A Cyclist’s Investing Tale: From P2,500 to P400,000

My father-in-law was a veteran cyclist. He was an active racer in various competitions such as the Marlboro Tour in the 80’s. An and although he did not win any of those races, he’s always won the love of his family. :)

There was just one problem when my wife and I decided to invest our income in the stock market. He was not that supportive with the idea and our decision to invest. The reason was because he has heard a lot of stories of people losing money in the stock market. Continue reading A Cyclist’s Investing Tale: From P2,500 to P400,000

Skiddoo Philippines Inc
Skiddoo Philippines Inc

My Mom’s Investing in the Stock Market

My mother used to work as a clerk for a Chinese businessman in Binondo back in the early 70’s when she was still single. But she decided to stop working when she met my father until they got married in 1975. Given the very short time that she spent for working, she did not get to contribute that much for her Social Security.

Fast forward to 2012, my mother asked me if she could continue to contribute to SSS so that she could receive the pension when she reaches her retirement age. After giving her a computation on how much (little) she could get from SSS, I convinced her that she should not rely her retirement years from SSS alone.

In fact I told her that it would be better to allocate a portion of the money I’m giving her on a monthly basis and the profit she is getting from her small business of made-to-order delicacies to invest in the stock market.

And so she did in December 2012. Continue reading My Mom’s Investing in the Stock Market

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Is It Bad to Become Rich?

Wealth means great health. Wealth means strong family bonding and happy relationships. It means love, faith, and a positive outlook in life. It also pertains to your business, property, and investments.

Do you enjoy what you have now? Do you take care of your health to enjoy everything you have? Do you spend time, happy time that is, with your spouse, kids, and parents?

Is it really bad to gain wealth? Continue reading Is It Bad to Become Rich?

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How To Convince Your Valentine Date To Invest

So you are still single. And you are a part of the less than 2% of the investing Filipino population, and a staunch advocate at that.

But you are aware that your Valentine date tomorrow is a spender and knows nothing about investing. You are hoping that the ash marked as cross on your forehead this morning will give you discernment and wisdom to finally convince the apple of your eye to learn and decide to invest. (For Christians who attended the Mass or worship services today, Ash Wednesday: Did you just go to the church to be marked with the ash on your forehead?)

You believe it’s your mission to spread the good news of investing. Hallelujah! But how are you going to do that to tomorrow? Continue reading How To Convince Your Valentine Date To Invest

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I Trade With My Loose Change

If you are an active trader and you happen to read my post on how my stock portfolio looks like, you would say that I’m a very boring investor.

My 3-guard combo stock market strategy is made up of three parts where the biggest part is dedicated to long-term investing. This is where I buy shares from two of my favorite companies: Ayala Land (ALI) and the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE).

Guess why I chose them for my long-term investing. Cost-averaging for these two companies is like feeding green leafy vegetables for my portfolio’s longevity. 😛

The second biggest part is intended for my medium-term investing which uses the strategic averaging method. For the past few months, I have First Philippine Holdings (FPH), Meralco (MER), and Metro Pacific (MPI) that I buy below prices and continue to buy until target prices are hit. And then sell them all. But I may consider one of them to be part of my long-term investing soon. Continue reading I Trade With My Loose Change

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While We’re Taking Profits, You’re Still Not Investing

The Philippine stock market index has rallied to a new all-time high today, rising by 24.78 points to close at 6,192.42. (6,377.75 as of October 9, 2013) – [UPDATE: PSEi closed at 7,236.38 on October 23, 2015]

This good news and those numbers mean almost nothing to you if you’re not yet investing in the Philippine stock market.

I have received quite a few good number of inquiries from my blog and through our forum sites and pages on how to open a stock trading account so that they can finally start investing or trading. Most of them are Filipinos working or living abroad (OFW’s and migrant Filipinos). Continue reading While We’re Taking Profits, You’re Still Not Investing

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My 3-Guard Combo Stock Market Investing/Trading Strategy

After sharing my stock market investing/soft trading strategies to the readers of Fitz Villafuerte’s latest blog post “Are You an Investor or a Trader? A Simple Test To Find Out“, I thought I should share them to my readers as well.

But before I do that, let me just emphasize once more the difference between an investor and a trader, as defined so clearly by Fitz like the crystal pristine waters of the South Pacific Ocean.

According to Fitz,

Investing is long-term, which means you buy, hold and sell after several years or even decades.

Trading is short-term, which means you buy and then sell only after a few days, weeks or months. Continue reading My 3-Guard Combo Stock Market Investing/Trading Strategy

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Be An Investor Or Be A Loser

2012 is gone and done. Some of you may have earned a million and many a thousand bucks from your salary and bonuses from the past year. It’s something that you should truly be proud of.

Your hardwork paid off. Hats off to you!

But I have one question: Where is your million (thousand) bucks now?

It’s January 12, 2o13 and I hope you already made up your mind (and wallet) on where to put that hard-earned ‘2012’ cash of yours.  Continue reading Be An Investor Or Be A Loser