My New Year Message To AngatPH Volunteers (and blog Readers)


My fellow volunteers:

This coming New Year we will all continue to face challenges. Some are continuing ones and some maybe new. But there is one thing that all of us must remember, the challenges that we all face today and will face in the coming months, are not unique to each of us individually; they are truly common to all of us and are just presented in different shades and packages.

These challenges at times may appear to overwhelm us and make us feel that we are fighting a losing battle. There may be times that we feel that our will is being tested. But despite of all that, we always take comfort that we have our FAITH; we always believe that we can all rise and one day, be victorious because we choose to walk with our Lord Jesus Christ each in every day and night.

In Psalm 1:3, those who delight and follow the law of the Lord were described as “…like trees planted by streams of water, which yield their fruit in its season and their leaves do not wither. In all that they do, they prosper.”

As we continue to seek God for His Word and follow his commands, like the trees described in the book of Psalms, we will all grow stronger and prosper with everything that we do. And to all us who continue to dare to dream big and aspire for success, let us not shy away from these challenges. Instead, let us embrace them, and believe that at God’s own choosing, the sacrifices that we use to water our trees will yield the fruit in each and every season, and we will celebrate and share our victory with all our loved ones.

Let us also remember that there are bigger things than our collective personal interests. Let us continue to make APCFL our own personal mission, to love others. Let God be our witness to teach others become abundant and grateful people of His Kingdom. Let us continue to serve our country and our countrymen. Not Yolanda or a Ruby or any aggressor will stop us from serving the people who need us most.

I am praying for every one of you and your loved ones and that we may all become wise and truly rich in every area of our lives this coming year.

God Bless you all. Thank you.

Burn Gutierrez

How I Conquered The Fear of Math

From my kindergarten to grade 2 years, I loved math a lot.  It was peanuts. Yakang yaka.

But the love for the numbers started to wane when my teachers started to discuss about fractions, and decimals, natural numbers, integers, rational, real, complex numbers, etc. Complicated student life because of mathematics!

So the fear of math went on from grade four up to high school. Life became even more complicated and miserable because of trigonometry, advanced algebra, geometry, statistics, and most of all our math teachers! It even came to a point that my school had to summon my father because of my failing grades in Math!

I could not see the practical value of those mathematics subjects back then. Continue reading How I Conquered The Fear of Math

Personal Finance Lessons from “House Husband”

I spent my most of my weekend with my wife and child at home just playing, munching lots of finger snacks, and watching movies from the internet. And of course, we prayed constantly for our loved ones and kababayans back home to be safe from the approaching storm.

I seldom watch Filipino movies but my wife just really likes Judy Ann Santos. Personally, I’ve met Judy Ann in two ocassions in the past. One was during her shoot of a famous sardine brand’s commercial and the other one was in an event we’ve attended in Makati in the late 90’s. Other say she’s a “suplada” but I can say she’s a very simple lady and a very down-to-earth type of person.

So this weekend was spent watching about six English movies and one Judy Ann-Ryan Agoncillo 2011 comedy-drama movie entitled “House Husband”. *The story revolves around a married couple, Mia (Judy Ann Santos) and Rod (Ryan Agoncillo), who have a bunch of problems and endless arguments. Since then Rod has resigned from his job and made Mia find another one, while he takes charge of household chores and their children. (*Wikipedia) Continue reading Personal Finance Lessons from “House Husband”