You Can’t Complain “I Don’t Have Money”

Too many times we hear our co-workers say, “wala na ‘kong pera eh” (I don’t have cash on hand anymore.). Ironically, you hear that line usually within five days after the last payday.

If you are one of them, it’s understandable if you are sending a kid or two to school. Or when a relative is sick back home and you need to regularly send a fixed amount on a monthly basis. That applies especially if you are working overseas or outside Metro Manila.

But if you are saying that line and you don’t have savings or investment, and you are holding on to a brand new iPhone or Galaxy tab, then you do not have the right to complain.

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I Am Scam Hunter

Four Types of NERDS

Theoretically, there are four types of nerds in the world:

1) Those who were scammed and are crying in the rain
2) Those who were scammed and pretending they were not
3) Those who are waiting to be scammed
4) And those who HUNT for SCAMMERS

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A Janitor Invests in the Stock Market

Once there was a 25-year old man named Kiko (real name withheld for security reasons) who knows nothing about investing but wanted to earn more apart from his monthly salary. He works as a janitor in a small professional firm in Makati.

One night, while doing his routine after-office cleaning, he noticed that one of the computers was left on by one of their employees who probably went off hurriedly for a Friday night gig. Kiko took the chance to browse the internet. (Yes, Fesbuk!)

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Long-Distance Relationships Can Work (3,961 Miles Away)

Sorry, I’m not talking about romantic and infatuated love affairs. This is about how distance and the social media played effective roles in building business relationships and serving other people in our recently concluded personal finance and investment literacy seminar held in Singapore.

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Your “Laziness” Can Make You Rich…(Wehhh???)

There is one popular investment guru and columnist who’s a known hardcore active stock market trader and totally hates the cost-averaging method of investing. One guy posted a comment on the guru’s Twitter account saying that “Cost Averaging” is an effective strategy than having no strategy at all. The popular guru replied, “Doing bad is better than doing nothing at all?”

That’s how he hates “laziness”. That’s how he hates passive investing using the cost averaging method.

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Are You Geek?

Have you ever experienced getting squeezed between intellectual friends or acquaintances in one chatting occasion? Like you were in a middle of three English-speaking geeks talking about Star Trek and Harry Potter when in fact you still do not understand until now what those movies really are all about?

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An OFW Must Learn and Invest to Achieve Financial Independence

When a fellow investment advocate urged me to start an online movement to teach overseas Filipino workers on investing, entrepreneurship, and personal finance, I began to realize that this must be the reason why this time around God wanted me back here in Saudi Arabia.

Let me go back in time.

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What Hurts You Can Make You Move (OFW Stories)

Every end of the month I send money back home for our tithes, to fund my investment portfolio, and a few more bucks for my mother’s monthly needs. Call it routine for Filipinos based and working abroad.

It’s common to see kababayans lining up the banks and remittance centers during the last and first weeks of the month.  As you know, paydays abroad are mostly scheduled on a monthly basis. Not the typical 15th and 30th payday systems commonly practiced in the Philippines. In fact, there are lots of heartbreaking stories you hear from fellow Filipinos while waiting in line. These are a few of them:

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