Don’t Expect Relatives And Friends To Listen To You Always

There are several times when you get so very frustrated forcing a subject to people you love the most. And oftentimes these are about things that you firmly believe will benefit them the same way you are enjoying now.

I’m talking about trying to sell that “investing” thing to your parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, friends. You want them to grow by showing them the way to do it. You try hard to let them know that this is the key to financial independence.

But you end up being looked at with a quip, “Okay, I’ll think about it…” or “I’ll do it next year..”

To See Is To Believe

Most of the time you’ll here these:

“How much have you earned already from your stock market investing?”

“So I guess you will buy a new car this year?”

“Wow, I’m pretty sure you’ll get a new condo unit at The Fort!”

“Now’s the time for you to enroll at the law school!”

“Investing? MLM ba yan?”

“Go back to the Philippines first.”

I bet you’ve heard worse lines than those from some (most) of your relatives and friends.

Or probably just get some raised eyebrows.

Raising eyebrows

But the worst thing you can expect from your relatives and friends is to receive no responses at all.

Like when you send them messages on Facebook inviting them to attend that free personal finance seminar or read a particular e-book or learn more about the stock market. And you will only see words in gray font that shows;


Proof that they’ve read your message.

But no answers.


You try to convince yourself that they’re probably busy so you will wait another couple of days or just let the weekend pass.

Still, blank. No answers. Nada. Ling. Zilch. Wala.

Lucky are those whose families are entrepreneurial, saving and investing together. As for me, my mom’s investing in the stock market.

So always hope for the best and expect the for the worst when paying forward what you have learned. Not everyone will listen to you always. Including your friends and loved ones.

My advice: Continue doing your thing. Don’t let these empty responses discourage you and affect your program and personal goals. You are doing this for your future. For your family’s future. Never cease on hoping and praying that one day they will realize the beauty and truth of the wisdom that you imparted to them.

Be gentle to yourself.

Have a blessed Sunday and a great week ahead of you.

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Photo credit: utah raptor