5 Qualities You Should Look For In A Good Stock Investment

One of the most respected investing icons in this generation is Warren Buffet. You may have heard from experienced traders and investors that Warren isn’t actually investing in stocks. But that he is actually buying companies.

In a way, if you buy shares of a good company, you are indeed buying a portion of it. You become a part owner.

Mind you, Warren Buffet is not the type of investor who buys stocks on a whim. He looks at certain factors when picking stocks for long term investment. Continue reading 5 Qualities You Should Look For In A Good Stock Investment

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Usapang Stock Smarts

Our Angat Pilipinas/OFW UsapangPiso team has been very busy this month of May in reaching out to our kababayans through our seminars and coaching sessions. Apart from our on-going financial literacy tour in the Middle East, we are also very excited for our learning events in the Philippines.

On May 24, 2014, we will be having our FIT (Financial Intelligence Training) Part 2 happening in Clark Air Base, Angeles City again this time with one of our original forum site moderators and finance blogger Garry de Castro and our friend and advocacy partner, Air Force rescue pilot Maj. Badong Dee.

On that same date, we will be having our first ever investing seminar in Lucena City called “Usapang Stock Smarts” with our friend Marvin Germo. Continue reading Usapang Stock Smarts

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How Much Do You Really Need Before Investing in Stocks?

One thing I don’t like about stock investing is that it can be passively elitist. What do I mean?

Well, for starters, the terminology is almost like an alien or ancient language. They sound like words; maybe even like English words. But if you didn’t already know them, you understand nothing and might end up with a headache.

But what I really don’t like is when the discussion dwells on how much you really need to start investing. Continue reading How Much Do You Really Need Before Investing in Stocks?

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It’s My Blog’s Anniversary Today!

I’ve been blogging for over a decade already starting out with my online/email newsletter called “BURN! Express” back in 1999-2002. It was actually an unofficial fun/entertainment newsletter which I headed for the then current and former employees of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Philippines (C.L. Manabat/Navarro, Amper & Co currently).

By 2003, I started using Friendster and LiveJournal alternately in writing my thoughts and opinion about politics, religion, trekking, sports, personal advocacies, music, UFO’s, and relationships. I was also contributing articles to newspapers, reflection guides, and youth-oriented magazines and the experience was simply overwhelming. Continue reading It’s My Blog’s Anniversary Today!

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Don’t Expect Relatives And Friends To Listen To You Always

There are several times when you get so very frustrated forcing a subject to people you love the most. And oftentimes these are about things that you firmly believe will benefit them the same way you are enjoying now.

I’m talking about trying to sell that “investing” thing to your parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, friends. You want them to grow by showing them the way to do it. You try hard to let them know that this is the key to financial independence.

But you end up being looked at with a quip, “Okay, I’ll think about it…” or “I’ll do it next year..” Continue reading Don’t Expect Relatives And Friends To Listen To You Always

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While We’re Taking Profits, You’re Still Not Investing

The Philippine stock market index has rallied to a new all-time high today, rising by 24.78 points to close at 6,192.42. (6,377.75 as of October 9, 2013) – [UPDATE: PSEi closed at 7,236.38 on October 23, 2015]

This good news and those numbers mean almost nothing to you if you’re not yet investing in the Philippine stock market.

I have received quite a few good number of inquiries from my blog and through our forum sites and pages on how to open a stock trading account so that they can finally start investing or trading. Most of them are Filipinos working or living abroad (OFW’s and migrant Filipinos). Continue reading While We’re Taking Profits, You’re Still Not Investing