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10 Superstitious Beliefs That Keep Most Pinoys Poor

Passiveness and extreme sentimentalism are two unhealthy mindsets that keep most Filipinos poor and stagnant.

But one other ridiculous reason why most ordinary Filipinos are not moving forward is their penchant belief on superstitions that they either inherited from their ancestors or adopted from their previous colonizers. Especially those directly related with money.

While some of them are quite interesting the rest are rather comical.

See for yourself if any of these still affect your financial decisions on a daily basis:

1) Don’t pass money to another person through a window. It is believed that when you do this, money will go away from you. I wonder if this applies to those paying online using Windows 8. Ha-ha. Funny.

2) Don’t pay someone you owe during the night. Doing this will bring you bad luck. So turn on the lights if you plan to pay someone at night. Right.

3) Don’t sweep the floor at night or you will be sweeping away the wealth in the house. Use a vacuum cleaner instead.

4) Don’t put your bills or coins on your dining table. Doing this will leave you with nothing on hand but money for buying food only. I like that. 😀

5) If you are transferring to a new house, shower every corner of it with coins before moving in to bring good luck. Just make sure you don’t have babies around to pick them up and swallow.


6) Do not refuse to accept money even if it is wrinkled or dirty. Or you will be labeled as “maarte” or…hey, I need some help on the English translation of this Tagalog word.

7) Never place your wallet on the ground.  It’s like you’re not valuing money. As if there’s money inside the wallet. 😀

8) Put some green objects in your room or workplace to attract money. Then invite some friends or officemates for some talk over coffee. The borrow money from each of them. Niiiice….

9) Roll your money bills like circles when keeping them in your purses. It is believed that you will forever have so much money. Even if you’re not saving and investing.

10) You should only use your right hand to pay money, and the left hand to receive money. Failing to do this exercise will result in rheumatism. Be afraid.

Do you have other money-related superstitious beliefs that you believe in? Why don’t you share them with our readers in the comment section below to inspire them more?

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4 thoughts on “10 Superstitious Beliefs That Keep Most Pinoys Poor”

    1. Supertitious belief are part of our culture, which is hangang ngayun we still believe on it. But still, itis just a belief nasa atin nalang if maniniwala tayo or not, para saakin di naman siya kasi related sa daily living natin.:)

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