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Did You Borrow Money For Christmas and New Year Parties?

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day may have already gone but these days up to New Year’s Day are usually “reunion” days among families, classmates, barkadas, and some friends. So expect more unexpected spendings to come. Also, kids (and adults) will have to think over about what to do with their aguinaldo or cash gifts.

Our friend Ezra Ferraz compiled some advise for parents and kids to become financially-savvy especially during this Christmas season. You will find my advise at number 1 in this helpful article of Ezra at

Unfortunately, inspite of all these priceless financial advise and suggestions, this festive period usually leave millions of people unable to pay their necessary bills in January next year. Especially those who were not able to monitor their use of credit cards, or worst, have borrowed money through loans (either personal or through 5/6 loan sharks) just to celebrate Christmas with a feast of food and gifts.

Did You Borrow Money To Spend For Christmas Parties and Gifts?

Many (or almost all) of our friends can not let Christmas or New Year’s Eve pass by without at least having a great dinner together with family members. But the cost of celebrating doesn’t usually end there. At least one has to give something with a good price tag to a friend or inaanak as a gesture of not being KJ (killjoy) during the Season.


There is nothing wrong with gift-giving. In fact, gifts or presents are symbols and representations of our love, concern, and affection to our immediate loved ones and friends. And we should be reminded always that investing in our relationships with our family members and friends is one of the greatest investments one has to do anytime of the year.

But if you have to borrow money from another person or use a credit card (without knowing when to pay back) for the sole purpose of buying these gifts is just too much and is just so out of hand. You need to be more creative and resourceful. Check out this Rappler article, again from Ezra Ferraz, and learn. So you can do better next Christmas season.

So did you borrow money to have your Noche Buena or Media Noche feasts? When do you plan to pay them back?

Everyone should love Christmas but anybody who borrows big to pay for it needs some really good advise. There will come a time when you will not be able to borrow anymore from a friend for this purpose. It’s either because you are already financially- and debt-free or your friend has finally become as broke as you.

In any occassion, being content with what you have and what you can afford should be enough to make you or your loved ones happy and thankful for all the blessings that you have received in the past year. Don’t hurt your pocket and yourself this new year.

Save and grow however little your savings is. Make this your new year resolution. Don’t know how to start a business or an investment? Explore this site.

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