Money Mistakes That OFW’s Make (My ANC OnTheMoney Guesting)

While we were on a few days of summer getaway in Bohol back in April 2015, I received a call from ANC OnTheMoney. It was about the new schedule for my guesting on the TV show. As you know, I have been postponing the guestings that they have been asking me for the last two years for a few good reasons.

First, I’m out of the country most of the time. Secondly, vacations are sweet and short for an OFW like me. My fellow OFW’s know that spending time with loved ones during their vacation is the ultimate happiness and the most priceless period on the whole year. And visiting loved ones and family members was what I usually did in the past two annual vacations.

This time around, my friend Heinz Bulos of Moneysense/Learning Curve, who partners with ANC OnTheMoney in providing guests for their show, emailed me about accepting the invitation to guest. So yes, I said yes. 😀 Thank you Heinz! :) Continue reading Money Mistakes That OFW’s Make (My ANC OnTheMoney Guesting)

Ang Pera Mo Ba ay #Paasa o Pag-Asa?

Rock To Riches & Ready To Be Rich

Ang Pera Mo Ba ay #Paasa o Pag-Asa?
Isang webinar na tutulong sa ‘yo mamuhunan at mag-negosyo

Alamin kung saan ba dapat mag-invest para lumago ang pera, at kung paano magplano at magsimula ng sariling negosyo. Sumali sa online seminar na ito para hindi ka habang buhay na aasa sa trabaho mo at magkaroon ng pag-asa ang iyong kinabukasan. Continue reading Ang Pera Mo Ba ay #Paasa o Pag-Asa?

I’m Hosting The TRC Global Filipino Webinar for OFWs and Fil-Migrants

I will be hosting the first ever exclusive webinar series for the Truly Rich Club members called the TRC Global Filipino Webinar. It’s a series of webinars that aims to address the topics that migrants and OFWs face which are not adequately addressed in the TRC newsletters.

Bro. Bo Sanchez believes that OFWs and migrants have unique problems and TRC can help them more through this one-hour monthly webinar program. There will be one guest per webisode coming from the OFW and migrants sector to help clarify issues that they experience and encounter on a regular basis.

But since this is exclusive to TRC International members only, non-TRC members will not be able to attend this online event. If you want to join this webinar, you may join the Truly Rich Club-International first.

Alternatively, you may sign up and attend my Enter Entrepreneurship webinars designed for OFWs who really want to be serious in starting or improving the bottomline figures of their businesses. Details are on the last part of this article.

Here’s the TRC Global Filipino Webinar invitation by Bro. Bo Sanchez to TRC International members: Continue reading I’m Hosting The TRC Global Filipino Webinar for OFWs and Fil-Migrants