I Am Scam Hunter

Four Types of NERDS

Theoretically, there are four types of nerds in the world:

1) Those who were scammed and are crying in the rain
2) Those who were scammed and pretending they were not
3) Those who are waiting to be scammed
4) And those who HUNT for SCAMMERS

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A Janitor Invests in the Stock Market

Once there was a 25-year old man named Kiko (real name withheld for security reasons) who knows nothing about investing but wanted to earn more apart from his monthly salary. He works as a janitor in a small professional firm in Makati.

One night, while doing his routine after-office cleaning, he noticed that one of the computers was left on by one of their employees who probably went off hurriedly for a Friday night gig. Kiko took the chance to browse the internet. (Yes, Fesbuk!)

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