what kind of investment firm doesn’t have an office?)
    April was a Filipino, considered attractive by a certain standard.

    April Karen Samson
    Joseph knew quite a bit about Forex trading so he asked April how his money would be traded. April said that she was only the marketer and the trading was done by an experienced trader called Michael, so she could not answer his questions. (2nd red flag – how can you sell something you don’t understand?)
    Joseph then asked which brokerage firm he would be signing up with. April replied that Aureus trades through Oanda, but clients will not have their own accounts as their money would be traded under the Aureus account as a managed fund. (3rd red flag – this meant that the Aureus folks have full control over the account and can easily abscond with the money. This also meant that investors will never know if their funds are being traded at all or not, and if so, what the real status is.)
    Joseph was very hesitant after hearing this, but April furnished some very impressive trading results (as high as 30% returns per month) and told him that he just had to put in US$1000 to test drive their services. April also assured him that they were legit and registered with Singapore’s Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority.
    Unfortunately Joseph was not aware that such investment companies also needed to have a capital market license from the Monetary Authority of Singapore in order to operate. (4th red flag – Aureus Capital never had this!)
    And after some more sweet talking, Joseph took the bait.
    Ironically, that was in the month of April, 2013.
    2 Months Later …
    The weeks went by. Every week Joseph received a trading results report. Some weeks he made more. Some weeks he made less. There was just one week when he made a small loss.
    And just 2 months later, Joseph had realized a 100 percent gain. His account has ballooned to US$2000!
    Being the cautious man he was, Joseph submitted a withdrawal request of US$1000 to April, which was honored within 3 days.
    And He Put More …
    That was all Joseph needed to transfer a further US$50,000 to Aureus. With his heart beating for joy at having found a path to financial freedom, he started calculating his potential returns on investments. Using a compounding calculator projecting a ‘conservative’ returns of 20% per month, he realized that he would be a few million richer in a couple of years!
    And He Was Encouraged to Introduce Friends
    One day, April told Joseph that they have a referral program where he would be able to earn a 2% recurring commission from generated returns if he referred his friends. Boy, was Joseph excited! He could make more money by helping his friends and relatives make money. What’s there to dislike? Very soon, many of Joseph’s friends and family members invested with Aureus. And many of their friends invested too.
    Meeting Michael
    One day, April invited Joseph to a gathering with other investors to meet up with their mysterious trader – Michael Atkins. Joseph was invited as he was one of their most active affiliates and bigger investor. Michael had wanted to thank them personally.
    Michael was a big and tall American, 40-ish and towering over everyone else. He was socially awkward and struggled at making small conversation. When asked about what trades he usually made, Michael was elusive and tried his best to avoid answering by being ambiguous. (5th red flag – legitimate traders are often willing to share their trading strategies, because they know that clients will trust them better knowing how they trade)
    Through this gathering Joseph got to know some other investors, whom he will later join forces to sue Aureus Capital with.

    Michael Phillip Atkins
    In March 2014 Things Started Happening
    Signs of Aureus breaking down started to happen in March 2014. They stopped trading for a while, citing inconsistent reasons. They also took a long time to process requests for withdrawals. And suddenly, they dropped the bomb.
    Without warning, all the investors received this letter.
    “Dear Aureus Members,
    This is a notice to inform everybody that the Commercial Affairs Department (CAD) of Singapore is conducting an investigation on Aureus Capital. As part of the investigative process CAD has frozen the Aureus bank account pending the conclusion of their investigation. During this process, we are not allowed to conduct any business activities/trading, process withdrawals and/or receive funds from our clients via our company accounts. We have no information at this time as to what will happen next or how long the investigation process will take. We will return back client funds as soon as we are able to do so. Our apologies for the inconvenience.
    Aureus Capital Pte. Ltd”
    This was sent on 24 July 2014. And since then, nothing else had been heard from April Karen Samson and Michael Phillip Atkins. They have vanished into thin air.
    Police Reports and Law Suits
    Joseph and his friends – who had a combined sum of about US$3 million invested with Aureus – decided to lodge police reports against Aureus to recover their money. (From what we know, the CAD of Singapore has not given anybody a concrete update other than a formal ‘we are still investigating’ until today.)
    They also filed a lawsuit against Aureus Capital and applied for a court order to garnish the money in their bank account and brokerage account. Unfortunately they only managed to garnish a grand total of something like a miserable $1000 bucks from the brokerage account and as for the bank account, they were informed that it was frozen by the CAD and nothing more could be done until CAD unfroze the money.
    Joseph and his friends had unfortunately exhausted all their options. All they could do now – like all the other Aurues investors – was to wait for the CAD to give them a closure.
    An Interesting Bit of Info on Michael Atkins
    If Joseph and his friends had taken the time to do a bit of Googling on Michael Atkins, they would have found an interesting bit of information on Michael Atkins.
    According to a thread on Forex Peace Army, this was not the first time Michael Atkins ran afoul of the law. He previously ran a Forex trading firm called Amasis Capital in Indonesia, and after attracting millions of dollars in investments, he claimed that the Forex broker he was using absconded with all the investors’ funds.
    Of course some people did not believe him and reported him to the Indonesian police. They responded by throwing him into jail. Later, it was not known how he got himself off the hook and why he was released. But Michael was suddenly freed.
    Although he claimed that he would make good to his investors the money they invested, he never did. They never heard from him again.
    Who would have thought that the next time he surfaced, it would be in Singapore?
    Now where in the world is Michael Atkins and April Samson?
    Tip 1 – Do not trust your money with an investment firm who is not registered with a recognized Securities and Exchange Commissions, or its equivalent governing body for investment firms.
    Tip 2 – Do not trust any investment firms who claim to be able to generate an outrageous returns on investments on a monthly basis. 6-30% per annum is a more likely figure. Ask them to show you audited proof of their claims before you commit to anything.
    Tip 3 – Do not trust an investment firm which will only trade within its own account and does not allow you to have your own trading account. There’s too little control and transparency you have over your funds.
    Tip 4 – Check to see if the founders of the investment company have a shady past. In the case of Michael Atkins, he was arrested and jailed in Indonesia before for scamming people using a Forex company. This information was easily available by simply Googling for his name!
    In Conclusion
    It is still a mystery at the time of this writing as to why Aureus was investigated by CAD, whether Aureus was really trading or was just a ponzi scheme, what happened to the investors’ money and where Michael Atkins and April Samson had gone to.
    Hopefully all these will be known to the investors soon so that they can have a closure and move on.
    As for our readers, we hope that you learn from Joseph’s experience and ask the right questions before you invest into anything. And if you ever run into Michael Atkins and April Samson, do drop us a mail at

  43. Hi JCDV,

    Nasan sa US si April Samson? at ano na ang bago niyang pangalan? Nag file na kami ng kaso dito sa Singapore pero di siya mahagip dahil di alam kung nasan na siya ngayon.

  44. FY: Just found out that the Oanda accounts of Aureus have only less than $500 in it so don’t keep your hopes up that you will still get your money back. Unless you know where April Samson and Michael Atkins are then maybe we can ask for their repatriation.

  45. Does anyone know what Leon Changs private investigator found out? To HDC where did you get that information about the Oanda account and if so did he open a new trading account do to the transition from Aureus to Asia Pacific?

      1. Hi there, I am also the victim of Amasis. As far as I know that Michael Atkins’s wife is Indonesian. I remembered when Michael Atkins was in jail, somebody called Ratna Agustina from Indonesia was sent an email to all Amasis clients on behalf of Michael Atkins. She has also made a statement and/or promised that our money will be returned. Once Ratna Agustina emailed us to resubmit our copy of applications/agreement in order to claiming our money, her reason because all the data in Amasis’s computer have disappeared. But since we were resubmitting our copy, we have never heard from Ratna Agustina about the progress until now! I don’t know what Ratna Agustina’s role in Amasis, but she has been involved in looking after Michael Atkins when he was in jail. Including to contacting Amasis’s client, as well as arranging or providing the lawyers and also visiting him in jail backward and forward. According to other source, Ratna Agustina is the owner of Rami Formality Services in Jakarta. One of her clients is Amasis Capital Management Group Ltd. The last time I was topping up the investment approximately 2009-2010, Michael Atkins suggested me to transfer my money to DBS Singapore so I did. And make me believe that Aureus use the same account, since they use the DBS account.

  46. If any of you know if Michael Atkins lives in Jakarta or Bandung, please let me know. Four years ago, I lost USD 50000 by this criminal.




  50. kung sa cainta man sila nakatira, ang huling sabi sakin na address nila nung nagpa surveillance ako is along PSP Ave sa Metroville Subd sa Cainta. Naka BMW daw yang Joef. Kung merong malapit sa area, baka pwedeng paki check.

  51. Latest news brought exclusively from Hall of Scams. We found out through reliable sources information the following.

    There’s good and bad news –

    Bad news – There’s no more money in the Oanda accounts. Why and where? We don’t want to speculate.

    Good news – We got hold of an official trading document that shows Michael was indeed trading. And he was indeed making profits.

    However, it is not clear from the document if all the money was traded.

    At this point, it can be established that money was indeed being traded and made at least for the period stated in the document.

    If so, perhaps the ‘victims’ of Aureus have to ask the following questions.

    Why are Aureus’s clients capital and gains being held? Why are Aureus’s clients being penalized when Aureus was allowed to be registered as a business in Singapore in the first place? Why are Aureus’s clients not being updated of the investigation progress? How long more will this take? Will anyone ever get their money back?

    Perhaps if enough Aureus ‘victims’ ask these questions (publicly) they may get a quicker resolution.

  52. For guys who where invited to attend the court hearing on 19 August 2015 with respect to the property seized by CAD from Aureus, please help by letting us know what was the outcome of the court hearing and if they have provided the listing of which properties have been seized. Hope with this hearing things will move faster on this case

  53. Some important info from Online….






    Michael Phillip Atkins

    2210 Nassau Drive
    Wilmington, DE

    Home Phone

    Cell Phone

    Social Security Number

    DE Drivers License

    Id: 672845287
    Exp: 7-Jan-2019
    Extra: 2

    Passport Code


    35 To 44

    PA Birth Date

    Married to





    Heidelore Holly Atkins

    1. April has got 6 million lets target her first…she is from Phillipines…as its difficult to get Michael who is from US….

      As per update from friends CAD has only found around 5k in one account… their are 1000+ claimant… I think not to waste money on Singapore they are only good in SG… best is to get CAD judgement and file a case in US… but CAD will take another year to conclude….

      Generally fraud don’t own any property….so we can only hope they will be jailed…which is very unlikely in Michael’s case as he is US citizen…I believe getting April will be practically more easy….

  54. I am a singaporean. I do not come from silver spoon family. My dad works for two jobs and my mum works as a hawker. I was looking for invesment opportunity to help my family to live better. Convinced that I will be able to withdraw all the money by the third month (as the firm has been ongoing for one year), I decide to invest. Not expecting close to reaching third month, CEO Michael Philips was under CAD investigation. My money was promised to return back but in the end did not. I was in state of shock. I almost wanted to commit suicide as the sum of money was meant for my marriage and housing. I lost my MONEY and LOVED ONES. I knew it was my mistake. I blamed myself since then. CAD investigation has been ongoing for more than a year. Til today, I still receive the same reply from officer. I felt terrible.

    I am lost and depressed. I do not know what I can do. I do not have capital to engage a lawyer to help me. I just hope some kind souls can put themselves in my shoes and give me some advices. Also, any update from CAD regarding Aureus Capital. Thank you.

  55. Focus on michael atkins, just find him, his wife or even his children. There is nothing you can do to get your money back

  56. Thank you hall of scams, I received your email.

    After reading the conclusion, I felt totally let down by my own country. There are way too much things they could do (as mentioned by hall of scams) to help us, fellow citizen yet nothing further is being carried out.

    General Election is coming, will our ministers help us if we seek them for help? I urge all Singaporean to give it a try (better than just waiting), especially those who has strong leaders at their home district. Drop them an email, attach it with police report. Many emails meant how much this case meant to us and probably will not be overlooked (I hope so)

    Aureus capital, the name never fail to make me in TEARS.

  57. Douglas Goh Toh Guan, new director! Who is he!?!?

    After reading the article, YANG YIN hyperlinked by hall of scams, I have a feeling that AUREUS CAPITAL is not being directed to the media yet.

    Media or social media are the fastest way we can translate our messages across. I am not sure what will be the likely outcome but I think we can get updates from CAD progress.

    Here are the 24/7, STORY TO SHARE hotlines:

    Straits Times: 6319 6319
    Newpaper: 1800-733-4455
    WanBao: 1800-741-6388

    As mentioned by hall of scams, we, 1000+ victims (be it Singaporean, PR and foreigners) got nothing to lose anymore. Together, we can make a difference, no matter how big or how small it is. Please at least try out one of the alternatives to highlight our concerns, else we will be left behind miserably.

    Hall of scams, thumb up for your report! Thank you.

  58. Hi All,

    You might like to contact this reporter who got in touch with us –

    Kind regards,


    Hi Hall of Scams!

    I’m a journalist with Lianhe Wanbao, Singapore Press Holdings.

    We are currently working on a article regarding the Aureus Capital scam in Singapore. We had distressed victims calling us for help and we want to help them as much as we can.

    We would be grateful if you could pass on the message to the victims that you are in contact with that we are willing to listen to their part of the story, as the more information we can acquire the better we could express the situation to the community, help them to gain more traction in the case through public awareness, or at least inform the public to protect themselves from such scams.

    Let them know that they can either email me at or call our hotline at 1800-7416388.

    Thanks in advance!

    Kerr Puay Hian
    Lianhe Wanbao, SPH


    We have set up a new page showcasing interviews we conducted with the victims of Aureus. We believe that this would be very helpful in piecing loose pieces of information to form the bigger picture for you. Do contact us if you too want to share your account. With unity there’s strength. We recommend that the victims of Aureus do not give up without a fight, and at least do your best to make life difficult for those who have taken your hard-earned money. You have a right to know where it is!

  60. For your info:

    We got a lawyer here in Singapore and was able to get a court decision to get the bank account details and OANDA account details.

    1: The bank account do not have any money in it anymore.
    2. The 3 accounts of Aureus with OANDA only have less than $500 in it.
    3. In order to get the transaction details where the money was transferred to on both accounts(OANDA and Bank account) will be expensive and will cost roughly $20,000 more.
    This is for the lawyer fees,bank fees, investigator fees, etc..
    4. so Unless we can get the exact whereabouts of April and Atkins there is nothing we can do.. we just have to say bye for now to the money we invested…

  61. After more than a year of quietly observing and conducting private never-ending HUNT and just patiently waiting for this precise moment when they naturally come into surface as expected, by their own careless FAME WHORE nature, publicly posting their photos of “achievements” for everyone to see.

    And so amidst all the speculations and constant confusing comments PURPOSELY typed-in by two-faced friends and family characters hiding in the shadows in this blog, the TRUTH cannot be denied anymore as revealed from social media posts/photos in the following links below.

    BIG THANKS to the ever-reliable Facebook and friends of friends and CREDIBLE connections who helped gather information in and out government offices.

    The biggest Game of “Thrown”, indeed! See for yourselves.

    The FACTS :

    YES, April Karen Samson is in the USA. and YES, she’s been there for more than a year now based on her date of entry, living in peace and quiet, away from the chaos that she created and left on us. and YES, she is in Downtown LOS ANGELES, living at The Commodore, the same apartment building where her new found friend in the photo also resides, a fixer who she pays a good sum of money – our money, officially is the one taking care of her now added fraudulent act – to DECEIVE PEOPLE, now the United States of America, which she does best everywhere she goes. which confirms YES, she has undergone FIXED-MARRIAGE to change her name to Mrs.THOMAS to escape and just disappear, along with her entire family and her ever-loyal, partner-in-crime-boyfriend who also flew out of the country for months now, as confirmed by one of his wrathful relative. she plans to bring them all to USA soon as she gets her GREEN CARD so they can start a new, peaceful life and blend in like normal innocent citizen, using with our hard-earned money, WHILE WE ALL ROT HERE IN DEBT.

    So, who’s excited to knock on her door first to tell her there will be a change in her plans now?

  62. Small world! Tagal na hinahunting ng Ate at Tito ko yan sa Manila, totoo pala na andito lang sa LA talaga ha.
    Alam namin apartment na yon, madami nakatira na pinoy don. Aabangan namin yan siya don.

  63. Not just a feeling, he did fled the country long time ago, as been told, just like what her scammer-girlfriend did which is very easy for them to do since they have our money to use to buy tickets and fund themselves for show-money and quick start-up anywhere they get lucky to escape to. Plus this is not surprising anymore for him to do since both his parents are living abroad. Obviously, they have all the means and intentions to run away and hide because they know they are guilty and cannot escape the crime they will forever deny to themselves, but not to their conscience, if they still have one, that is.
    They both should be reported and deported the soonest as we now know where obviously they both are.

  64. Not the US Embassy, but the USCIS knows.
    All information and personal documents/records, old and new about her were already forwarded to their office, including knowledge of this blog.

    So if she thinks it is calm as it seems right now, she may just get a surprise visit from them anytime soon, as this case is recorded as an added proof of her “intention” to her fixed marriage fraud case, which they were aware of from the start, by the way.

    So good luck, April! and to your boyfriend too, who is next in line.

    1. Here is the phone number of Michael Atkins’s mom, Mary Atkins: 1-575-524-2539. You guys should call and let her know what her son has done.

  65. hi!!gud news s lht nang naloko ni mrs april karen thomas a.k.a april karen samson, may friend me n nscam nya rin hre in phlipinnes na interview n pla xa ng cnn news ch 9 abngn ntn kung pnu pinaikot lht ng pera.. and nlaman dn namin s city hall of manila n mrmi dn sngap0rean n nl0ko ..sna mkipg 2lungan .lht pra mpblik stn.ung pera n pinag hrapn ntn updte tau s news la2bs ndn lht,tnx al0t s mga 2mul0ng smin pti l0cti0n ni mrs th0mas nd reltives ny

  66. YES, April Karen Samson is in the USA. and YES, she’s been there for more than a year now based on her date of entry, living in peace and quiet, away from the chaos that she created and left on us. and YES, she is in Downtown LOS ANGELES, living at The Commodore, the same apartment building where her new found friend in the photo also resides, a fixer who she pays a good sum of money – our money, officially is the one taking care of her now added fraudulent act – to DECEIVE PEOPLE, now the United States of America, which she does best everywhere she goes. which confirms YES, she has undergone FIXED-MARRIAGE to change her name to Mrs.THOMAS to escape and just disappear, along with her entire family and her ever-loyal, partner-in-crime-boyfriend who also flew out of the country for months now, as confirmed by one of his wrathful relative. she plans to bring them all to USA soon as she gets her GREEN CARD so they can start a new, peaceful life and blend in like normal innocent citizen, using with our hard-earned money, WHILE WE ALL ROT HERE IN DEBT.

    So, who’s excited to knock on her door first to tell her there will be a change in her plans now?

    Small world! Tagal na hinahunting ng Ate at Tito ko yan sa Manila, totoo pala na andito lang sa LA talaga ha.
    Alam namin apartment na yon, madami nakatira na pinoy don. Aabangan namin yan siya don
    Bakit hindi nakita ng US Embassy yan na may recor
    Any updates on this? I have a feeling that even April’s bf, Joef, has fled the countr

    Not just a feeling, he did fled the country long time ago, as been told, just like what her scammer-girlfriend did which is very easy for them to do since they have our money to use to buy tickets and fund themselves for show-money and quick start-up anywhere they get lucky to escape to. Plus this is not surprising anymore for him to do since both his parents are living abroad. Obviously, they have all the means and intentions to run away and hide because they know they are guilty and cannot escape the crime they will forever deny to themselves, but not to their conscience, if they still have one, that is.
    They both should be reported and deported the soonest as we now know where obviously they both

    Not the US Embassy, but the USCIS knows.
    All information and personal documents/records, old and new about her were already forwarded to their office, including knowledge of this blog.

    So if she thinks it is calm as it seems right now, she may just get a surprise visit from them anytime soon, as this case is recorded as an added proof of her “intention” to her fixed marriage fraud case, which they were aware of from the start, by the way.

    So good luck, April! and to your boyfriend too, who is next in line.


    Another victim on March 17, 2016

    Here is the phone number of Michael Atkins’s mom, Mary Atkins: 1-575-524-2539. You guys should call and let her know what her son has done.


    an0n on June 17, 2016

    update pls.


    an0n on June 21, 2016

    any update in our case,


    ben lee on July 13, 2016

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    hi!!gud news s lht nang naloko ni mrs april karen thomas a.k.a april karen samson, may friend me n nscam nya rin hre in phlipinnes na interview n pla xa ng cnn news ch 9 abngn ntn kung pnu pinaikot lht ng pera.. and nlaman dn namin s city hall of manila n mrmi dn sngap0rean n nl0ko ..sna mkipg 2lungan .lht pra mpblik stn.ung pera n pinag hrapn ntn updte tau s news la2bs ndn lht,tnx al0t s mga 2mul0ng smin pti l0cti0n ni mrs th0mas nd reltives nya

  67. pls.. update us kung kelan yan..and my friend said to me na pti dw family and reltves nya is bglang yaman dn sna meron dn mag imbestiga about april ur nightmare is coming ,,tnx s mga updates..sna d mablewala lht my tita frm sngapore is d n0.1 victim damn,,

  68. Good day everyJUAN!

    May ginagawa akong blog about kay april. But naisip ko na dito ko nalang ippost. Hindi ko pa tapos kasi kulang pa ang info ko i guess. But, i will give you guys an information about april and to her FAMILY. yes, need nyo malaman tong mga info ko. Sinigurado kong totoo lahat ng nakuha ko sa MGA SOURCE ko bago ko ito ishare sa inyo.

    The reason why im doing this is to help all of those people na naagrabyado ng SAMSON FAMILY. lalo na si april.

    BTW, pinagiisipan ko din kung gagawa ako ng fb account about dito. Dahil gusto ko sana mag post ng mga pictures. Some evidence lang naman sana. Di kasi direct ang photos dito, link pa din ang nalabas. So abang nalang kayo sa next post ko.

    Maraming salamat!

  69. sa fb dn mabilis mpansin lht kya sna mkapgwa nga tau, tnx alot and anu ung blog about april da scammer,

  70. hey to all buhay nanaman pala to scammer n to using site nag re2crtte nanaman cya.. at ang ksbwat nya is family nya..using der luxury car at nka bse ang ofice nya in usa cousn and family nya ang taga recrtte nya dto stn..tlgang d cla titigl hangat d cla nahu2li sna madakip cla agad,.invest dn at mga car and house nila ang front..nla now…

  71. hi ms april karen samson mukang malapit kna umwe..o bka d kna mka uwe dahil meron kna wrant and your parents and brother sister and family ng bf mo.,tnx alot s lht ng tumlong tnx for our new goverment samson family is now. .d most wanted sindcte stafa in our country.,

  72. Hi der may nlaman po kmi,na mam april is doing buisnnes and,wala po ito pinag kaiba in this aureus scam nd ayon sa brther ko sister and brother ni mam april ang ka share nya ngaun in der multi billion buisness sbi ng brother ko sister ni mam april and brother nya ang mg ddala ng p
    Dollar money mula dto sa pinas pa papnuntang us next yr yah as,in next year hmm sis nd her brother wait their visa and going der nextyr ung ang sbi ng brother ko d kc alm ni mam n frnd nya ang brother ko in us and lht naikwento nya about buissnes its easy money den ang alok sa knya is pag nkakuha na cla sa us ng investor pupunta nmn cla, ng australia im sorry mam pero msydo n pong mrmi nbiktima sna itgil mu na ang panloloko god bless to you pls stop dis kind of buisnes

  73. From what we know, the CAD of Singapore has not given anybody a concrete update other than a formal ‘we are still investigating’ until today. Nobody has recovered any money and according to sources, Michael and April are at large and probably absconded with the money.

    April Samson has been spotted in America and is reportedly living the high life there with her boy friend. Michael Atkin’s whereabouts remain a mystery.

    Due to the fact that the CAD has never released an official statement, it is unclear if Aureus Capital is a Forex ponzi scheme. But the evidence all points to it being so.

  74. Sana nanaman mg karoon n ng linaw paano mahuhulic si na april at iba pa puro sila pasarap sa pera natin or hunt nalng natin cla willing to pay basta mapatay sila

  75. After 3 years this is what CAD had to say.. So disappointing…

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I refer to the above-mentioned matter.
    We are writing to inform you that we have completed the investigation.
    After careful consideration of the facts and circumstances of the case and in consultation with the Attorney-General’s Chambers, it has been decided that a warning be administered to one accused person in lieu of prosecution. On 25 May 2017, the stern warning was administered to that accused person for an offence under section 82(3) read with section 331(1) of the Securities and Futures Act, Cap 289.
    There are other accused persons featured in the case who have not been dealt with. Presently, the Police has exhausted all available leads on their whereabouts. We will contact you again should there be further developments in this case.
    Thank you for your assistance in the investigations…”

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