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Are You Part of the Lucky 1%?

The Philippine Stock Exchange has reached an historic and all-time high 6,000 mark today, January 7, 2013.

To an ordinary citizen and for those who refuse to learn how to invest in the Philippine stock market, this news mean nothing. But if you are part of the very small Filipino population who invest in the Philippine stock market, consider yourself lucky for reaping the rewards of being a high-risk taker.

According to a study conducted by the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE), only less than 1%[1] of the Filipino population are investing directly in the Philippine stock market. A very far cry as compared with the investing populations of other Asian nations.

Singapore is said to have the highest proportion with about 34% stock market investors. Japan, Australia, and Malaysia have more than 20% of their population investing in securities. The rest of the tiger economy states and nations have at least 1o% of their people investing in their respective stock markets.

PSE (Philippine Stock Exchange)

Despite this fact, the Philippines still pulled it off and led the region in terms of stock market performance.

Imagine if we take into account at least all of our OFW’s and encourage them to invest in the Philippine stock market, our economy will not only rely on their remittances but with their money invested in Philippine companies as well.

That’s equivalent to 11% of the Filipino people investing in the stock market, enjoying both the short term and long term benefits of it through capital appreciation and dividends.

If you are a Filipino who’s active in the Facebook and other social media sites and have no idea on how to invest in the Philippine stock market, I suggest that you join several forums and groups for a start. It is never to late to invest.

And as always said, anytime is the best time to invest.

Note: Independent estimate of 1% is based on the 15-64 and 64-above age structures [1]. PSE’s study indicates much lower percentage of investing population as they sampled the overall demographics/census of the Philippines.

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6 thoughts on “Are You Part of the Lucky 1%?”

  1. ofw po ako dito sa singapore. meron din po mga stock brokers dito. at may online transaction din. saan po kaya mas maganda mag invest sa stocks, sa pinas o sa singapore?

    1. Hello, kung ako ang tatanungin, mas mainam pa rin na ipasok ng mga OFW’s ang kanilang pera sa Pilipinas para mas mapalago pa natin ang ating merkado.

      Pero sa isang banda, lalo na sa mga maguumpisa pa lang na mag-invest, mahalaga na ang una mong mga layunin sa pagiinvest ay para lumago pa ang pera mo at lumago ito ng higit sa “inflation”. Kapag ma-achieve mo ang objectives na yan, hindi na isyu kung sa Pilipinas o sa Singapore ka magiinvest. Gagawin mo naman ito ng pangmatagalan. Pwede kang magumpisa dyan sa Singapore. Kapag may pagkakataon ka na, invest ka na din sa Pilipinas. O pwede mo naman pagsabayin.

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