What’s Your Starting Point? (On Being Ready and Prepared for the Future)

As a young professional, the first paycheck that we earn is very special to us. It opens up a new world, the world of spending. We often see the money that we earn as asset that we could just spend, the ability to finally buy things for ourselves. It often leads us to becoming careless on our spending.

Why do we have this mentality? Because in school we were thought to think in terms of science, history, ethics, math, don’t get me wrong, all these thing are great and important in honing us as individuals, but do these subjects actually prepare us for the real world? Does it prepare us for taxes? Does it teach us to budget, save and prioritize? Continue reading What’s Your Starting Point? (On Being Ready and Prepared for the Future)

I’m Hosting The TRC Global Filipino Webinar for OFWs and Fil-Migrants

I will be hosting the first ever exclusive webinar series for the Truly Rich Club members called the TRC Global Filipino Webinar. It’s a series of webinars that aims to address the topics that migrants and OFWs face which are not adequately addressed in the TRC newsletters.

Bro. Bo Sanchez believes that OFWs and migrants have unique problems and TRC can help them more through this one-hour monthly webinar program. There will be one guest per webisode coming from the OFW and migrants sector to help clarify issues that they experience and encounter on a regular basis.

But since this is exclusive to TRC International members only, non-TRC members will not be able to attend this online event. If you want to join this webinar, you may join the Truly Rich Club-International first.

Alternatively, you may sign up and attend my Enter Entrepreneurship webinars designed for OFWs who really want to be serious in starting or improving the bottomline figures of their businesses. Details are on the last part of this article.

Here’s the TRC Global Filipino Webinar invitation by Bro. Bo Sanchez to TRC International members: Continue reading I’m Hosting The TRC Global Filipino Webinar for OFWs and Fil-Migrants

Enter Entrepreneurship Webinar Series

You know the fundamentals. You have got your business plan and you are now ready to implement your business. You take off but every step of the way, you crave for additional knowledge — knowledge that will help keep you going and learnings that will help you improve your business.

We don’t want you to be lost and confused on what specific actions to take? We know that you want the specifics! Ginger Arboleda, the founder of ManilaWorkshops.com and Burn Gutierrez, the Chairman of Angat Pilipinas Coalition have come up with a Webinar series called Enter Entrepreneurship. This series aims to focus on the technical skills and specific things that you have always wanted to know about in order to grow your business. We have come up with 10 sessions that will make you a stronger and better entrepreneur.

What is the Enter Entrepreneurship Webinar Program?

Enter Entrepreneurship Poster

Understanding WordPress – July 18, 2015
Basics of Photoshop – July 25, 2015 with Amanda De Ocampo
Setting up an Online Store – August 1, 2015 with Fitz Villafuerte
Product Shots with a Purpose – August 8, 2015
Basics of Shooting a Video – August 15, 2015
Basics of Video Editing – August 22, 2015 with Jeo Paz
Facebook Marketing – August 29, 2015
Digital Marketing – Sept. 5, 2015 with Ros Juan
Content Planning – Sept. 12, 2015 with Rey Baguio
Blog and Creative Writing – Sept. 19, 2015 with Martine De Luna

What else will you get when you enroll in the Enter Entrepreneurship Program?

Freebie Image

Avail of all 10 sessions for only Php 10,000 and get the following for FREE
1. an 11th session on Productivity and Time Management to be held on Sept. 26, 2015
2. Access to the Love the Leap Checklist from Ginger Arboleda.

Are you ready to take that one big leap? Register now!


About Burn Gutierrez

Burn is an auditor, musician, songwriter, financial analyst, accountant, investor, and an online entrepreneur who is currently based in the Middle East. His self-titled blog, Rock To Riches! | BurnGutierrez.Com, has been featured in news outfits in the Philippines such as Rappler, ABS-CBN News, Yahoo Philippines, Philippine Star and in UAE’s Kabayan Weekly.

He is the chairman of the non-profit organization Angat Pilipinas Coalition for Financial Literacy, Inc., a group that conducts personal finance and business seminars in the Philippines and abroad. He also serves as the personal finance, business and stock investing mentor of Bo Sanchez’ Truly Rich Club members. He also writes for the Truly Rich Club’s newsletter dedicated for OFW members and conducts monthly webinars to OFWs and migrants with Bo Sanchez.

Burn also runs a small events organizing business and partners with his friends in food cart and agri-business ventures.

About Ginger Arboleda
Ginger (aka Mommy Ginger) is a serial entrepreneur. She is the GM of Manila Workshops and is a co-founder of a tech-startup company called TUTIGroup. She is a business coach and is a certified yoga instructor (RYT200). Most importantly, she has built her brand to revolve around her mission of helping entrepreneurs love the leap that they took in order to start their own businesses. This leap is primarily because they want to enjoy life and spend more time with the people that they love!

Ginger introduced her own entrepreneurship program in Dec. 2014 called Love the Leap. This program will run three-four times during the span of one year (only taking in up to 15 people per run). She has also launched a channel on Youtube called GTV that produces content that would be useful for aspiring entrepreneurs (http://bit.ly/gtvchannel)

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Each Webinar session will be at Php 1199 per session but…
Avail all 10 sessions at a very reasonable rate of Php 10K.

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