Blog Advisory | COL Financial/Citiseconline Website Problems

Good day!

If you are experiencing problems in accessing the COL Financial and Citiseconline websites or when performing transactions, kindly comment below for the details so I can help you out resolve them by getting in touch with our friends from COL.

You may also directly send your inquiries to the COL Financial Helpdesk by sending an email to


UPDATE, January 8, 2013 | 2:35PM (PH Time): According to COL Helpdesk, they are having difficulties at PSE with regard to the confirmation of numerous orders causing some delay and slowing down in opening of their webpages.

UPDATE, August 15, 2015 | 4:30PM (PH Time): Unauthorized/invalid log in when account number and password is typed in. Website is undergoing maintenance.

If you are still encountering such problems, you can call COL Financial’s hotline number (632)6515888 so they can post your orders with the same fee of .25%, no extra charge.

15 thoughts on “Blog Advisory | COL Financial/Citiseconline Website Problems”

  1. Hi, im having a trouble in accessing my account at colfinancial. Everytime I log-in the website says ” This webpage is not available”. Kindly help me on this matter. Thank you!

  2. I cannot log in my COL accnt since I reset my COL password and I newly put funds in my accnt. ” Invalid/ NOT Authorize to log in”. PLS i need ur help.. tnx…

  3. I con not open COL since Thursday, March 24, 2016. Anyone have the same problem? What happened to COL? Actually they are lagging always.

      1. I have same problem, I can’t access COL website since yesterday in my PC at Home but was able to access at the office and at my mobile phone. I don’t know if there’s problem in my PC or in COL configuration. I can access other sites except COL.

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