OFW’s, Control Your S(p)ending

It’s not only about the bad spending habits of OFW’s. It’s also about their bad over-“sending” habits.

It’s old story. Actually. A cliche. A history repeating itself. Generation of OFW’s after generation of new OFW’s. A lesson not learned.

Filipinos overseas, no matter how the earning years pass by, still hold on to the undying padala and pa-“package” mentality.

Balikbayan freight service centers and remittance desks are filled up with boxes and lined up with homesick people making themselves feel more homesick by sending more “extra” money and stuff to their families back home.

Coz doing this makes them happy. At least for now.

Nothing’s changed.

Not all of them, maybe.

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The Hardest Part is Saying NO

Majority of OFW’s share the same sentiment. They send more than what their families back home need.

It is extra money called pa-kunswelo. Or the payabang. The emotional pampering. The ingredient and main formula to raising spoiled brats while they are away from home.

For them their salaries are their “wealth”. Even if it is not. Salaries do not equate to wealth.

Wealth is what you keep and grow from the salary that you receive. The problem is, most OFW’s don’t save (enough). They don’t budget. Most OFW’s don’t invest.

Salaries are their sole unparalleled “wealth”. Cliche.

When a teenage child asks for extra money for “research” assignments, the OFW father or mother says, “YES, anak. Papadalhan kita.

When a relatively matipid wife back home asks for extra money for any other “emergency” expense, the OFW husband says, “YES, honey. Papadalhan kita.

When a jobless husband left back home asks for extra money for “house repairs” (or should I say “club” repairs?), the OFW wife says, “YES, mahal. Papadalhan kita.

When a sibling asks for pang-kapital sa negosyo even if the OFW kapatid abroad knows it’s the 10th business try already, “YES, Kuya/Ate/Bunso. Papadalhan kita.”

The hardest part is saying NO.

Say that two-letter word and you will be branded as kuripot. Salbahe. Madamot. Mayabang. Walang utang na loob.

It’s tough to give tough love as an OFW. Because OFW’s allow themselves to give in most of the time.


Control Your Sending. Control Your Hurting.

You as an OFW must learn to be tough in times like these.

Be responsible by saving and educating yourself on how to grow your money while you are abroad. Learn how to invest in paper assets because this is the simplest and safest for a Filipino temporarily working overseas.

Learn how to budget by involving your spouse or your family back home in this effort. This is not a one-man show.

They should respect you for what you do, for what you sacrifice for.

Your actions today reflect your sense of responsibility for the future of you, your family, and your children.

Practice tough love.

Believe that God is always with you if you follow and do the right thing. Be determined, disciplined, and decisive to make this work for you and your family.

Control your sending and spending now before you get hurt even more.

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Rock your way to abundance!


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