Protect Yourself From Identity Theft [Online] (Part 2)

In my previous post, Protect Yourself From Identity Theft (Part 1), we talked about the dangers of exposing your personal details on Facebook such your ID screenshots, passports, licenses, etc.

We also mentioned about the dangers in using credit cards in commercial establishments and I gave the Barnes and Noble credit card fraud incident in the US as an example.

And then we illustrated how a blogger’s account was copied and contents such as photos even with watermarks were stolen by an online thief.

With just those three classic examples of identity theft scenarios, we should remember that social media profiles and personal experience blogs are like public records of your personal information. Even if you decide to delete them later on, someone else must have already stolen what you posted before. Nightmares, huh?

Let’s now see what are the basic measures we can do to protect our identities online. Continue reading Protect Yourself From Identity Theft [Online] (Part 2)

Im Tirtzo, Ein so Ha’agadah (If You Will It, It Is No Legend)

The eager-for-knowledge OFW UsapangPiso-Israel group has just wrapped up its first financial planning seminar series yesterday, November 13, 2012 in Protea Retirement Village, Tel Mond, Israel conducted by the energetic personal finance guru, Randell Tiongson. (The first one was held in Tel Aviv last November 10, 2012)

The group’s coordinator, Charma de Villa, attested to the gratefulness of the attendees of the seminar for the opportunity and the life-changing experience of taking the first step towards financial independence: Learning. Continue reading Im Tirtzo, Ein so Ha’agadah (If You Will It, It Is No Legend)

ArtisteConnect – Crowdfunding for Filipino Artists and Creative Projects

The Philippines is a small country with vast resources of untapped talents and people with almost boundless creative capabilities. Unfortunately, a handful of these individuals or groups are either incapable of funding their own projects, films, albums, books, social causes, and artworks or they just could not find a trusted venue to expose their works.

Struggling Filipino artists, bands, musicians, writers, filmmakers, and organizations have a lot of reasons to be grateful for the creation of ArtisteConnect.Com%

OFW’s Must Invest in Retail Bonds

First, let us determine what bonds really are.

Bonds are a kind of “utang” (loan) by an investor from another individual or entity. It is classified as “fixed” because there is a specified interest rate and a specified maturity date or settlement period.

For example, I will borrow from you a principal amount of Php100 and i promise to pay you after 1 year with a fixed interest of 5%. Which means I will be returning to you an amount of Php105 at the promised (maturity) date after 1 year. Continue reading OFW’s Must Invest in Retail Bonds

Know The Secrets in Making More Money Online! Join the WebCamp – Internet Business Super Conference 2012

You can start to earn or grow your business online by learning how to do it in most effective ways.

My online friend Heinz Bulos and his group Learning Curve will be holding an internet business super conference called WebCamp 2012 on November 28, 2012.

Times are a-changing, as Bob Dylan would sing. Soon, the days of harsh commuting around the Metro will be gone for those who seek to finally just work at home in front of their computer screens. A lot of people are starting to make a lot of “active” money on the Internet. From a decade back, individual netrepreneurs on eBay, Sulit, and Multiply have earned more by selling toys, accessories, or clothes. More bloggers are quitting their day jobs to start earning more online. Continue reading Know The Secrets in Making More Money Online! Join the WebCamp – Internet Business Super Conference 2012

Are Banks and Stockbrokers (and Government) Violating the E-Commerce Law?

Browsing through the websites of banks, stockbrokers and even some government agencies, you will sometimes encounter a button that says, “Apply Online” or “Open an Account Online”.

Let’s look at some samples of what you may encounter when you decide to open an account.

Continue reading Are Banks and Stockbrokers (and Government) Violating the E-Commerce Law?

My semi-automatic S/I 1000

No, it’s not the latest gun model from UDMC or Armscor (Armscor and UDMC are local gun manufacturers, just to let you know). While we continue to support a gunless society, I still believe that guns are “necessary” to protect the people and secure the nation while moving forward to prosperity. Guns should only be possessed by responsible and authorized persons like policemen and soldiers.

Going back to Semi-Automatic S/I 1000, I’m actually referring to a semi-automatic habit of Saving and Investing. Thus the symbol or acronym S/I. And 1000, well, refers to the minimum amount that I’m actually “loading” in to that S/I program on a monthly basis which is Php1,000. Through money-cost averaging, your money will reap higher returns in the long run. With these programs, your hard-earned money will grow more than just leaving them in your drawers, vaults, or savings accounts.

Continue reading My semi-automatic S/I 1000