Enter Entrepreneurship Webinar Recordings Now Available!

You know the fundamentals. You have got your business plan and you are now ready to implement your business. You take off but every step of the way, you crave for additional knowledge — knowledge that will help keep you going and learnings that will help you improve your business.

We don’t want you to be lost and confused on what specific actions to take? We know that you want the specifics! Ginger Arboleda, the founder of ManilaWorkshops.com and Burn Gutierrez, the Chairman of Angat Pilipinas Coalition have come up with a Webinar series called Enter Entrepreneurship. This series aims to focus on the technical skills and specific things that you have always wanted to know about in order to grow your business. We have come up with 10 sessions that will make you a stronger and better entrepreneur.

For those who never made it to the live sessions, we have recorded these 10 sessions (plus 1 free session) so you can listen to them over and over again whether you are at home, in your car, or even at the beach.

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Please check out the following Enter Entrepreneurship topics:

Click here>Blogging and Creative Writing

Always wanted to explore Blogging? Where do you start and how to create one? Learn from our resident expert and blogging coach herself, Martine De Luna.


Click here>Basics of Video Editing

Always wanted to learn how to edit your own videos? Learn from our resident expert, Jeo Paz.

Here is the outline:

1.) Introduction to Video Editing
2.) Different stages of Production
3.) An Introduction to shooting/video production
Frame Sizes
Frame Speed (fps)
Aspect Ratio
4.) Understanding how post-production editing programs work:
Difference of Offline Editing and Online Editing
Importance of Organizing your Files!
How to tell a story?
5.) Technical Specifications:
6.) What programs to use for basic editing?
7.) Importance of Video Editing
Promoting your brand
How it affects your customers


Click here>Basics of Photoshop 

Photoshop skills seem to be essential if you want to create catchy and effective graphics for your business. Let Amanda De Ocampo take you through the Basics of Photoshop.

Basic Photoshop
How to get started for beginners:
1. Editing Photos
a. Filtering
b. Gradients
c. Adding objects/type over numerous layers
d. Stamp tool

2. Layers
a. Layering a photograph
a. Adding objects/type over numerous layers
b. Masking

3. Removing an object from a photo
a. Make A Selection tool/ Magic Wand
– Similar
b. Quick Select to Expand the object
– Adding objects/type over numerous layers

4. Adding or using layers
a. Removing an object from a photo
b. Make A Selection tool/ Magic Wand
c. Using shapes
d. Typing

5. Cropping, Sizing and Saving images for Instagram and Pinterest
a. Instagram
b. Pinterest
Size, pixels, editing
Size, pixels, editing
Pinterest Moodboard


Click here>Setting Up an Online Store 

Nowadays, you don’t need a physical store to sell things! All you need is an #OnlineStore. Learn how to make your own online store with Serial Entrepreneur Fitz Villafuerte.


Click here>Basics of Shooting a Video 

Video is becoming the in thing! All you need to do is learn the basics of shooting a video. Learn from our resident expert, Dennis Abad.

Why Shoot Video
Impact of Video on Common Mediums
Basic Videography and Audio Techniques
Maximising videos for your Business


Click here>Understanding WordPress 

Are you going nuts trying to understand how WordPress works?  Mr. Jerome Esperanza​ enlightens us on how to use #wordpress.


Click here>Product Shots With A Purpose 

Envious of the great product shots you see on Instagram? Learn how to take great shots of your product with Sheila Catilo!

I. INTRODUCTION: Shooting with purpose
II. Getting to know your customer (who they are and what they’re looking for)
III. How photos can make or break your business
IV. 5 equipment you need to create a home studio
V. Steps (Planning, set-up, shoot proper, post-processing, publishing)
VI. Factors to consider when shooting products
VII. What to avoid when shooting your products
VIII. Effective rules of composition that sell
IX. Tips on taking product photos with your mobile phone


Click here>Digital Marketing 

Don’t have a clue on what Digital Marketing is all about? Why are people talking so much about is. Learn from our resident expert, Rosario Juan.


Click here>Content Planning

Words matter. Content matters especially in this digital world. Let’s all together learn from our resident expert, Rey Baguio.


Click here>Time Management & Productivity

A question that is always brought up by aspiring entrepreneurs and by already small business owners is that how do you manage time? How do you see to it that you are productive at any given day. Learn from this Recording with Visuals with our resident expert, Sonny Del Rosario.

Understand the Challenge of Managing Time
– Prioritize
– Don’t Procrastinate
– Establish Goals and Deal with Blocks
– Delegate
– Say No
– Anticipate

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