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A Copywriting Model Trusted by Tony Robbins, Michael Hyatt, and Jack Canfield

How effective are you at persuading your customers to buy?

If your sales funnels are creating disappointing results – you’re not alone.

Ray Edwards, the copywriter who has generated an estimated $300 Million dollars in sales, says this:“99% of sales copy does a crappy job at one key thing. This is where the magic is.”


In Ray’s BRAND-NEW training video, he shows you:

● How to uncover the one major sales copy mistake that’s preventing your customer from buying
● Why creating a Persuasion Map accelerates sales instantly
● When to use the newly-revised PASTOR framework for creating podcasts, YouTube videos, sales scripts, and blog posts and prevent the stress of writer’s block

If you want to boost sales through persuasive copywriting, then you need to check out this video now:

New Persuasion Map Sales Tool FREE Video

This one video may the key to transforming your business.


Burn Gutierrez

P.S. Ray often says, “Change your words, change your world.” Take advantage of his free copywriting video now, before it’s too late.

New Persuasion Map Sales Tool FREE Video

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