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Angat Pilipinas and the Financial Literacy Act for Students (HB 490)

Towards the end of the year 2012, our non-profit organization Angat Pilipinas Coalition for Financial Literacy widened its scope from focusing on OFW’s and artists to include the students and youth in its mission to provide financial education to all Filipinos.

Just as we were struggling to look for volunteers and partner organizations to collaborate on projects that will send the message to the government and the Department of Education about our advocacy, a good news came out from the office of a lawmaker named Juan Edgardo Angara from the lone district of Aurora.

The congressman has authored the House Bill 490 or to be known as the Financial Literacy Act which will “encourage the development of financial literacy programs in educational institutions and the private sector.”

This will therefore address my previous concern that financial literacy is not in the 10-point agenda of the Department of Education (DepEd).

Although this is still an internal document of the Congress, I am posting the page 1 of the House Bill 490 to give you a glimpse of this proposal.

HB 490
A snippet from HB 490 or the Financial Literacy Act of 2010

The Act seeks to raise the levels of financial literacy in Filipinos and should encourage them to seek information about their financial options.

We are really hoping that this bill becomes a law soon so that the proposed financial literacy projects such as designing the appropriate curriculum for personal finance subjects will be done at least before the next school year begins.

Angat Pilipinas Coalition for Financial Literacy Supports HB 490


First off, the Angat Pilipinas Coalition is a global non-profit organization composed of active and former overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and personal finance advocates who have bonded together as a support group to address issues, discuss concerns, and share knowledge with OFWs on entrepreneurship, investment, and financial literacy in order to contribute to poverty alleviation and improve the quality of life in the Philippines.

It also aims to share an interest in advancing financial literacy among Filipino youth and students. It is committed to bring financial education to schools and public learning institutions in the Philippines.

It is not a party list or a political organization.

We Are Looking For Volunteer Writers, Teachers, Imagination Movers

Angat Pilipinas Coalition is seeking projects and encouraging volunteer personal finance writers who have unpublished articles to submit ideas to us.

Articles embracing any aspect of personal finance are welcome, including financial literacy for tots and teens, personal finance subjects in school, insurance literacy for high school/college students, basic stock market investing, raising financially-smart chilren, budgeting, allowances, savings accounts, mutual funds, financing college, responsible borrowing, banking services, etc.

Book reviews of personal finance works are also solicited.

Notices of conferences, webinars, seminars, calls for papers, and similar advocacy announcements will be accepted.

For submission guidelines and other information, please contact us at or call +63 927-678-8010.

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