A Cyclist’s Investing Tale: From P2,500 to P400,000

My father-in-law was a veteran cyclist. He was an active racer in various competitions such as the Marlboro Tour in the 80’s. An and although he did not win any of those races, he’s always won the love of his family. :)

There was just one problem when my wife and I decided to invest our income in the stock market. He was not that supportive with the idea and our decision to invest. The reason was because he has heard a lot of stories of people losing money in the stock market. Continue reading A Cyclist’s Investing Tale: From P2,500 to P400,000

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While We’re Taking Profits, You’re Still Not Investing

The Philippine stock market index has rallied to a new all-time high today, rising by 24.78 points to close at 6,192.42. (6,377.75 as of October 9, 2013) – [UPDATE: PSEi closed at 7,236.38 on October 23, 2015]

This good news and those numbers mean almost nothing to you if you’re not yet investing in the Philippine stock market.

I have received quite a few good number of inquiries from my blog and through our forum sites and pages on how to open a stock trading account so that they can finally start investing or trading. Most of them are Filipinos working or living abroad (OFW’s and migrant Filipinos). Continue reading While We’re Taking Profits, You’re Still Not Investing

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Start Investing in the “Stock Market” with Php500

When the great record-breaking performance of Philippine stock market hit the local news, several friends who were previously snubbing my invitations to invest have started to “re-inquire” from me how to be part of the growing number of happy stock market investors.

As usual, when I mention to them that they have to start with at least Php5,000 to open a stock investment portfolio the responses would be, “Wala pa kong pera.” (I still don’t have the money). Or, “Hindi ko alam kung pano gawin yan.” (I don’t know how to do it.)

Well, fret no more superfriends. Instead of saving up Php5,000 to open your first stock investment portfolio, you can at least set aside Php500 in your next payday to start investing in the stock market. Even if you don’t know how to. Continue reading Start Investing in the “Stock Market” with Php500

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How To Withdraw Your Funds from COL Financial

So you started investing in the middle of 2012 through COL Financial, and you rode on the triumphant bandwagon of the Philippine stock market.

How much did you earn so far? Is it 12%? Or 20%? Or maybe 50%?

You’re seeing peso signs now. Despite your long-term goals and your decision not to sell your top-earning stocks, you can’t resist realizing and getting a hold of your gains.

But for whatsoever reasons you wanted to withdraw your funds or stock proceeds, you can do so by downloading the Withdrawal Fund form first. Continue reading How To Withdraw Your Funds from COL Financial

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Sa Ngalan ng PAG-IBIG – A FREE Christmas Webinar Special by Colayco Foundation

Ms. Guita Gopalan, Managing Director of Colayco Foundation for Education (CFE), asked me to promote this FREE rare educational event online for OFW and Philippine-based PAG-IBIG members.

Mr. Armand Bengco will be presenting the event focused on the importance of saving and growing your money using the strategies and techniques of Mr. Frank Colayco.

So don’t miss this event this coming December 29, 2012, Saturday.

Read on for more details.

Merry Christmas everyone! :)

A Christmas Webinar Special
IPON, UTANG, LAGO – Saan at Paano?
By Colayco Foundation and Pag-IBIG Fund

DECEMBER 29, 2012 Saturday
6:00-8:00pm Philippine (SG/HK) Time (1:00PM KSA/2:00PM UAE/5:00AM Eastern US&CAN/2:00AM Pacific US&CAN/12:00AM HI(US)/10:00AM UK/7:00PM JPN/9:00PM (AU) SYD/11:00AM France,Germany,Italy,Austria,Spain,Belgium,Denmark,Switzerland)
Session opens 5:30pm Philippine Time (kindly adjust as per time zones above) Continue reading Sa Ngalan ng PAG-IBIG – A FREE Christmas Webinar Special by Colayco Foundation

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Your “Laziness” Can Make You Rich…(Wehhh???)

There is one popular investment guru and columnist who’s a known hardcore active stock market trader and totally hates the cost-averaging method of investing. One guy posted a comment on the guru’s Twitter account saying that “Cost Averaging” is an effective strategy than having no strategy at all. The popular guru replied, “Doing bad is better than doing nothing at all?”

That’s how he hates “laziness”. That’s how he hates passive investing using the cost averaging method.

Continue reading Your “Laziness” Can Make You Rich…(Wehhh???)