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Creating Wealth – Smart Personal Finance Habits for OFW’s

I will be hosting a webinar (for those who are not familiar with this jargon, that’s a seminar being conducted online) featuring my fellow blogger and personal finance advocate, Fitz Villafuerte on February 28, 2013 from 3PM to 4PM, Philippine time.

The webinar is the first online project to be conducted in 2013 by the OFW UsapangPiso forum and Angat Pilipinas Coalition for Financial Literacy to provide timely information to our overseas Filipino workers on how to improve their financial lives. We are truly blessed that we have the internet to aid us in our education and for spreading financial literacy to all Filipinos all over the world.

So if you are an OFW, a member of the OFW UsapangPiso forum, or a dependent of one who’s working overseas, then register now for this FREE webinar on how to improve your finances. Continue reading Creating Wealth – Smart Personal Finance Habits for OFW’s

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Claiming Renewed Passports Overseas

I renewed my passport in Dammam, KSA last December 2012 and I gave a pound-for-pound account of how it is being conducted by the Philippine Embassy of Riyadh through their Embassy-on-Wheels program.

Back in the later part of January I visited the website of the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh to check if my passport is already available. My name came out a day after their last visit in our area so I had to wait until yesterday, or about two months, to claim my passport in the Philippine School in Dammam. Continue reading Claiming Renewed Passports Overseas

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How To Convince Your Valentine Date To Invest

So you are still single. And you are a part of the less than 2% of the investing Filipino population, and a staunch advocate at that.

But you are aware that your Valentine date tomorrow is a spender and knows nothing about investing. You are hoping that the ash marked as cross on your forehead this morning will give you discernment and wisdom to finally convince the apple of your eye to learn and decide to invest. (For Christians who attended the Mass or worship services today, Ash Wednesday: Did you just go to the church to be marked with the ash on your forehead?)

You believe it’s your mission to spread the good news of investing. Hallelujah! But how are you going to do that to tomorrow? Continue reading How To Convince Your Valentine Date To Invest

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I Trade With My Loose Change

If you are an active trader and you happen to read my post on how my stock portfolio looks like, you would say that I’m a very boring investor.

My 3-guard combo stock market strategy is made up of three parts where the biggest part is dedicated to long-term investing. This is where I buy shares from two of my favorite companies: Ayala Land (ALI) and the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE).

Guess why I chose them for my long-term investing. Cost-averaging for these two companies is like feeding green leafy vegetables for my portfolio’s longevity. 😛

The second biggest part is intended for my medium-term investing which uses the strategic averaging method. For the past few months, I have First Philippine Holdings (FPH), Meralco (MER), and Metro Pacific (MPI) that I buy below prices and continue to buy until target prices are hit. And then sell them all. But I may consider one of them to be part of my long-term investing soon. Continue reading I Trade With My Loose Change

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Angat Pilipinas and the Financial Literacy Act for Students (HB 490)

Towards the end of the year 2012, our non-profit organization Angat Pilipinas Coalition for Financial Literacy widened its scope from focusing on OFW’s and artists to include the students and youth in its mission to provide financial education to all Filipinos.

Just as we were struggling to look for volunteers and partner organizations to collaborate on projects that will send the message to the government and the Department of Education about our advocacy, a good news came out from the office of a lawmaker named Juan Edgardo Angara from the lone district of Aurora.

The congressman has authored the House Bill 490 or to be known as the Financial Literacy Act which will “encourage the development of financial literacy programs in educational institutions and the private sector.”

This will therefore address my previous concern that financial literacy is not in the 10-point agenda of the Department of Education (DepEd). Continue reading Angat Pilipinas and the Financial Literacy Act for Students (HB 490)

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Skiddoo Philippines Inc

While We’re Taking Profits, You’re Still Not Investing

The Philippine stock market index has rallied to a new all-time high today, rising by 24.78 points to close at 6,192.42. (6,377.75 as of October 9, 2013) – [UPDATE: PSEi closed at 7,236.38 on October 23, 2015]

This good news and those numbers mean almost nothing to you if you’re not yet investing in the Philippine stock market.

I have received quite a few good number of inquiries from my blog and through our forum sites and pages on how to open a stock trading account so that they can finally start investing or trading. Most of them are Filipinos working or living abroad (OFW’s and migrant Filipinos). Continue reading While We’re Taking Profits, You’re Still Not Investing

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The Hidden Costs of Buying A House or Condo

For most OFW’s (and Filipinos as a whole), owning a land or a house is like winning a championship trophy in a basketball game. In fact, that’s an understatement. For the working Filipino, it is an achievement and a dream-come-true to finally own a tangible “investment”.

But if you are someone who has just started working, being tempted to “invest” in a house or lot somewhere outside the Metro or in a condo unit somewhere at The Fort is rather inevitable.

You can not escape from the binoculars of real estate agents positioned strategically inside malls and commercial establishments. They can identify if you have been dreaming to have a house soon. They know if you’re an OFW or a newbie yuppie from Makati. Continue reading The Hidden Costs of Buying A House or Condo

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Most OFW’s Families Are Not Protected

Filipinos working overseas (OFW’s) are always exposed to a lot of physical risks. They travel from their apartments/housing camps to work either by train, shuttle bus services, by cars  on highways, bicycles, or even on foot.

In hazardous workplaces like factories, mills, chemical plants, and even offices, OFW’s face everyday fears of accidents and tragedies while thinking about their loved ones back home.

But the most alarming part in this already worrisome conditions of our OFW’s is that most of them and their families are not protected enough with insurance.

When an OFW passes away due to accident or even by natural cause, his or her family back home is left with almost nothing but the last payment from his/her employer. And maybe a few more from the government’s grant or financial aid. Continue reading Most OFW’s Families Are Not Protected