Are You Geek?

Have you ever experienced getting squeezed between intellectual friends or acquaintances in one chatting occasion? Like you were in a middle of three English-speaking geeks talking about Star Trek and Harry Potter when in fact you still do not understand until now what those movies really are all about?

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Why You Should Not Invest in The Stock Market

You should not invest in the stock market if you don’t want to secure your family’s future.

If you want to be dependent on your children and other people during your retirement years, don’t invest in the stock market.

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Before RA 10175, There was RA 10173

While people are going gaga over the implementation of RA 10175 or known as the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012, a prior Act has been signed by President Pnoy back in August: RA 10173 or the Data Privacy Act of 2012.

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An OFW Must Learn and Invest to Achieve Financial Independence

When a fellow investment advocate urged me to start an online movement to teach overseas Filipino workers on investing, entrepreneurship, and personal finance, I began to realize that this must be the reason why this time around God wanted me back here in Saudi Arabia.

Let me go back in time.

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How Do Koreans Do It?

It must be thrilling to see North Korean leader Kim Jong Un dancing to the tune of PSY’s Gangnam Style. And i would love to see his partner and his cohorts dancing the horse ride steps in the background. Truly, music is the way to peace. Ha. Ha.

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My semi-automatic S/I 1000

No, it’s not the latest gun model from UDMC or Armscor (Armscor and UDMC are local gun manufacturers, just to let you know). While we continue to support a gunless society, I still believe that guns are “necessary” to protect the people and secure the nation while moving forward to prosperity. Guns should only be possessed by responsible and authorized persons like policemen and soldiers.

Going back to Semi-Automatic S/I 1000, I’m actually referring to a semi-automatic habit of Saving and Investing. Thus the symbol or acronym S/I. And 1000, well, refers to the minimum amount that I’m actually “loading” in to that S/I program on a monthly basis which is Php1,000. Through money-cost averaging, your money will reap higher returns in the long run. With these programs, your hard-earned money will grow more than just leaving them in your drawers, vaults, or savings accounts.

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What Hurts You Can Make You Move (OFW Stories)

Every end of the month I send money back home for our tithes, to fund my investment portfolio, and a few more bucks for my mother’s monthly needs. Call it routine for Filipinos based and working abroad.

It’s common to see kababayans lining up the banks and remittance centers during the last and first weeks of the month.  As you know, paydays abroad are mostly scheduled on a monthly basis. Not the typical 15th and 30th payday systems commonly practiced in the Philippines. In fact, there are lots of heartbreaking stories you hear from fellow Filipinos while waiting in line. These are a few of them:

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My colleagues are investing in the stock market

Forgive me for my slanderous first blog which i posted last evening. I just couldn’t help but rant against those people who are “exercising freedom of speech” yet do not think that others may be put in grave danger for their lack of forethought.

Let me give you some good news now.

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