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Ending A Business Emotionally – Who Misses NU107?

Immense sadness engulfed the Pinoy rock crowd along Garnet and Emerald Streets in Ortigas when NU107 played the Eraserheads’ “Ang Huling El Bimbo” as its final song on air and signed off for the last time a little past midnight on November 8, 2010.  Rock musicians and enthusiasts were orphaned and left without any alternative rock station to listen to and to fill in the void.

Close to 3 years since the station’s demise, the same old rockers and fans still long for the pleasurable noise and rhythm of NU107. Some Facebook group members even speculate a big comeback in November this year. (Rumor-mongering/publicity is sometimes good for a business’ health. :P)

All of us 90’s buffs will never forget the institutional programs of In The Raw, Crossroads, Against The Flow, The Midnight Countdown, Not Radio, Jake/Zach & Joey in the Morning, and the rest of the other successful shows including Rock Ed Radio, University Rock, unTV‘s Strangebrew that ran almost all throughout the whole new millennium. Continue reading Ending A Business Emotionally – Who Misses NU107?

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To Die In The Name of Education

When I was a naive young student, I used to have grudges against my former university for not letting me take my exams several times after failing to pay the examination fees.

Although I had a scholarship grant in college, this only covered tuition fees and not my daily allowances or monthly stipends.

My scholarship foundation was not directly paying my school. Every month I had to attend the foundation’s regular meetings so that I could collect the cash from their treasurer myself and sign on their receipt logbook. Continue reading To Die In The Name of Education

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Not Everyone Earns Like U2. What Should You Do?

Forbes ranked U2 as the 4th highest paid musicians in 2012, pulling in $78 million on the tail end of the group’s record-breaking 360 tour. Their total gross earnings for 3 years? – $736 million.

But not every musician or band can earn as much as what U2 does. As what my previous post revealed, a lot are even playing unpaid. I personally believe that even heroes should be paid. Remember Parokya ni Edgar’s “Mang Jose“? 😛

A lot of people, including musicians find dealing with finances a very daunting task. But in reality, when you learn the basic approaches to managing your personal finances, you will find the tasks a lot easier than you thought.

Here are some of the most important finance concepts that every musician should know. Continue reading Not Everyone Earns Like U2. What Should You Do?

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What Power Do You Seek?

“The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to bring glad tidings to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim liberty to captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to let the oppressed go free, and to proclaim a year acceptable to the Lord.” – Luke 4:18-19

What power do you ask for everyday?

All of us receive certain degrees and magnitudes of power.  Continue reading What Power Do You Seek?

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Music Is Your Talent. Ask For Payment.

I hear fellow musicians and artists say, “Okay lang walang bayad, basta maka-perform, basta may exposure” after performing in some big “benefit” concerts. Sounds cool. But not when you found out that the bouncers and even technical assistants got hefty “talent fees” and the musicians did not.

I’ve been to a lot of music festival and events, big and small. Paid and unpaid. And I saw a lot of homegrown talents from drummers to guitarists to bassists to keyboardists to wind instrumentalists to back-up singers to lead vocalists…to band managers and organizers.

Which makes me want to ask this question: Are talented musicians supposed to be asked to play for free or for a fee? Continue reading Music Is Your Talent. Ask For Payment.

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Why Most Filipino Musicians & Artists Remain Poor

Most musicians remain poor. But the music that they make, even if it does not bring them millions, gives millions of people happiness.”Langston Hughes

Ain’t that sweet to hear? The last sentence from Mr. Hughes, I mean.

People and fans (groupies) adore you when you perform on stage. Or when they hear your song being played on the radio. Or when your painting is being exhibited in the hippest museums in town. Or when you finally got that acting part in the coolest indie movie of the year.

You feel like a temporary god for finally nailing that sweet dream of yours on a canvass of glorious euphoria after famished years of struggle and pay-for-play gigs.

But the first sentence can break a poor artist’s heart. Even the hardest and toughest hardcore metal screamer in the underground scene today will cry like a baby hungry for milk. Continue reading Why Most Filipino Musicians & Artists Remain Poor

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Three Anti-Impulse Buying Reflections This Christmas

Christmas day is fast approaching. A couple of weeks more and you’ll be opening a lot of gift boxes and read tons of greetings in Facebook or Twitter. You’d probably be using Pinterest this time around to share Christmas posters and greeting cards. Cheapskate, aren’t you. 😉

Most of you must have already started enjoying your bonuses and the fruits of your hardwork. Some of you have probably took some of profits and dividends from your investments. Heading out for the malls or fair this weekend to buy gifts for family and friends?

However which way you may have received those blessings and how you want to enjoy them, it is best that you prepare yourself and your emotions for the probability of impulsive decisions this Season.

Consider asking yourself the following reflection questions before pulling out those crispy bills or credit cards out of your wallets. Continue reading Three Anti-Impulse Buying Reflections This Christmas

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ArtisteConnect – Crowdfunding for Filipino Artists and Creative Projects

The Philippines is a small country with vast resources of untapped talents and people with almost boundless creative capabilities. Unfortunately, a handful of these individuals or groups are either incapable of funding their own projects, films, albums, books, social causes, and artworks or they just could not find a trusted venue to expose their works.

Struggling Filipino artists, bands, musicians, writers, filmmakers, and organizations have a lot of reasons to be grateful for the creation of ArtisteConnect.Com%

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How Do Koreans Do It?

It must be thrilling to see North Korean leader Kim Jong Un dancing to the tune of PSY’s Gangnam Style. And i would love to see his partner and his cohorts dancing the horse ride steps in the background. Truly, music is the way to peace. Ha. Ha.

Continue reading How Do Koreans Do It?