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Financial Literacy Forum for OFW’s in HongKong

The financial literacy advocacy has been starting to grow in the recent months that it has even caught the interest not only of the mass media but by some government units as well.

Although there are still a lot to catch up from the different sectors in terms of supporting the education of the Filipino people about proper money behavior and financial management, finance advocates and educators are doing a great job in uplifting the conditions of our fellowmen through talks, seminars, books, forums, media, and other venues.

My friend and fellow OFW finance advocate, Randell Tiongson, will once again conduct a definitely enjoyable interactive and empowering money talk that will bring OFW participants based in Hong Kong into a step by step process to improve their respective personal finance conditions.

This financial literacy forum is happening on March 2, 2014 at the Philippine Consulate General Open Grounds/Public Area.

The talk will start from 4:30PM up to 6:30PM and hoping that the Consulate will extend more time to accommodate our OFW’s to have consultations with Randell. I’m sure Randell won’t mind.


For further details, you may also contact Randell through his blog or visit OFW UsapangPiso’s Facebook group. There is a post there specially pinned for Randell where you can leave questions about money/finance and then wait for him to give you answers at no cost at all.

Ang perang pinaghirapan, gamitin sa wastong paraan!

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Join the OFW UsapangPiso Facebook Group and Forum to learn how to plan your finances the right way and how to grow your money in various financial instruments and investment vehicles such as stocks, mutual funds, UITF’s, bonds, money market, real estate, and others.

P.S. 1. Bro. Bo Sanchez has appointed me as a coach for our young and new investors at the TrulyRichClub social site. It’s a fun, learning family with the purpose of “helping good people become rich”. I’m inviting you to join the TrulyRichClub too and email me at if you have any questions. Click here to join!

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