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Four Types of NERDS

Theoretically, there are four types of nerds in the world:

1) Those who were scammed and are crying in the rain
2) Those who were scammed and pretending they were not
3) Those who are waiting to be scammed
4) And those who HUNT for SCAMMERS

TYPE-1 Nerds

The problem with Type #1 nerds is that they are potential Type #3 nerds if they don’t stop crying. Can crying do anything to bring your money back? Come on Nerd Type #3! Time to wipe those tears away.

Another problem with Type #1 nerds is that they don’t know who to report to and where to file a report if ever they tried to. The Barangay Hall? Are the barangay officials even trained to write down specific details while Type #1 People are crying on their sweaty shoulders?

And if ever they report to the police, they end up sounding like Jokers. They could not explain the full details or even names of those who scammed them. And even if they wanted to tell everything, they just couldn’t do it because of extreme fear, anger, and embarrassment.

This is a clear indication of having been emotionally-manipulated by scammers. The victim becomes like a car without a steering wheel. Like a boat without a paddle. Like a man/woman who lost his/her girlfriend/boyfriend (Ahuhuhu…).

All the policeman can ask is, “Anyare?” (“What happened?”).

And all the Type #1 People can answer is, “Hindi ko alam!” (“I don’t know!”)

TYPE-2 Nerds

Type-2 Nerds are simply those who were victimized by unscrupulous scammers in such a very shattering manner. Without the victims even knowing it or admitting it. They believe that their money and valuables will go back to them tenfold in the near future. Because they have received large sums of money before. And they believe they will receive more if they re-invest them again.


They believe that they will be able to get their money back that they have sent to Panama, Belize, Bahamas, Antigua/Barbuda, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Nigeria, Belarus, etc. Countries that do not have extradition agreements with the country they live in. They believe that these scams are legitimate businesses operating in those countries.

These businesses have agents, brokers, middlemen in countries where they don’t even have offices. They don’t even have extradition agreements with their country. These Type-2 nerds do not even know who their “real boss” is.

They have been warned before but they did not listen. Or they were just simply too naïve to admit that they just dipped their finger in a pot of boiling melted gold.

TYPE-3 Nerds

These nerds are those who belong to a list of potential scam victims. They are the following:

• Young professionals in slacks, skirts, coats, ties, blazers, long sleeved shirts,
• Internet savvy geeks
• Lawyers
• Activists
• Volunteers
• Showbiz and sports personalities
• Single moms
• Separated spouses
• Barangay officials (again, hehe)
• Policemen
Epal candidates
• Professors
• Doctors
• Nurses
• Salesmen
• Insurance agents
• Accountants
• Real estate agents
• Artists
• Students
• Facebook users (wahahahaha…)
• And could even be YOU!

That’s right. Anyone who’s got both the good and the bad characteristics can become victims of scammers.

Scammers study each person’s strengths and weaknesses to be used to their advantage. For the scammer, any of your traits can be his tool to achieve his teeth-gnashing objectives. Anyone can be Type-3 nerds.

Even those who believe they are ….

TYPE-4 Nerds


Fraud fighters, anti-fraud professionals, experienced auditors, white/blue collar crime busters, investigators, and scam hunters who are better equipped with knowledge and experience may not even be spared by evil and greedy swindlers.

But BEWARE, DORK SCAMMERS! Be ready to hear these lines from us, the scam hunters:

“I don’t know who you are. I don’t know what you want…..But I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kiliti* you.”


The Colayco Foundation for Education (CFE) has compiled a scam watch list for Filipinos to be forewarned. Please take time to check them out and learn about them through this link: Colayco Foundation for Education – Scam Watch


If you have been scammed, call the National Bureau of Investigation at (632) 523-8231.

Or their Anti-Fraud and Action Division at (632) 525-4093.

Check out the Securities and Exchange Commission website for details on how to avoid scams and protect yourself from becoming a victim: SEC Investor Info – Scam Checklist

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*Filipino word for “tickle”. Phrases derived from the movie “Taken”, EuropaCorp. Productions.

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