On Gilas, Laban and Puso In the Game of Life

The Gilas Fever is not yet over. In fact, it’s just started. After the Cinderella run in the elimination round of the FIBA Worlds, the Philippine team still emerged as champions in the hearts of both the Filipinos and foreign fans. Yes, they lost 4 times and won only once. But in all those almost-won-close-games, what really prevailed was the big heart or “puso” that has really earned the admiration and respect of all.

Here’s a very heart-warming blog from a friend who was very well known for giving enlightening and non-biased advise to her listeners and followers. Being the other half of the very popular and sorely missed puso-filled Paul and Cherry of Lite Rock Favorites of the Week (LRFW) of the defunct radio station, 96.3 WRocK, Cherry once again shares her wisdom and personal views about Gilas and how this can relate to our everyday lives.

Sit back, read, and be inspired! Puso! :) Continue reading On Gilas, Laban and Puso In the Game of Life

How Much Do You Really Need For Your Retirement?

How much do you really to retire and enjoy the fruits of your hard work all your life? The answer may be a bit complicated as there are several factors and variables that you need to consider when computing or estimating it.

Before reaching that retirement goal, factors such as your financial capacity to save, knowledge of investment options, and your target year to retire should be considered.

Our lead trainer at Angat Pilinas Coalition for Financial Literacy, Alvin Tabañag, will show us the faster way to estimate the required amount of moolah for a retirement fund in this guest post today. Continue reading How Much Do You Really Need For Your Retirement?

Term Insurance – Is it for Everyone?

This is a guest post from my friend and fellow financial literacy advocate, Jess Uy.:)


Term insurance may seem like the underdog when it comes to insurance policies because it lacks cash value. It may not be for everyone, but one should seriously think about getting a term policy over a whole life if their budget is rather limited.

Affordability is a primary reason why people buy term. It is highly attractive to people on a budget who need high coverage but have limited resources. Plus the earlier you get the policy, the more you save. In fact, savings become exponential the younger you are.

Young families or those with dependents will particularly benefit from this option. This group may find the option very attractive especially since they usually work with limited funds – balancing their financial resources for children’s education needs and retirement savings among other financial commitments. Continue reading Term Insurance – Is it for Everyone?