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34 thoughts on “An OFW Determined To Rise From Poverty”

  1. san kayang province siya? sabagay, marami pa nga sa pinas ang di inaabot ng tubig at kuryente. samantalang andaming billions of projects na ginagastos kung sansan ng gobyernong ito. like condoms and contraceptives. try nila ilawan muna yung mga ibang lugar para naman hindi laging madilim at hindi na masyado dumami ang mga tao doon, in a natural way.

    1. Rogie you are correct. I feel our government officials are burning our hard-earned money. Just imagine , because election is near, there are so many road projects in Manila, even if the road does need repair…Our money is being used for showmanship instead of putting it ti REALLY WORK for our fellow Pinoys.

          1. the more we should focus on our personal finance because we can not depend on the government to help us, for how can they help when they are spending our money like crazy? Mabuti pa Hong Kong and Singapore, whenever I return there, I see changes

  2. Good day Sir,,,, share ko lang po,dahil recently lang din po ako nag open ng account sa COL -Financial,,,,,,bec. wala po akong bank statement na gagamitin ko sana as proof of billing,, ang ginamit ko po is yon aunthenticated na work contract sa Philippine embassy saka work permit po and in less than a week, pagka tanggap nila ng nga papers ko, naapprovahan po agad,,,,,

    1. Hi Lorena, salamat sa pag-share mo. Pwede nga yata ang work contract basta authenticated ng Embassy. Kausapin ko ulit sya baka sakaling makahanap sya ng pagkakataon na makapunta sa Consulada. Happy investing sa yo!

    2. ay salamat pwede pala work contract, antagal ko ng gusto mag open ng account sa COL kaya lang hirap ako kumuha ng bank statement dito sa korea, maraming salamat sister Lorena, at syempre kay boss Burn, exited na ako!!!

  3. If there’s a WILL, there’s a way! I admire his desire and determination to change the course of his life. I admire also how you’ve (Burn) help him with his Stock Application problems. Kudos!

  4. Great read, Burn! Very inspiring. As an OFW as well, I take off my hat to you, and to that winner. I’m from the province, too. No elec. no water, no basics. But it’s where I got my start. Guess we’ll see him as a millionaire someday.

    1. Let me know kung kailangan mo ng tulong sa pag-open ng application. Pwede din tayo organize ng isang seminar dyan para sa mga Pinoys dyan. Mayroon akong friend at former classmate dyan. Nakakapunta din ako dati sa Seoul. Maganda dyan. Hirap lang makahanap ng mga kainan. 😛

  5. I wanted to cry after reading your blog about our fellow OFW. I mean such determination to invest! Guess I am really too emotional:( its already midnight here, I am very tired from work and like my brain is shouting hey go to sleep!!! but when I saw your blog about this OFW, I was stunned, and can’t help but read…I mean we are also very poor, so I can relate to that , thumbs up for you sir Burn for helping him. Finding a lot of courage and determination to rise from poverty is not that easy.. still having faith in God and believing in yourself that you can surpass and conquer all this goliath in life(courtesy of Bro. Bo book- just finished reading a sec ago) matters most.

    1. Hi Maricel! I guess we all have our own sets of stories to tell. I am a believer of the saying that “being poor is only in the mind.” Our OFW friend believes that whatever he’s going through right now is just one step in his journey towards financial independence. Hardships will come but they shall also pass. I wish you good luck in your journey.

  6. I had the same problem before (with proof of billing), good thing COL always help, I just emailed them and told me what to do, then in just 2 weeks they sent me my account. Now I’m reaping the fruits, around 7% gain on my portfolio. To GOD be the glory! /)

  7. I feel sad reading this. Where’s fair justice? How can people below the poverty lines alleviate their living condition if the society itself doesn’t give a fair chance?

    But enough for the chicken hearted – I mean – I really feel about this OFW but I laud his strong will to push through. And I am sure his sincerity of intention and his determination will pay off in the long run. God won’t allow someone who has a genuine intention to just be swayed away. He is doing his best and God will surely do the rest. I’ll pray for him :)

    1. Amen to that Bro. Jay. Indeed, our OFW figure in this article is now investing for over a year now and is enjoying his portfolio today. Thanks to our friends from COL for giving him a chance and other means to comply with the requirements.

  8. This article is very helpful not only to the ofw’s but to the general public that wants to start investing. And i agree, there are banks that look at ordinary citizens as an errand and not as a client.

  9. Hindi ba pwede billing statements from the country where you reside? It’s for proof of address, so in essence pwede yung billing statements na natatanggap mo from phone, electricity, cable/internet, water, house rent, etc. I remember my friend who’s working here in Singapore submitted his post-paid phone bill from a Singaporean company. I think as long as match yung address na nilagay mo sa application form and yung address ng billing statement, okay yun. Just my 2 cents; might be wrong.

    1. Yes, pwede ang billing statement from the country where you work in/reside. In this guy’s case, wala din syang mga billing statement sa trabaho nya abroad during that time.

  10. I had encounter thesame problem, as an OFW I cannot provide billing statement as one of COL requirements but fortunately they allow me to open an account submitting only the other requirements.

    May I know if the lack to provide billing statement will have bad effect in future,say,widrawal,.

    Though,my account application is already approved and currently enjoying peso cost averaging investing. I am still quite worry for the effect of not submitting billing statement requirement

    please advise

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