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Clients Spend $500/hr For This Guy’s Advice

If you read my last post, you already know who Jon Orana is.

Aside from being the owner of Negosyo University, he also has multiple online businesses that rake in millions of pesos.

One of his businesses is consulting…and his customers pay him $300/hr for his advice.

Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 5.07.17 AM

Yes, $500/hr. That’s P25,000 for one hour with Jon Orana.

That’s amazing, right?

Imagine you earn that kind of income.

It would change your life dramatically, right?

You know what?

Let’s stop thinking about making P25,000 per hour.

Earning P25,000 per day will already be life-changing.

Of course, Jon didn’t start a consulting business from the get-go. He built up his reputation first.

And if you’re going to charge $500/hr, you need to have built a solid reputation and credibility before anyone will pay you anything.

Jon first started selling ebooks, and then audiobooks, courses, and other digital products.

When his businesses flourished and created a steady stream of income, that’s when consulting offers came.

So, one step at the time.

That’s why in this second video, Jon will show us the different digital products he created to make millions online.

Inside, you’ll learn:

– what products you can create and sell for $20 to $1,000
– the different digital product formats and their pros & cons
– price ranges for these products
– what products your business should sell
– how much you can earn for each of these different formats
– and so much more.

Click the link HERE to watch the video.

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