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ALERT! New Scams to Avoid (2014)

It’s been more than a year since we last updated our database of scams and potential scammers targeting Filipinos here and abroad so we really have to watch out for the new ones preying on our poor kababayans.

Time to identify some of the recently identified and suspected scams.

Huwag nang patagalin pa. Here they are:

1) Shema United Business Innovative Concept Corporation (SUBICC)
Shema United Development Int’l Foundation (“SUDIFI”)
Shema United Harvesters Foundation, Inc. (“SUHFI”)

An officemate, his wife, and a handful of his wife’s friends have been duped by this “cooperative”, a non-stock, non-profit organization previously registered at SEC but with license that has been revoked three years ago. Click the image below to read the whole document from the Securities and Exchange Commission.


Why is SUBICC group (SUDIFI, SUHFI) a Scam?

SUDIFI is engaged in marketing activities for SUBICC and further stated that respondent SUDIFI derives funds out of donations and proceeds of the wellness products that members are selling. They also confirmed that before one can become a member of SUDIFI, he/she has to purchase the products being offered by SUBICC for twelve (12) months and it is only then that the member is entitled to certain incentives.

However, my officemate’s experience is a testimony that this SUBICC group is a big scam using the name of God in their lust for money. According to my officemate, he has been trying to get in touch with SUBICC via email (that’s the only contact medium for OFW members) to follow up their “harvest” (or incentives) after a year of investing in them and buying their “wellness” products.

Members were promised to receive “Loyalty Bonuses” such as dividends, cars, and even houses and lots but yeah, promises are made to be broken.

You can read a lot of complaints from members of SUBICC at forum site.

2) Supreme Wealth Alliance of SWA

First of all, if a person throws garbage in your garden or backyard without permission is annoying. Second, why in the world would I give permission to someone else for him to make my garden or backyard a dumpsite?

I am managing and moderating a number of forum sites and social media groups for our financial literacy advocacy. These forums were created to gather people who want to learn about investing and proper handling of finances as well as professionals and experts who share their knowledge to the members for free.


However, every now and then, members of SWA would post their links and offers without permission to join them in their quest to become multi-millionaires by becoming members as well. And pay $55 or Php2,500 as registration fee. That comes with access to a library of e-books that you can enjoy reading for the rest of your boring life.

Oh by the way, these e-books are available for free online without you paying $55 or Php2,500. Just Google the right keywords when searching. READ: BitTorrent and Free E-Books

Why is SWA (Supreme Wealth Alliance) a Scam?

Here are some reasons why SWA can be considered a scam.

      • SWA has no official business address in the Philippines.
      • SWA is not registered in the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).

(Update: They are now SEC-registered but the nature of the business remains dubious.)

    • SWA is allegedly registered in the Central American island of Belize as an International Business Corporation or IBC. The country of Belize has no existing Tax Information Exchange Agreement (TIEA) with the Philippines and Belize IBC’s have no legal authority to operate a taxable activity in the Philippines.
    • SWA members and founders do not pay taxes from their earnings here. They do not declare this to the BIR because SWA is not registered with the BIR (Duh…). Pray that Kim Henares is not reading this now.
    • SWA is focused on recruitment and not in selling their e-books. They can not just “sell” the e-books to the public unless they become a member as well.

3) Unemployed Pinoys (UEP)

This group preys on the thousands and millions of unemployed Filipinos present online.

I am an auditor and I just find this gimmick of theirs totally hilarious and non-sense.

Unemployed Pinoys

Why would an Audit Department or an HR Department review selfies???

Why is UEP (UnEmployed Pinoys) a Scam?

    • Those who want to be “unemployed” must pay Php350 “annual registration fee”. A warning sign that it’s a work-at-home fraud. Why do you have to pay for a fee in order to get a “job”?
    • Their only answer when you ask a question about their business is If anyone is interested and willing to join, just PM and I will assist you.” Avoid even making conversations with people who answer you like this.
    • Their website boasts of tons of hilarious English grammar antics. It just shows that they don’t have the moolah to pay for a proofreader or an editor.
    • UEP does not have a list of names of officers. They don’t even have an official business address or telephone number (they use a mobile number) and email (they use Gmail) to start with.
    • You will not know who E.T. Reyes is but he claims he is the HRD-HEAD,  National Operations,, Splunkeez Inc. Maybe he is Ernie Reyes the actor. Its business registration with DTI states that its scope of business should only be within the city of Roxas in Capiz.


More Scam Groups To Be Revealed

Watch out also for commodities and gold trading scams that are coming out and claiming to be legit investments.

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107 thoughts on “ALERT! New Scams to Avoid (2014)”

    1. I think nabiktima ka ng mapagpanggap na tao, not the company itself.. kahit anong negosyo kahit na stock market..may scam at yan ay gawain lang ng taong may pansariling it?

    1. NBO has complete documentations so far although we have not validated such documents yet. If you believe in their products and are satisfied with their customer support, then give it a try.

  1. Some fraud Network Marketing Companies in the Philippines only made our MLM/Networking Industry here became bad in the eyes of many. But still many Filipinos are joining these companies because they are not aware.

    Anyway, we just need to take it as a good lesson. Ika nga ng aking uncle na si Albert Einstein, “If you haven’t experience failure, you haven’t learned anything new”. Magsilbing leksyon sana ito sa karamihan.

    Marami namang mga matitinong company dyan… I am just saying my opinion. :) Happy Thursday to you..

  2. what about this AIM Global and other networking companies selling health and wellness product? i find it disgusting nowadays on how they market their company… They don’t focus on their products instead they focus on how to make you rich by manipulating others… please do make a blog for this…

      1. AIM Global is legal MLM business in the Philippines we have been awarded as top MLM company in ASIA ,if you want to check go to SEC or just watch youtube so you will be enlighten..
        And main goal of the company is to become healthy and wealthy.

        1. Being legal doesn’t always mean you’re honest and true. Written laws have flaws which crooked people find ways to exploit. I also had enough of these people talking about how you can make millions by recruiting others, isn’t it the products that they should focus more? That simply equates to ineffective products so they resort to falsely showing people how much they can earn if they ‘fool’ enough people to join their organization.

        2. yes!! power so much…. this is the best… Now. its the no. 1 in the Philippines… highest tax payer…
          I understand that this person doing this blog is also a net-worker.. A been searching long time.. Why people are writing negative/positive comment from others competitors especially same Industry like MLM… I notice that that is a way to get the attention of readers… ” BAD or GOOD” everything happens FOR A REASON

    1. wow ah by manipulating others???? Watch ur words redson bajehan :). dont say bad words sa isang company at sistema na hindi mo p lubos alam :)

  3. how about this BURN GUTIERREZ is he really a blogger? alam nyo kase kung totoo kang blogger ma pa scam pa yan or real business you have to respect at bakit?? kayo.. tayo ba.. kumikita ng pera sa mga sinasabi naten hindi eh bakit sila kahit scam eh kumikita ng pera wag na tayo magpaka ipokrito at nagpapaikot talaga sa ating lahat ay PERA wala ng iba

    1. ang pera pinaghihirapan, hindi hinihingi..maitim din naman ang budhi mo!!imbes na tulungan mo ang kapwa mong hindi na matulad sau kung sakilng naging biktima ka hahayaan mong magpapakasasa ang mga manloloko..ok ka din no???utak talangka nga naman o!!!

  4. Please do verify if VideoTalk is also one. My cousin is quiet serious about it that eventually she’ll become rich few months from now. Yeah it’s kinda hilarious and I don’t wanna hurt her feelings. Instead I wanna help her. The crazy thing about it is that they paid 12thousand bucks (not sure about the exact amount but pretty sure it’s more than 10k) as registration fee. I hope this is legit then I’m gonna be happy for her. Please do confirm! Thanks!

  5. Thank for this article Mr. Gutierrez. But can you please define what is S.C.A.M?
    Have you been inside/member of those company?
    It’s better if you can write articles that your audience can benefit positive results 😀 If you know what I mean :)
    Spread Good News! :)
    adsense, infolinks etc. …make more positive articles…positive results will happened :)

  6. Bro Be ready for an earful from SWA fanatics. :). I had my share. Unfortunately the only agency that can go after SWA is BIR for tax evasion, all other agencies, NBI, Police, DOJ needs complainants before they can act but 2,500? who would take time and file a complaint? though with the right resources its not difficult to track the owners. Do hope Kim Henarez do get wind of SWA. There is another blog that talks about SWA SCAMatics and in full details.

    As to Unemployed Pinoys, Basically its not a Scam, not yet at least but its definitely Illegal. I had an interesting exchange with UEP guy on an FB group which started with my question on the purpose of its 350 membership fee. gave me the usual justification such as activation fee etc. doing a quick check I started questioning on Legal documentations, SEC, Business permits, O.R, DTI (though not required being supposedly a Corporation. Yes did not find a DTI registration). Instead of providing answers to my questions the guy started attacking me, calling me names and threaten to have me banned from all Groups that I was a member and even a Libel Case.

    UEP basically is a Farmer or an “Agency” that takes on jobs from online jobsites such as oDesk, Elance etc. and farming out or subcontracting these jobs to its members. Members do get paid for work done as promised but I would suspect not until UEP get paid by the original client. What really got me questioning its credibility is its corporate name. Splunkeez Inc. It sound like a street gang more than anything else. Bottom line is its operating illegally.

  7. Hello. Can you please share your thoughts on YOBSN? It’s supposed to be another form of social media that pays you back for every click or usage, but you have to be a paying member before you can enjoy the benefits. One membership type is worth P6,300, but the higher-priced one, worth about P14,000 entitles you to more benefits. I don’t want to judge, that’s why I’m asking for your expert advice. Thanks!

  8. Please verify JuanHundred also… Pa iba2x kasi business style nila… Until now I haven’t receive my earnings hindi na kasi ako makapasok sa account ko kasi binago na pala nila at dinelete ang mga old accounts… Abuloy ko nalang sa kanila yun kasi pagod na akong makipagcommunicate sa kanila pinaikotx2 lang ako… Sana lang wag na makabitima ng iba… Napansin ko din na yung mga top earner nila na pinost ay parang admin din pala…

    1. Sorry to say JuanHundred seems to be related with SWA. Same modus, scheme and same products EBooks. and both are Las Pinas.

    1. Nasa tao naman yan di ba sabi nga KUNG MAY NAGPAPALOKO MAY MANLOLOKO.
      SO whats the problem with AIM Global naloko ka ba AMBROSIO, bigyan kita ng info AIM GLOBAL is 8yrs na and its owned by Filipino ,magkakaroon kami ng anniversary celebration its 3day event and it will be held SMX at Araneta Coliseum , siguro namn hindi yan lokohan….

    2. Wow ah.. ano koneksyon ng AIM GLOBAL sa SWA?? Nakita mo nb products at testimonial nian?? Wg ka muna mgssalita kung hindi mo pa alam lhat ng detalye.. Yan nag hirap sting mga pinoy eh.. sabat ng sabat khit wlang alam :)

  9. I know PPM (PlanProMatrix) is a scam, but I just dont have the concrete evidence. Nkakainis lang yung mga garbage posts kaya pag nakikita ko, hide/delete agad.


    1. Yung Couzin ko, member sya ng PPM. Nagbayad rin sya ng P600 para sa apps for encoding. And nabalik naman yung binayad nya, kasi nageencode sya CAPTHCHA yata yun? Kaya nabawi rin nya yung P600 nya.

  10. Hello, I am also into TRC as you do and just want to ask why TRC featured SWA and its e-Library in their newsletter and you are pointing that SWA is SCAM and it is being featured in Truly Rich Club of Bo Sanchez wealth strategy newsletter. I respect yours and others opinion but before you claim it SCAM, let us hear it from thousands of people not just you. Ang problema kasi ng Pinoy, nakikita na nga na may resulta ang members ng isang MLM company SWA man Aimglobal or kahit ano pa yan ay palaging negative. May kanya kanyang diskarte ang tao para kumita. At hindi ibig sabihin na kapag pumatol ka sa isang opportunity ay yayaman ka na kinabukasan. It takes time, effort and diskarte kahit magtinda ka sa kalsada para kumita. Wag naman po mapanghusga. RESULTA ANG TIGNAN hindi yung SABI SABI LANG! ang ibang mga tao sa gobyerno nga malaking SCAMMER di kayo nag wewelga.

    1. @Lyn Woo, you didn’t get to read the latest issue of TRC’s newsletter did you? Just to let you know that all our findings here are results of our independent investigations and verified complaints from actual victims. Just because you are earning doesn’t mean you’re earning it from a legit source.

      Whether private or government entities, if they are scammers, we fight them. Join us if you are interested.

    2. @Lyn Woo, I haven’t read TRC newsletter though I am familiar with Mr. Bo Sanchez but regardless our point is simple. As of todate I still have to see a rebuttal from Mr. Chavez the supposed founder of SWA answering the simplest question with regards to SWA’s legality much less being a scam.
      Maybe you can shed some light based on FACTUAL research and existing Philippine Laws of doing business in our country LEGALLY.
      1. SWA is not a registered corporation nor company with SEC. the nearest SWA has step foot at SEC is and Online Reservation of SWA as corporate name early last year. It would only take 3 days to register a corporate name with SEC using their Pre Printed Forms.
      2. DTI registrations SWA has been displaying is over 2 years old and your supposed to renew it yearly, and that registrations states a Local Company (not SWA) engage in trading locally or METRO MANILA ONLY. And a DTI registration is only a prerequisite in doing business legally.
      3. There is no such thing as an INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS PERMIT SWA has been telling everyone. If there is an existing law we have on paper exempting SWA with its Belize Business Registration, please do present it.
      4. Mr. Chavez trading company does not show a direct connection with SWA as sole distributor, agent or representative in the country. And if he do so, why is the DTI registration shows a Sole Proprietorship and has no local business permit, BIR registrations.
      5. Payments are made via direct deposit to Mr. Chavez personal local bank account or thru local money transfer institutions payable to a person. And no official receipts are ever issued.
      6. SWA members argument that its business is an online business covering global market thus local permits are not needed. But inview of #2, #4 and #5 it is a local business.
      7. SWA says there are no one filing any complaint against them that SWA is a scam. This point I do admire its founders, able to operate under the radar. Who would ever file a complaint against SWA for Estafa for loss of P2,500.00. One it has no clear local address, 2. For 2,500 would you think the local police will up on their feet and investigate? The most that they will do is blotter it. And would you take time? Are you willing to spend thousands of pesos to recover 2,500? Some say why don’t we file it? Our law states only victims can file criminal complaints and we are not victims.
      8. Some SWA member would say its selling EBooks, have you downloaded and read any? And are you aware those topics and even titles can be downloaded for free on the internet.
      9. Lastly, SWA members Earn by Recruiting and tells recruits that you’ll get your money back and earn by simply recruiting new members. Basic model of a Pyramiding scam. If you don’t recruit sorry for you. So if all last line stops recruiting the business is dead and member can’t earn anymore, no alternative.
      Please I beg of you and SWA members, just answer the questions and show PERTINENT, FACTUAL and VERFIABLE documentations. Enough diverting issues by saying we Non Believers are simply Ingit, Crab Mentality, Competitors, walang magawa and why pick on SWA with all the Napoles, Corrupt Politicians, Bulok na Gobyerno etc, etc.
      BTW, I for one and those all against SWA are not NEGA on LEGAL, ETHICAL AND MORAL MLMs such as AVON, DAKKI, Sundance etc. And SWA is no near Legal, Ethical nor Moral business.

    1. Read the article again, you will see it. And to add.

      As I pointed out technically UEP is not a SCAM (yet, but the way members are aggressively advertising and recruiting for an incentive per recruit, its fast becoming one), but they are operating ILLEGALLY. and why I say ILLEGAL,

      1. DTI registration for its business operations is only valid within the province and DTI is not even a prerequisite for a Corporation. To be a Legal Business Entity you must have the following, SEC Registration (quick search with SEC online will show its corporate name is not even reserved), BIR registration and Local Business Permit.

      2. Paying to be able to work. Reason given by UEP, for maintenance of Web Site and its system. Imagine being hired by say as clerk in an office, you need to pay first before you can start working because you will use the company’s Chair, Table, Computer and facilities.

      3. No Official Receipt are issued for the registration fee, And when you send your registration fee thru LBC or any money transfer company, recipient is a person and not the company.

      4. Intentions maybe laudable, providing alternative means to earn as data encoders, but as I pointed out, not a scam yet and in the meantime with no “Project” assignment yet, a new recruit are encourage to advertise and recruit new members for an incentive for every new member they can sign in. The alternative they tell new members is a way how to recoup and earn while no projects are available. There is one UEP group I saw with 200 plus members. So if each one would just be able to recruit 3 new members you will quadruple the membership to 800 strong. Is UEP saying they can provide projects just for 800 members? not to mention other members actively recruiting. If the reason for actively and continuous recruiting is for Manpower Pooling or creating a active database of Personnel for future and or possible project, then as per DOLE it is Illegal to collect any Fee in Any Form plus you have to be registered with DOLE before you can engage in Manpower Pooling Services.

      So bottomline, it is operating illegally but fast becoming a Scam.

  11. sa pagkakaalm ko po sa UEP..hndi po sya scam..dahil kht my registration fee..okay lng dahil mabilis lng nmn ito mabawi nkpg masipag k lng mg encode…

    #im proud im belong to #UEP..weekly ngbabayad sila ng iyong mga nagawa..kaya hndi po un scam..

    1. D porket kumikita ka hindi na siya Scam.
      Technically Speaking illegal ang UEP
      Hindi mahanap sa GMaps ang Office location.
      Hindi makontak ang Phone number na naka display sa website.

  12. UEP’s not a scam. It is a project of splunkeez. By means of it illegally operating because it is only registered provincially (Roxas City), you may want to reconsider it again. We use UEP as a medium, kung saan ipinapadala namin ang mga task namin and it is being processed (provincially) at Roxas City. And for not naming any of the admin ng site? Wrong again. We are aware of who they are. Lastly, sa pagpapadala sa lbc, laging may representative personell ang bawat company in collecting funds. Subukan mo magfill-up ng lbc form na isesend mo sa business name, pano nila irerelease yung payment. Wag po tayo manira kung d naman po totoo binibintang niyo dahil marami naaapektuhan.

    1. I am not a member of SWA, but i know one of the founders and some members and i must say they are not scam…maybe some of the members might be annoying of their marketing strategies, but there are those who joined really simply for the books…by the way, they are sec registered already…

      1. So they are SEC registered already as of? Which prove the point they have been operating illegally prior. BIR Registered also? and With Local Business Permit? Guess they can now post the Article of Incorporation showing scope of Business…

    2. I missed this? Anyway, Splunkeez is Operating Illegally, DTI Registration does not make a Company a Legal Entity. Kung meron dapat iparegister sa DTI ay UEP because as you said its a Project with Registration Fee and since nationwide and scope of the project it should be Nationwide. don’t believe me? Go check w/ DTI. Going back to Splunkeez, to be a Legal Business Entity you need, SEC, BIR Permit and Local Government Permits without all of these requirements a Company is Operating Illegally. As to LBC, Pwede corporate name ang receiver at dun mo din sa Name of Receiver ilalagay. Ang CashCash and Lazada and other Online store does it. ang receiver ay yung Collection and Payment Agency nila. In fact meron silang special arrangement na hindi na mgbabayad and sender ng Service Fee. But since hindi nga Legal Entity ang Splunkeez hindi sya pwede gamitin sa mga legal documentations.

      So the author need not reconsider his statement because he has Legal Basis, you don’t.

  13. I am an online earner Sir Burn in my experience lahat ng program sa online na binabayaran muna bago kumita ay maliwanag na Scam at Networking that soon will be Scam. Madaming lihitimong online earning oppotunities….. internet lang at PC ang puhunan ikaw pa ang babayaran sa trabaho na gagawin mo. Kaya sa lahat ingat ng husto

  14. How about Spiralbux? Can you consider it as scam? They are currently not paying their members and their excuse is they are still processing the legal documents. I don’t know much how the legal documents are being process but it’s been two months now. Even the “ever so” active admins are now rarely online.

  15. once a corporation is not registered in SEC it is illegal and consider it as scam: requirements for Business….. BIR Reg, Municipal Business permit, SEC reg for Corporation/DTI for business name/dti reg for sole proprietor, brgy clearance

    1. To quote @RPMacrohon’s comment: “So they are SEC-registered already as of what date? Which proves the point they have been operating illegally prior to SEC registration. BIR Registered also? and With Local Business Permit? Guess they can now post the Article of Incorporation showing scope of Business…” What happens to SWA’s Belize address?

      1. Bro, the banner say’s they will be having a physical office in Makati by June this year. Don’t you think that be great? Now that its in the open and a lot easier for public and government scrutiny. Also with a Corporate Name for Bank Accounts, So does this mean they will now be issuing Official Receipts? Sure hope so, this time its a real effort to make their Business Operations Legal.

  16. bakit kaya kahihilig ng tao magcomment sa mga malilit na bagay dahil ito ang madalas natin nakikita… Kung makapagsalita tayo na kapag ang isang bagay ay binabayaran muna bago kumita eh scam na. Ito lang ang kaya nyo eh, may mga blog pa kayong nalalaman, sa halagang 350 pesos ng EUP nag-iinarte na sila na illegal, sa 2500 ng SWA mga nagsayang lang daw ng pera. Nung isang linggo lang eh, may nag alok sakin ng trabaho sa New Zealand, malaki ang sweldo pero 190,000 ang placement fee, sa ibang company naman may 30,000 ang placement fee, may 50,000, may 100,000 madami pa. bakit yun hindi ninyo nakikita na mas dapat natin tuligsain, dapat natin i-boycot, hindi ba kaya nga magtatrabaho sa abroad kasi walang pera, san pa kukunin ung ganun kalaking halaga kung may bayad pa. mag isip isip din tayo paminsan minsan. Kung hindi tayo kasali sa ganyang bagay wag na tayong makialam, kung gusto natin gumawa ng tama, dimulan natin sa taas. madami ang mga recruitment company na yan na kumikita ng daang libo sa isang araw mula sa placement fee ng mga kababayan natin, umaksyon tayo sa mas malalang problema ng bansa hindi ung bagay na madalas lang nating makita sa Facebook at internet, we have our own real world, konting bawas lang sa internet world. Yun ang pagbuhusan mo ng pansin at gawan ng Blog, hindi ung kakapirasong impormasyon na kaya naman paglaanan ng malawak na pag iisip ng kapwa mo.

    1. Sir eh di po ang ibig nyong sabihin pag kumupit ka ng Piso hindi ito pagnanakaw? San po ba nguumpisa ang malaki? At yun ba ang ituturo natin sa kabataan na kapag ginagawa ng karamihan at nakakatanda eto’y nagiging tama.

      Maliit nga po ang 2,500 at napupunta sa sa Nagpapatakbo sa company pagpalagay na lang natin P1,000 neto o malinis, ilang na daw ang kanilang membro? pagpalagay na lang natin 2,000 (kahit pinagmamalaki nila na mahigit pa) so ibig sabihin 1000 x 2000 = 1,000,000.00 malinis tax free at walang kahirap hirap. Isipin nyo na lang kung ilan talaga na ang ngbayad at sumapi makikita nyo kung magkano na ang kinita na daig pa ang tubong lugaw.

      Ang Placement Fee sa mga Legal na recruiter ay Legal at nasa batas. At binibigay lang kapag me kontrata na at paalis ka na. Kung sinisingil ka na ng mas malaki pa sa bwanan sahod na tatangapin mo at wala pang kontrata malalamang ito ay illegal. Kaya konting research muna at tanong tanong sa tamang ahensya.

      Ang matinong blogger at mamahayag ay nagsusulat ng obserbasyon na me basehan at hindi haka haka o sabi sabi lamang ng kapitbahay.

    2. Kuya, it is good nga na may gantong blog nga for public awareness, para iwas scam e. It is still up to them if they’ll believe or still join sa kung anuman.

      Search poea for countries rin na walang placement fees. Yung iba meron talaga, depende sa lugar. At dapat equivalent rin sa magiging monthly salary ang hihingin sayo. Iinform ka naman ng agencies at companies sa mga gastos at para san mga yun e. I know dahil katulong ko partner ko sa paghahanap trabaho abroad. If they are asking for more, isip na po tayo dun. Edi maghanap ng mas okay. Marami nagsabi na mababawi naman ang placement if nagwork na, oo. Marami magagandang trabahong lehitimo rin. Pero wala pang kayang ilabas na malaking halaga kahit mababawi rin. Ipon lang muna. :) dun muna sa trabahong kayang tustusan. Sa susunod na kontrata nalang yang may malaking pf mo kuya. Lalo naman at mababawi mo rin sya.

      Pero bago ka magcommit sa isang agency, check its legitimacy. If paso/revoked na mga license or what pero nagooperate pa rin. May mga sites ka pwede makita if registered sila.

  17. Sir how about technowise360? Legit po ba? Ganun rin tingin ko, networking and pyramiding. Kakaenganyo lang kasi 360 lang to get in. Referrals rin halos. Yung unemployedpinoys, oo nga po dami ko rin nakita na testimony ng members sa mga blogs at other sites. Nakakaenganyo dahil dali raw kumita kaso when i went to the site, may fee pala. So nagdalawang isip na po ako. Kasi member naman ako sa odesk, freelancer at even though hindi pa ako nagstart magapply, wala naman fee. And my sister matagal na sa odesk. And of course, legit mga sites na yun as we all know. At yung quote nila sa baba regarding sa fee, uep. Geez. Sa swa, nagdalawang isip ako sa products. Kasi naman anyone can download ebook online. FOR FREE.

    Sorry sa mga members if you feel offended pag nakabasa kayo ng mga negative reviews. Ako man rin e naenganyo pero i search more bago ako pumasok sa mga ganyan lalo na involved ang money. Almost lahat sa networking/referrals kumikita kaya yun mas pinupush kesa ibenta kung ano mang products na meron ioffer. Royale, i must say matagal na sila. Okay rin products. Kaso sa sobrang dami na members sa city/province namin, hirap na makahanap ng downline at dami na nagbebenta ng products. Super dami na kakumpetensya talaga. Hehe :))

    Sa mga balak magreact uli. Oo nga po kumikita kayo, mga nauna rin kayo kasi e, pero is it legitimate?

    1. Initial findings say that Technowise 360, Inc. is SEC-registered with office located at Unit 203 and 205 Mint Hotel Balibago, Angeles City, Pampanga. Tel # (045) 304-0510
      0927-268-7302. Will continue to verify if they are registered with the BIR and other regulatory and local gov’t units.

  18. As member of SWA..I and the whole SWA TEAM are very thankful for this kind of blog..dahil dito mas lalo napagtibay at naiayos ang dapat ayusin..nalaman ang mga kakulangan para sa mas epektibong pagtulong maiangat ang kabuhayan ng bawat tao hindi lang sa pinas kundi sa buong mundo. At ang masasabi ko rin lang lahat ng bagay o opportunity merong scam yan even blogging and stock marketing which burn gutierez are belong may scam din..dahil may mga taong nanggagamit ng pangalan ng isang kompanya o personal na tao para sa pansariling interest lamang…kaya kung isa ka sa mga na scam wag mo isisi sa company dahil ang company ay isa ring biktima ng ganitong mga tao….isip isip din at mag saliksik muna bago mag join…

  19. Grabe! Salamat sir! Dapat talaga mag research muna. Dami talaga “uportunista!!!” Kawawa naman ang mga naloko. Actually, marami akong kilala na naloko ng SHEMMA. At itong UEP, ayon nakita ko yung SLUNKEEZ. INC. na research ko na dati yon, alam ko na scam na. May FACEBOOK page pa yan guys, naghahanap ng mabibiktima.
    INGAT, INGAT sa mga manloloko… :)

    1. Every week po ang pagbibigay nila ng task, at binabayaran po nila ang member kada valid row na maiipasa nila. Kada 915 valid rows ng ms excel is 300php, or 2100php per week. Yan po ang maximum.

  20. very pretty informative article the truth prevail earning for recruiting and telling Lies…. and the founder say i love the way you lied…..

  21. Thanks so much for this. Muntik na masayang 350 ko. I was gonna pay today. Buuuuut gosh. You saved me. Thanks si much!!

  22. Hi Sir Burn,

    I would like to know if you have ever heard of The Filipino Dream (TFD), I have doing research on this MLM but unable to find any relevant details about its stability and reliability.

    These points are very alarming to me:

    1. They do not have a website. When I say website, a website that is well maintained. They are just using a free hosting website.
    2. I cannot find a legal business address anywhere on the net.
    3. I cannot find the people who organized and/or built it.
    4. Incentives are too good to be true.
    5. There is this that they call “Return on Income”. According to their weebly website, if you invest P52,500, you will get P9775.00 after a week
    6. Their packages come in different tiers
    6.1. Discount to a food franchise business worth P1,888.00 if you choose the entry level,
    Load Central Dealership
    6.2. Online Account – Monitor your earnings online
    Insurance – 50,000Php Accident Insurance from SunLife
    Load Central – Be a dealer for FREE! (this cost 30-50k when you apply it on
    GLOBE/Smart/Sun as a Cash Ban), Get it free!
    Product Package – Choose 1.
    Option 1 – 5,500 Worth of H&W Products
    Option 2 – 5,700 BioEssence Wellness Card (Services) + 2500 GC H&W
    Option 3 – 19,000 PHP worth of Entertainment Tickets (Klownz,Zirkoh and Barakz)
    Discount Voucher – voucher when in any time you want to avail a franchise (can only be
    used once, no time frame)
    6.3. Ultimate Package (38,888 Php) – Company Stockholder – enjoy profit sharing to the
    company — this alarmed me the most, because isn’t it that since you are a business part
    in a MLM system, you are treated as a business partner? Isn’t it you should be entitled to
    this? Or at least get something worth Php 38,888.00 of products? Php 38,888.00 can go
    a long way in MF and/or direct investing in stocks.

    I am sorry if I seem posted a lot here. Just studied it (probably not much) but it seems that this system is too good to be true, and the way I see it, IF IT’S TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.

    I am big fan of your blog and the others. I am one of your OFW readers. And your blog has educated me big time.

  23. UEP, san na ba yung salary namin! -_- always waiting kami sa TRACKING NUMBER -_- for almost 2 months i think, -_- and until now,? “NA HACK PA DIN YUNG SYSTEM ng UEP”
    so, akala ko IT EXPERT yung nan jan? bakit hanggang sa ngyon nagka problema pa sa system? -_-

  24. How about MLM’s like Frontrow and Royale. I recall nagpopost pa dati sa jobstreet ang Frontrow offering “jobs” daw for modeling and advertising ayun pala pagpunta doon sales pitch ka nila mag member. Both Frontrow and Royale nagduda ako kasi ang laki ng kita ng mga uplines nila hundred thousand plus kundi nasa millions pa pero ang tax deduction lang ay 10%? Talo pa nila ang tax rate ng minimum wage. Sabay maniniwala ka ba na ang bangko DAW ang automatic nagdedecut ng taxes nila? Di ko alam na may legal authority pala mag deduct ng taxes ang bangko parang HR at Payroll na pala sila ng BIR kung ganun.

  25. sa upworld nalang kayo! we are a legal company na skills ang ituturo sa inyo at hindi kayo sasabihan na umutang o mag join nalang muna bago magpaenroll or other bad influence jan… halal certified din po kami :)

  26. Yan shema na yan number scam yan Ginagamit pa ang Diyos sa panloloko. Calling BIR all these MLM earner they are earning so much but the deduction is 10%? Like USANA, Royale, Frontrow at AIm global.

  27. Hi Pat, for me PlaProMatrix is not a scam. The company was 2 years already in the Market. Ito part time job ko ngaun. just sharing :)

  28. FinAsia Global = scam!
    Alot of people have responded to my blog post. Sad to say most of them were victims.. :(

  29. What about Ignition Marketing po? Can you shed some light on this? Im very interested as some financial advisers are affiliates. I dont know if its any better than Google Sniper. Ang mahirap lang kasi talaga sa Pinas ginagawang MLM lahat. Sana commision based na lang para at least alam natin na kahit yung mga huling sumali mababayaran.

  30. Hello everyone. I just wanted to hear about reviews regarding and, anyone? Thanks.

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