The Adventures of Pepot Kuripot and Dora Gastadora

I have always been a big fan of our good friend Pol Medina, Jr. and his “baby” Polgas, the anthrophomorphic dog of the Sungcal family of the very popular comic strip Pugad Baboy.

Aside from finding out if my articles submitted to Youngblood were already published, reading the weekly Pugad Baboy was one of my main reasons for having the Philippine Daily Inquirer newspaper every Sunday back in the 90’s. I would cut out the comic strips from Inquirer and paste them on an old and unused photo album as one of my favorite weekend hobbies.

Then Pol Medina, Jr. launched his “very best of Pugad Baboy” and the very first compilation book of his comic strips published on Inquirer.  I had to save money just so I could buy Pol’s book by then.

Good thing one of my cousins is a big fan of Pugad Baboy as well and I didn’t have to buy the succeeding editions of Pugad Baboy collections. Nanghihiram na lang ako. 😛 Continue reading The Adventures of Pepot Kuripot and Dora Gastadora

How To Plan Your Retirement in the Philippines

Based on several studies, most Filipinos never seriously plan for their retirement. Most often they think about it later only in their working years with SSS and GSIS pensions plans in mind. And ironically, many also rely on their kids as part of their retirement plan.

We always dream about how we should spend the rest of our golden years. It is there right inside our hard small skulls most of the time. Which makes retirement one of the most important parts of our lives. As much as possible we want to enjoy our retirement years in simple and comfortable lifestyle.

This why it is very important to plan everything to achieve whatever goals we have. Planning for retirement requires long term vision, discipline, and commitment. One also has to learn how establish funds, invest it in placements that grow to achieve the needed amount for retirement years, and preserve them in order to not derail those original plans. Continue reading How To Plan Your Retirement in the Philippines

How To Give Wisely

Everyday we hear about people affected by calamities, or tragedies, or those who are in extreme poverty needing immediate financial assistance. As a steward of God’’s wealth, how would you respond to all these?

Each one of us should exercise wisdom whenever give. We are not responsible to give a hand to each of the so many ministries and charitable causes that we encounter and hear or read about on TV, radio or the internet. We are not required to donate every time there is a call to give.

If you are caught in such situation, pray for wisdom to make the right choice. Sometimes you have to say “No” to a letter from an organization soliciting funds from you for a worthy cause. You don’t need to feel guilty or sinful for rejecting requests for donations.

But here are some healthy suggestions to help you donate a portion of your savings wisely. Continue reading How To Give Wisely