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Bravo, You’re A Philanthropist!

Most people that I talk to would always say,

“Pag yumaman ako, magdo-donate ako!” (When I get rich, I will donate!)

Well, you don’t have have to wait ’til you get rich to become a philanthropist. Because you might just be already doing that, albeit, not to the less fortunate. Safe to say that you are a poor (oh sorry, I mean middle class) working professional practicing philanthropy for the rich.

How You Donate To The Fitness Clubs

Wanna flex those biceps and abs for your…officemates? Or neighbors? Your soon-to-meet-again partner? Then let’s go to the health club and lift some weights (and credit cards)! Come on, sign a one-month or a year-long membership contract with your favorite gym/fitness clubs across Barrio Fiesta or McDonald’s!

According to a recent study by researchers from the University of California at Berkeley,

“Using a new panel dataset from three U.S. health clubs, we find that members who choose a contract with a flat monthly fee of over $70 attend on average fewer than 4.5 times per month.  They pay a price per expected visit of more than $17, even though they could pay $10 per visit using a ten-visit pass. On average, these users forego savings of over $600 during their membership. We also find that consumers who choose the monthly, automatically renewed contract are 17 percent more likely to stay enrolled beyond one year than users committing for a year. This is surprising because monthly members pay higher fees for the option to cancel each month.”

The study revealed that people who signed up for a monthly membership ended up paying 70% more than they could have paid on a pay-per-visit plan available at the same club.

Stationary bicycle

So before you donate your wealth to the most famous fitness clubs in town, make sure you’ve already compared at least three possible competitive packages to get the best possible rate.

Or do the pay-per-visit plan instead.

How You Donate To Electronics Stores

This one especially goes out to those who really love to change smartphone units as soon as the latest model comes out.

Some stores salesmen would offer “rebates” or extended warranties for the unit you are purchasing. Previous Consumer Reports surveys show that those people who should be taking advantage of these rebates don’t cash them out. And these are the people who earn the least. Philanthropists.

Paying for extended warranties is useless, especially if you are changing units every 6 months or so.

Before you say yes to salesmen offering you another 10% of your purchased item for rebates or extended warranties, remember this post. And say no immediately.

How You Donate To Baby Product Manufacturers

Do babies really need those “baby baskets/carriers”? Aren’t babies supposed to be carried on their parents loving arms instead?

Do parents really need to buy those expensive “organic” baby food? Don’t they even have a clue that those food can be bought 90% cheaper than those bottled “organic”, “non-toxic” baby food off the supermarket shelf? Our grandparents look great up to their old age and our great grandparents didn’t even buy those pricey baby stuff from the public markets.

How You Donate To Cleaning/Disinfectant Product Companies

Yes, those that we TV ad nuts believe in. Products that claim to kill illness-causing bacteria and germs with just a few spray inside your homes.

Well, you are making them billionaires while you can actually clean your house with just plain detergent soap, some baking soda, and even cheap vinegar.

But of course, you’re a philanthropist. You don’t want to mess up your flawless hands.

How You Donate To Those Who Really Need Your Money


These and many other “unnecessary donations” destroy our finances. Think several times if an item is really worth buying and spending your money on.

There are those who badly need your “extra” money to survive. Be a wise philanthropist.

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5 thoughts on “Bravo, You’re A Philanthropist!”

  1. hehehehe. nice post again Burn. People really are “donating” a lot of money to the rich for the sake of “looking rich”. Thanks for these tips. Rather than donating it to them, let’s donate these money first to ourselves. :)

  2. Ha! Nasabi mo pa. Twing may nag recommend/advertise/yabang ng organic food nag papantingtenga ko. Ang beef ay beef. Kung gusto mo ng mas healthy, mag gulay ka. Mura na mas masustansha pa.

    Balang araw maraming magtataka, “bakit tumataas pa dn cholsterol ko? Bat high blood ako? Bat bawasan ko pa daw ang karne? It’s organic nman eh!”

    1. Pati gamot “organic” na rin na nagkakahalaga ng libong piso. Samantalang ang mga totoong organic na gamot eh pwedeng makuha mo naman ng libre sa bakuran. Magtanim ka lang. 😛

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