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ALERT! New Scams To Avoid Before 2015

It took us several months to add more to our list of potential fraudsters and scammers before the end of the year 2014. But at least we’re doing all we can to help you be informed about these money and reputation killers.

So, have you though about protecting your bonus this coming Christmas season? Just be reminded that it pays to study first any business offer before investing your hard-earned cash.

So without further ado, whatever ado means, here are a few more teeth-nashers and fist-clenching online and offline sons-of-a-GONE that you shouldn’t even think about putting your money in.

Due to the threats that my close friends and loved ones are receiving in the last 12 hours, I am deleting this very particular post. Call me coward this time, but if it’s the lives of loved ones that are threatened, I retreat in the battle.

For those who have read the full details of the companies mentioned prior to this deletion, the warning remains the same.

You decide whatever investment scheme you are entering. Protect your money, yourself, and most especially your loved ones.

God bless you all.

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